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Wedding ceremony music

Did/do you plan on mostly instrumental music for your ceremony?  I had chosen a bunch of music for the prelude/processional/recessional, but when I met with the music director of my church, she wanted me to pick out a bunch of songs for the congregation to sing, including the wedding processional and recessional.  Is that normal?

I haven't been to a wedding at my church (I'm new to the area and also my church is in the suburbs where few young people live so there aren't many weddings done here), but I don't recall ever singing for the bridal processional or recessional.

Re: Wedding ceremony music

  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
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    Oh that is so weird.  That would've pissed me off.  Now,  at any normal mass, the congregation sings when the priest walks in, etc.  So, she's not completely off base.  But, it never happens at a wedding.  I would hate that so much that if she required it of me, I would find another church. 

    We are doing both organ and a choir.  The only parts the congregation is singing are the refrain of the psalm, the lamb of god, memorial acclamation, sanctus, etc.  
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    Just tell her you would prefer instrumental music for the processional/recessional. I doubt you have to change churches because of this.

    Besides the parts that Teresa mentioned, our mass will have songs for the guests to participate during the presentations of the gifts and communion.
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  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    we opted for just the organ for two reasons.  1, we didnt want to pay for the vocalist and 2, most of the vocalists i hear usually arent that good and thus not worth the money.
  • mica178mica178 member
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    Yeah, this is another case where I'm going to have to talk with my priest and override the music director.  I don't mind congregational singing in the middle of the wedding, but I really want just organ music for the processional and recessional.
  • bugsbunny_222bugsbunny_222 member
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    The only instrumental music my husband and I had at our wedding was Canon in D for the bridal party that then transitioned to the wedding verse of How Beautiful for my walk down the aisle. Our recessional was to Testify to Love. Both were recommended by our musical director and we both really loved how they turned out!
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    The majority of our music is instrumental. We did not have any music with words to choose from, aside from the alleluia and responsorial Psalm.
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    We had instrumental music (2 violins, piano, and guitar) for the processional and bridal entrance. We then sang a Gathering Song after everyone was in their place, which is normally just sung during the processional during a regular mass. Maybe that's what the music director meant? We also had our cantors sing throughout the mass- for the responsorial psalm, Alleluia, mass parts, unity candle lighting, and Communion song.
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    We also just had an instrumental recessional, no singing. We printed our music in our programs and people sang along to the other songs during our ceremony.
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    We are doing what Alyssa did.  I think.  The music director called me yesterday to inform me he is moving 6 days before my wedding.  I still need to contact the replacement he found!  Anyway-  we are having a gathering song with lyrics after the processional, and we do have a song with lyrics for the recessional, with the  instrumental version playing after.  
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  • Nickie431Nickie431 member
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    I'm planning on including as much music as possible in my nuptial Mass, especially because I'll be getting married at my former college chapel and will be asking friends who are former members of the choir to direct, accompany, and sing.

    The music director may be requesting songs the congregation can sing for the parts of the Mass where the priest enters and exits, so you still could have instrumentals for your entrance and exit with your newly pronounced husband.  Besides any suggestions given by your music director, you can look in your church's hymnal under topics such as "Matrimony", "Unity", and "Love for Others" to find several beautiful songs that would be appropriate.

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  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    Though we had both a string quartet and a full choir, we chose to do intstrumental-only for all preludes and processional/recessionals. I would speak with the director, I'm sure there is something that can be worked out.
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