recycled flowers?

Would you care if your wedding flowers were being used the night before for another event? They would be at least 50% off, they would be guaranteed to look fresh, and you would have multiple options for how you wanted to work with your flowers. You could match up with someone in your same area who is planning a party/wedding the day before yours that is looking for something very similar as yours, have their arrangements re-done, but with using the same materials, or remake different arrangements by adding or removing certain parts. 
Both parties would get a discounted price. The cost of flowers that are thrown away after weddings/parties is just out of control. After the 2nd use, all flowers would be donated to local hospitals, homes, etc. 
Would anyone look into this or not take a risk on their day, even though they will gurantee new flowers if they don't look perfect? 

Re: recycled flowers?

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I think it's a good idea in theory, but I would think that I would have to compromise a lot to make this work. I doubt that there would be a bride having a wedding the exact same time as mine that wants the exact same arrangements that I want.
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    Unless you can find a person that wants the same thing as you then there would be a lot of compromising both people would have to do. And if I am spending money, whether it be a discounted price or not, I want what I am paying for to be what I want, not something that I had to compromise on because another event is using my flowers the night before.

  • I think vision for the flowers is the key issue.  My wedding was last weekend.  When the centerpieces showed up, they weren't red with small accents of yellow/purple/orange wildflowers. Instead, they were yellow with the accents.  Which was frustrating since I even did a trial run of the flowers at Mother's Day, gave the trial centerpiece to my Mom.  They didn't look like the trial run at all.  

    So, my MOH stepped in, bought a nearby florist out of red peonies and roses, pulled out a ton of yellow flowers, and added in red ones in the hours leading up to the ceremony.  If you're the second person getting the flowers, you have to be prepared for them to not be as fresh, for the vision to not match up, and if something goes wrong with the flowers/first person doesn't like them as is, for them to have been changed before they reach your hands.
  • What Maggie said. 

    Also, there's no way you could gaurantee that they would look perfect. After the ceremony and pictures, bouquets definitely start to look a little worn. 

    Another note: many hospitals and nursing homes unfortunately can no longer take unsolicited flower donations. It's really unfortunate and sad. 
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