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May be TMI

I talked to my doctor about my weight loss plan and mentioned how I don't seem to be getting any results like I want anymore. (I posted recently about this). She asked me how regular my bowel movements were. I told her that I poop once maybe twice a week (I have always been like this). She said that I should poop once a day at least. 

She suggested that I try some over the counter fiber gummies (taste like gummy bears). She said if we didn't see any improvement then we would think about a week long colon cleanse and see if that would help. She said that the lack of pooping can cause a little extra weight since it has to be stored somewhere. 

Anyway, the gummies seem to work. I am not 100% up to every day but a lot more than I was at and it also help to make sure I drink water because otherwise the gummies can make you unable to poop.

I have also seen a little bit of loss / shrinkage in my stomach. It doesn't seem to stick out as much. YAY!!! (Sorry if TMI )

Re: May be TMI

  • Not sure if you're doing this but I would make sure to drink 3 liters of water a day (two of those large poland spring bottles) - it works wonders!
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    I am so sensitive to fiber. But it does work. The thing I hate about it is that it makes my tummy hurt, and then it makes it realllllly loud. I sit at my desk at work all embarrassed like, I hope no one hears the grumbling! But I think eating more fiber def helps with my weightloss goals.


  • There are lots of foods that help you "go".  Try coffee, apples, avocados, beans, bananas, and drink lots and lots of water.  There are so many natural things you can do and the water could help with general weight loss anyway. 
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    I was EXACTLY like this! Just be aware that once you start with fiber you're going to get dependent on it. If you already drink "enough" water, and feel like you have a pretty well rounded diet, I would look into seeing if you have a dietary restriction you don't realize. I talked with my doc, telling him I didn't want to just overlook the problem with more medicines/supplements, I wanted to figure out why I couldn't poop! (This was after taking years of fiber and finding out Id have to take more and more for it to work over time.) We found out that I have a gluten intolerance. If I have pizza, pasta, bread, cake, anything with flour I can't poop. Its just a natural road block for my digestive tract. I would try doing a food (and poop!) journal and taking out one allergen at a time. Try gluten first (a lot more people are sensitive than they believe), then go to milk, corn, then soy. Take it completely out of your diet for 1-2 months, then SLOWLY introduce it back to your system over the course of 6 weeks. You will hopefully see a difference in one of these allergens that might be a clue. By no means do I "never" have gluten, I just know that when I do, I'll have a harder time and might need to up the fiber or black coffee ;) If you need help, don't hesitate to PM me. I have a lot of experience with food exclusion diets, and after taking gluten out of my life, I no longer take fiber pills/powder and it actually stopped my acid reflux!


  • Yes, drink tons of water, eat lots of fruits and veggies, stay away from processed foods and foods with preservatives... and alcohol always messes with my tummy.

    I have IBS and lots of intenstinal issues so I'm right there with ya... I used to go MAYBE once a week and then I tried to compensate for my colon by taking laxatives and things and they just screwed me up even more because my colon just doesn't work. I had a colonoscopy last year (I'm 25) and my doctor was shocked at what he saw :(

    So now I take miralax in my coffee every morning and drink metamucil, try to eat all natural fiber, and just try to wave out the painful stuff as it happens (which is kind of often but at least my BMs aren't only once a week anymore!).

    Hope this helps!
  • pinkcow13 I can't take fiber supplements. Otherwise I have the opposite issue and can't stop going. Which is much more embarassing than a little extra tummy-pooch, imo.
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