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Where did your mom get her dress for your wedding? The place my mom went to for my wedding a few years back is now closed, and she is getting disparate. Also, she is a petite woman's size. Bonus points if you can recommend a place that carries women's sizes. TIA.

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  • I purchased my dress for my daughter's wedding at Bloomingdales.  They had a friends a family discount of 25 percent plus if you open a credit card with them, they offer an additional 15 percent off.  The nice thing about going there or Nordstroms is that they usually have all the sizes IN stock. 

    I found it so difficult when i went to bridal salons.  They either had size 6 or 20.  I am a 12.  Wanted to get a real feel for how I would actually look, rather than using my imagination. 

    Nordstroms and Bloomingdales will both send your mom dresses to try on, at no charge.  She can then return whatever she's not happy with.  Another plus with Bloomingdales was alternations.  They have a seamstress on hand.  Even though they may be pricey, ($74 dollars for a hem - two layers)  if there is a mistake, they will fix it.  The bridal salons usually tell you "we can give you the name of someone", but if there is a problem, it becomes YOUR problem.  Hope this helps.  Excited for you all.  Have a wonderful wedding!

  • My mom looked at Nordstrom's website too. She saw a lot she liked on it but ended up getting her dress at Sterlings in New Hope.
  • My mom used Bloomingdales. The MOG used David's Bridal because they normally have all the sizes available. I think Bloomingdales has a good return policy (as in you can return it whenever). My mother did end up spending close to $400 for a heavily beaded gown there.
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    My mom bought her dress from Davids Bridal in Plymouth Meeting and my FMIL got her dress from Nordstrom in KOP.
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