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This is why I love the AAW Board

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to give a testimony about why I love this board.  I met some great people on here and even though I havent met them all in person, I really feel the love. The ones I have met in person have turned out to be wonderful.  So great in fact that I know I needed to write this post to share with all of you about why this board is the best.  I met a great friend on here and she really helped me this weekend...I was in the process of planning something special for my husband for Valentine's Day. We have to celebrate early because we have to go out of town the weekend of V-Day. Anyway I wanted to plan a big surprise for him and I am telling you....IF IT WASNT FOR @MRSBAD I would not have been able to pull it off.  Basically I wanted to do an in home spa for my husband a really nice dinner and a really romantic bedroom.  @MRSBAD came through like a NO LIMIT SOLDIER I THOUGHT I TOLD YA (I know Casey feels that Master P.)  Anyway  She not only found me a person that does In Home Massages for the 8:30pm time I needed and she came over and helped me clean my ENTIRE HOUSE, helped me do my laundry, set up for the romantic evening and the romantic dinner and get everything ready for my husband's surprise.  She spent three hours at my house helping me get everything together. It really brings tears to my eyes as I type this. She really helped me so much and I could not have surprised my husband if it werent for her.  Thank you @MRSBAD and thank you theknot AAW board.  We are really a good group on here that support each other.  I thank God I found such a wonderful group of ladies and gentlemen.    If anybody else has other stories like this let's post them.  THese feel good kinds of stories are why the AAW board is the best board on the knot.
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Re: This is why I love the AAW Board

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