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Very Tricky Cake Concerns

We're having an outdoor wedding in June.  We'll be under a tent, probably with 3 sides up.  

I have a few concerns about the cake.
A) We both don't like fondant frosting.
B) I only like whipped cream frosting and the fiance only likes what I call "crsico frosting" like the kind you buy in a tub at Wal Mart.
C) I don't want the frosting to melt
D) I don't want bugs to get on it
E) I'm not thrilled about the idea of putting netting up around the cake.

So here's my thoughts.  
What if we did a FAKE cake?  A fondant styrofoam/rice crispie cake= lots of pretty decoration, no bug netting, no melting.  But then we'd have sheet cakes in the back to serve and eat?  And we could even do different frosting to make us both happy.

But then... what to do about the cake cutting?  I really could care less if we just didn't do a cake cutting but my fiance and my mom think its necessary.
So my next thought was to do a mostly-fake cake with only one layer being real for the cake cutting, if we really Must have a cake cutting...
But then... what?... the slice we cut and eat still is out with the flies?  And then I'm probably paying a bunch more to have two edible cakes, one decorative, "one" for eating.  I mean, at what expense should I care about bugs?  

And if I have to bring it out just closer to when it's cut and served... well what's the point in having an intricate/glamorous cake if it won't be seen for very long?  I've been to about 4 weddings in the last 2 years and I never got to see the cakes at 3 of them  :-(   I don't want that to happen to my cake.

GHAH!  This is the worst thing I've come across in all my wedding planning!  

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Re: Very Tricky Cake Concerns

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I wouldn't do a fake cake and then have sheet cakes to serve only because you are going to spend close to the same amount of money for the fake cake as a real one. Most of the cost is in decorating and if the cakes you posted are the designs you're looking at those are probably going to be on the higher end of pricing. 

    How are you keeping your food from getting bugs in it? My suggestion would probably be to have the cake put out right before everything starts and for you guys to cut it as soon as you come into the reception and have someone take it away to cut and get ready to serve after dinner. 

    Most bakers will probably recommend fondant for an outside cake (all the cakes you posted are fondant as well) because it doesn't melt. They put icing under the fondant so you could just peel the fondant off and not eat it and eat the icing underneath.
  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination member
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    If you display rice krispy treat cakes, and cut them, then you need to serve them too. Don't tempt guests with one thing, then serve something entirely different. It's kind of a bait and switch. Plus, RKT cakes are awesome.

    You can cut a very small cake or cupcake for the show, then serve cut slices of identical cake from the kitchen. It may not cost you any different, though.

    Fondant keeps bugs out.

    I think fake cakes are tacky. Others disagree.
  • We got married outside in August and had a cake frosted with Italian Meringue Butter cream. It holds much better than regular butter cream. Bugs were not a problem. I think you're overthinking this. Talk to your baker and see what they recommend. 
  • hyechica81hyechica81 member
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    plenty of brides have outside weddings with amazing cakes that hold up. as a cupcake hobby baker whos learning how to decorate cakes i can suggest that a whipped cream frosting will not stand heat at all. there is a method bakers use to keep the cream stable but its just adding gelatin to it but that's mostly to keep it from melting on pies and cakes but not meant for a cake to be outside.

    there are so many flavored buttercreams that will work well. in the heat and stand up.

    not all buttercreams are made with Crisco i make mine with pure butter powder sugar and burbon vanilla extract, but mine can be flavored to mint, almond, cherry banana raspberry.

    a good baker should be able to tell you what would work for your venue

    fake cakes will cost you just as much as a real cake and then if you purchased 2 sheet cakes you are spending double
  • We had our cake covered in fondant to keep dirt/bugs/etc off it, then asked the caterer to peel the fondant off before cutting it.  This way it looked pretty but no one had to eat nasty fondant.

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