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Cosmopolitan Wedding Suite? STK?

Cosmo has been really great about providing me information about a potential reception at its various locations but I can't find any particular reviews of past receptions or experiences. I'm really hoping on some first hand knowledge of either site before putting any money down. Has anyone had experience with these spots or used the Wedding Suite at Cosmo? STK's menu looks appealing but we have never eaten there. They said they have a private room but I'm not sure how private it is. Thanks!!

Re: Cosmopolitan Wedding Suite? STK?

  • Just speculating here....but I think the reason there aren't many reviews on the Wedding Suite at Cosmo are because the prices are pretty high and most people elect to do their own in-suite reception elsewhere. That being said, I talked to them too and they were great and the suite is gorgeous! Their F&B minimum was too high. I mean, even the Four Seasons was priced lower. Sorry, I know that isn't the info you were looking for. :-) Hey if anyone out there did use it, I'd love to see the feedback too!
  • We just toured the wedding suite last week and decided to book a regular room for an in-suite instead. Like @Rosebubbly‌ said, their F&B minimums were ridiculous. And not just minimums, but prices in general-$300 for a rotisserie chicken..? It may have been a carving station, but STILL. They also require hiring a bartender and waiter, as well as 1-2 ushers to bring guests up on the elevator. We only have around 12-15 guests so this seemed way over the top to us. If you count the officiant and photographer, that nearly a 2:1 ration of guests and staff. No, thank you. The wedding suite is exactly same the size as a regular wrap around terrace. The difference is there is more seating and the bedroom has been converted and is now part of the main space. We will be using the tv to show slide shows and play a game my cousin is hosting and there is no tv in the wedding suite, so that was a factor as well. Hope this helps a bit. Congratulations to you guys!!
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