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Average cost/budget for floral arrangements? Any economical suggestions?

Hello, So I am trying to determine what is too much for flowers for the wedding. I had spoken with a florist today (higher end) and was blown away when I saw the proposal. I have 6 attendants total (3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen plus parents). Below is the quote I received: Bridal Bouquet (White roses with white calillias with tiffany blue ribbon loops around base and cuff with rhinestone accents in bouquet) - $250. Attendants Bouquet (White roses with tiffany blue ribbon): $450 total ($150 a piece) Small Mothers wrist corsage (White Roses): $100.00 total ($50 a piece) Boutonnieres (white calalillies): $120 total ($20 a piece) Grand Total: 920 (for just bridal party flowers) This does not include table centerpieces or other event decor. Does anyone have any recommendation of flowers that they have found to be cheaper or is this florist just extremely expensive as I found this to be very high. I'm open to ideas/suggestions! Thanks everyone :)

Re: Average cost/budget for floral arrangements? Any economical suggestions?

  • Some flowers might not be native to the area which you are getting married so the cost is higher. I am attempting to look at more native flowers for my bouquets/boutonnieres to assist with reducing the cost. 
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    I've booked a stylist for my wedding, so she will be foraging the property for branches and blooms. Any additional things that we need she will collect from the local flower marker or direct from the grower. This is what stylists do for fashion shoots that I work on, I don't see why one would want to pay more than you have to.....

    I know lots of people who have picked up blooms from the flower market for weddings and events maybe you give this a try?!
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