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Confessions and Judgments


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  • 500days500days MA member
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    @keptinstitches I'm so sorry :-(  I don't know the movie you're thinking of...but, yes I think it sucks that a movie left your brother with that impression. Thumbs down to wedding drama. I hate wedding drama.
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @500days - As long as he'll play the guitar I don't mind overmuch. I can't say his refusal was a surprise, but I figured it would be on traditional grounds (same-gendered sides), not over a movie. Weird.
  • @keptinstitches maybe "Made of Honor" has Patrick Dempsey as the ManOH
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @thetimewillcome, that could have been it. He was less than forthcoming on the title as well, but if it's a rom-com, his GF probably showed it to him in exchange for something like "Star Wars" or "Lord of the Rings."
  • @keptinstiches, that's really disappointing :(  It's a lot more common now to have "bridesmen" and "groomswomen" but I think some guys are still uncomfortable with it.
     I'm going to be asking my brother to be a bridesman. He literally doesn't have to do anything but stand up there on my side. I also have a MOH and BM.

    Irrational Irritation: I got an invite to a family member's baby shower and both the mother to be & dad to be's names were on it - but his name was first. Isn't the woman's name always first, especially for a baby shower?? Of course it's completely irrational for it to bother me this much.

    I judge myself for being so lame about going out. I don't see FI much even though we live together because we work different shifts. I got to spend all of last night with him and we did nothing. On a Friday night. We never really do anything. 

  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    BreMR said:
    I confess I'm still a little scared/intimidated to post on some things because you guys have such a good vibe going... and I still slightly feel like an intruder :)

    I concur with this one ^. I don't want to bring down the coolness of the group.

    I confess the same thing. You ladies are very cool and I worry that someone will pull a Gretchen Wieners and tell me that I can't sit with you.

    I also confess that I would love to put a GIF of that right here but I seriously have no idea where you get cool GIFs. I fail at the internet.

    I confess that I should change my screen name and picture, because there are probably people I know on this site. But then I would have to make a signature and I am lazy.

    I judge myself for not putting on deodorant this morning. How did that happen??



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