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Is anyone wearing flats instead of heels?  I feel like everyone I know got married in beautiful fun heels and I love wearing super high heels in my regular life but I don't think I will want them at my wedding.  My fiance is only about 2 inches taller than me and while I don't mind being taller than him now when we go out and I wear heels, I don't want to be towering over him at our wedding, and I don't want my feet to hurt later in the night, plus I feel like no one really sees them anyway so who cares.  I found really cute flats on etsy that I love but they were $300 so, no.  Any suggestions as to where I can find pretty flats that aren't grandma-ish?  It's weird because I pretty much never wear flats now but I think I want them for my wedding. 

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