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Need Advice - I messed up and now gf and I are in a fight, I was going to propose next week

Hey everyone,

I am new to the boards and just am seeking some female or anyone that would have some advice on what to do.  I have been with my gf for 4 years and we do not fight often.  However, last weekend we got in a fight over something dumb, but it has extended into something that will take a week or so to fix - our schedules are different and it makes it hard to see each other in person until the weekend.  She has told me she needs a few days to cool off and the weekend to think. Well I know that its not something that will cause a break-up, we are very clear on our feelings, but I know that maybe next week is not the best time to propose.

I have spent a good deal of money planning the proposal set-up (rented out a spot that is romantic, etc.).  Should I ditch the plans and wait for another time, or should I go ahead?  I am just concerned that the timing is now off and it wont be as romantic as I have envisioned. Next week is the day that we met, so thats why I wanted it to be then.  We are supposed to go to Greece in the winter, so I guess I could do it then as well.  

Sorry, this was a long way of asking, would you accept a proposal even though you just got over being upset?

Thanks in advance and thanks for reading!

Re: Need Advice - I messed up and now gf and I are in a fight, I was going to propose next week

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    Personally, if I'm not upset then I'm not upset.

    I suppose it's hard to tell, since me and my bf weren't in a fight when he proposed, so it's hard to say how I would feel. But he's done other sweet things after we got over disagreements (but unrelated to solving the disagreement).

    I think it'd be fine to carry out your plans, so long as you're not using it as a means to solve the issue.
  • I agree, as long as you're not using the proposal to resolve things, I think you should carry through with your plans.  If you put a lot of time and the planning, it should be evident when she sees it.  Then again that's just my opinion.
  • When my fiance proposed we were in a similar situation. He went through with it and everything worked out and I said yes. I knew that at the end of the day we were meant for each other. My fiance came to my house ( he lives a distance away) and worked things out with me and then proposed in a romantic very classy way. I hope this has helped you a little and I sincerely wish the best for you two. :D
  • When my FI proposed we had almost broken up the week before. As long as your feelings still stand and you are not using this to keep her around, i say go with it!

  • This reply is a little late and I hope all is resolved, but FI and I had an enormous fight two nights before he proposed (and I must admit, the blame is mostly on me...long story), but we are happy as clams and are getting married in 72 days!
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