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August 9th 2014?


Re: August 9th 2014?

  • Seven more months ladies! :)

  • Our wedding is 8/9/14 too!!
  • 8/9 is my birthday! Otherwise I would have picked that date too
  • I would love to start a board or join in on one. There is so much and it is coming faster than I thought. It's 7 months now.
  • My fiance and I are tying the knot on August 9 too! The only the week that fits between my college graduation and his last first week of classes of undergrad. Life is happening! :) So excited for all of us!! :D
  • Wedding twins!!! It's coming up so quick!!! I'm at the point right now where I'm feeling like there is so much left to do and such little time to do it!  Up until now I've been cool as a cucumber lol!
  • Hello, wedding twins! We have the majority of the big stuff done and are getting down to mostly details. Anyone have honeymoon plans figured out? August is kind of tricky...
  • Same here! Yay twinsies! 
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    100 Days Left!!

  • AaAAAH it's coming!!! ;)
  • 82 Days away..... OMG.... I am at my desk having a panic attack.............Sooo much to do...... I thought I was ahead of the game..... I now feel like I am drowning...... :-(
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  • I feel a little late in coming to the party, but we're getting married august 9, 2014 too! We got engaged on May 23 (as in, only a few weeks ago) and so I've been busy planning ever since!! Things are coming together nicely which is good since I already had a week long trip to Guatemala planned for July... We didn't want to wait til next summer so here we go!!!
  • Us too!!   44 days and counting!!!
  • August 9th Twin as well!! Can you ladies believe it is 43 days away now?? So exciting! We have been engaged since June of 2012, so I can't believe this is all becoming a reality now! Who's had their bridal showers and bachelorette parties yet?
  • Don't remind me about those 43 days... I have sooooo much left to do..... We got engaged in Sept 2012... I remember having so much time, now it's all running out......

    I actually had my bridal shower in May (over-achiever besties... LOL), and my bachelorette party is July 12th..... It was tough getting people's schedules in sync....... I'm good with them being early though.. get them out the way!!!! :-)
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  • 32 days away! And our cake baker just canceled on us. We WERE ahead of behind...and freaking out, because we both work out of town!!
  • I'm August 9th as well!  LESS than a month now!  Holy crap!  In the past week I've been contacted by our DJ, Photographer, and Cupcake lady to make final decisions!  

    And last night I had my second wedding nightmare, like an actual nightmare about my wedding.  If I keep having those and my wedding turns out better than that I'll be more than happy :)
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    August 9 bride here! Only one week to go :) we booked out venue 14 months in advance and it felt like it was so far away I barely had to think about it. But here we are!
  • 3 more days, y'all!
  • Who's depressed the big day is over?
  • kwojo2 said:
    Who's depressed the big day is over?
    Me!!!  I wish I could re-live that wonderful day over and over and over!

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