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When 'It's My Wedding' is acceptable

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Based on the behemoth of a thread below, we clearly need to start a thread, and then have it made into a sticky, that details when it is acceptable to use the expression, 'It's MY Wedding' to win an argument.

ETA: Edited to include @Jells2dot0's excellent suggestion that many of these apply ONLY when you and your FI are paying for your wedding yourselves; if other people are paying, you do not get to use 'It's MY Wedding' to win arguments on things that involve money -- i.e., regardless of who is paying, you get to choose your attendants, but if your parents are paying, they get a say in the flowers.

(N.B. -- In all instances going forward, 'my' should be read in the plural, because of course the FI gets a say, too)

1. It's my I get to choose the religious (or lack thereof) ceremony
2. It's my I get to choose the colours of the palette we use
3. It's my I get to have the foods I like at the reception, even if that means roasted turkey in July
4. It's my I get to choose my bridal attendants.
5. It's my I get to choose the centrepieces and I happen to love upcycled, mis-matched glass vases filled with coloured stones and different flowers in our colours.

And GO!

I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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Re: When 'It's My Wedding' is acceptable

  • it's my I can have a cash bar and money dance!




    Shoot, I'm a day late for April Fools!!!

  • kaos16 said:

    it's my I can have a cash bar and money dance!




    Shoot, I'm a day late for April Fools!!!

    Phew *wipes forehead* you had me worried for a second haha
  • It's my wedding... so I get to choose the location.


    FI's family suggested doing it in his hometown... would have been cheaper but it's 6 hours away from where my family is so we chose a halfway point for both families (which means almost all of our guests are OOT, unfortunately. We do get to get married at the same place we got engaged though!)


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  • It's MY I have absolute say, without consideration to anyone else's preferences, for anything/everything that does not affect how I host my guests, such as:

    - Wedding colors
    - My dress
    - Traditions we want or don't want to incorporate (bouquet/garter toss)
    - Inclusion or exclusion of religion
    - Amount/type of decorations
  • It's MY wedding ... so I don't have to invite that extended my family member I haven't seen since I was 3.

    It's MY wedding ... so I don't have to do a money dance, even if it is "family tradition"
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    I really couldn't resist.  Carry on!

    It's my wedding.... so if I don't want to make my bridesmaids wear matching dresses, they won't wear matching dresses, and the pictures won't look tacky. 

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    It's my wedding so I can not invite FI sister (who physically assaulted me) if i don't want to.

    It's my wedding so I can choose to go to dinner instead of having a fancy reception(still hosted by us of coarse)

    it's my wedding so I can have it at a destination about an hour and a half away if i want

    it's my wedding and I'll have a brooch bouquet and no flowers
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