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Who is doing a wedding website and if so what site are you using?

I actually did two of them. The first one I did on the knot, but I wasn't very happy with it, so I searched the boards yesterday for some other options and I came across wedding wire. I am still in the process of finishing it, but it is coming along so much better than the first one I was doing (and I am able to add music to the site) A plus for me!!!!
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    We will probably do one, but my FI has a couple of websites and could get the domain cheap and he wouldn't need a template. If that were different, I don't know that we'd bother. Many of our guests are not terribly internet savvy.
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  • im trying to do one on The Knot, but this wedding wire sounds interesting!! :)
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    [QUOTE]im trying to do one on The Knot, but this wedding wire sounds interesting!! :)
    Posted by princesscastillo325[/QUOTE]

    <div>It is soooooooooooooo much better! It is visually appealing and has many other options you can include, as well as a rsvp online section! Another awesome thing is that your site is password protected, so in order for your guests to enter, they must have your code. The knot should try to upgrade, because it is clearly the better choice!</div>
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    Likely no.  I don't think it'll be necessary for us.
  • I'm on The Knot. I didn't really take the time to look around at others. The Knot is simple and I like simple!! :)
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