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Nevada-Las Vegas

Reviews Part 2: Lori J White, MGM, Nick Radford Photography, Qantas

Lori White A
Lori did my HMU at my best friends wedding in Vegas in 2011 and we were both really impressed.  This time I'd booked Lori to do the same but my Mum also wanted HMU done so Lori said she'd bring an assistant Kitty.  The morning was a bit of a shambles as I was running around trying to look after my 18 month old daughter (the rest of the grandparents were being rubbish and not really helping) so I wasn't in the room with all of the ladies for a lot of it.  Lori ended up doing everyone's makeup and Kitty everyone's hair.  All of the makeup by Lori looked amazing and Kitty ended up doing my MIL's hair too even though she wasn't booked in.  My mums, MIL, and bridesmaid's hair looked great, mine looked really good but it wasn't quite what I'd asked for in the back, I didn't know until it was all finished and by then we were running 15mins late to get downstairs.  I think if my MIL hadn't had her hair done we would have been done early.  I do wish Lori did my hair but never mind, it did look good and held up all day.  I had really vivid red 'pin up' lipstick which unfortunately by the end of the reception was just lip liner but my lips were super dry and cracked from the plane so I think that's why the liner adhered so much.  I should have had a back up lipstick but I don't usually wear it so it didn't occur to me!

MGM Grand for dress pressing A++++++++
I had my dress pressed through the MGM Grand's Bell Desk.  It was a simply dress but silk so a lot of people didn't want to steam it and said it had to be pressed - even though the designer said steaming is fine so long they have a good steamer that doesn't spit water (it was custom made in England).  Anyway I didn't want to pay $100+ for that as it was so simple.  I dropped it off at the Bell Desk late Saturday afternoon and it was in the wardrobe of my hotel room by 7pm Sunday night.  It looked great and it was all padded out on hangers properly and very well 'packaged'.  I was super pleased and it cost me $45!

Nick Radford photography
We haven't got any photo's back yet, Nick shoots on film as well as digital so it might take a while.  He lives in Southern California not too far from LA, he brought his brother Garrett as second shooter.  They came up the day before and went to KISS minigolf with us.  He likes to get involved with any of the wedding events happening, not just the big day.  So he took pictures there too.  Nick and Garrett took us out to Red Rock Canyon for our photo's, they'd been there the day before to scout out locations and they were great fun to hang out with.  Nick doesn't have a time limit so he was prepared to stay until the last men and women were standing.  After the reception we went with them to the LV sign to get some night shots, then they came with us down to Freemont Street with some of the guests where we finished the night with a bit of gambling and some more drinking!  Nick is pricey, but photography was super important to us so it was a big part of our budget.

Qantas - just a quick one for anyone traveling from Australia, my dress was tea length so I managed to get it into a suit garment bag, Qantas staff placed it in the business/first class cupboard for me no problems :)

Re: Reviews Part 2: Lori J White, MGM, Nick Radford Photography, Qantas

  • Glad to see a review for lori white! Thanks!
  • nixymnixym member
    100 Comments 5 Love Its Name Dropper
    She's really lovely too :)
  • a13049a13049 member
    250 Love Its 100 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    Great review. I have been waiting on prices from Lori, did she take a whole to reply to you?
  • @a13049 i have been waiting for awhile for a lori reply too. I was told by another knottie she just got married herself, so maybe she is running behind on email
  • Thanks for the reviews!

    Good news re Qantas, I'm hoping they will be as accommodating for me and my dress in July! Did you just ask at check in or did you ask on the plane?

    Were you able to have one carry on plus the dress or was your dress classed as your carry on?
  • nixymnixym member
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    Lori did recently get married and her entire wedding party all came down with something immediately after the wedding so she has been quite under the weather @a13049 and @Rosebubbly so she probably is behind.  [email protected] is the contact email I was using.  I think it helped that she remembered me from my friends wedding as she didn't take too long to reply when I first contacted her but that was over a year ago.  She was also in regular contact closer to the day in case I had any questions. 

    @deeandrob1984 I just asked as I boarded the plane, I didn't want to risk them telling me I had to check it in!  I managed to have a carry on and the dress - but we were traveling with our 18 month old daughter so we had tonnes of stuff.  We got away with a carry on each (one back pack, one wheelie case) a nappy bag, my hand bag and my dress :0)
  • Thanks @nixym for the additional info about lori. That is helpful!
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