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Hey guys! So I've wanted a beach/garden wedding for years (long before he popped the question) but in planning and being an Atlanta resident, I reached a couple problems. Our budget isn't really high as something intimate is ultimately what I want. There are NO beaches in Atlanta (obviously) so I am considering a small travel to a beach. I found these amazing all-inclusive deals for Myrtle Beach and Tybee Island (along with other "islands" in Savannah). Both places are roughly 4 hours away from Atlanta, which is where both our families reside. I was considering doing something in a banquet hall or something like that in Atlanta to keep our families happy and satisfy everyone, but it's ultimately not what I want. Would it be wrong if I have a wedding 4 hours away? Should I pay a portion of their stays? Transportation? Like what's the proper way to go about this? Thanks!

Re: Etiquette?

  • Considering that you want it to be intimate, this may work in your advantage. When I first started thinking about my (5 hours + in plane) destination wedding, a friend of mine gave me the following advice: all the people who make it there are all the people that want to be there for you and will make it happen.

    I would not pay for transportation, but offer them a little extra oomph. If you have the rehearsal dinner the night before, consider making it for everyone involved. Or a nice welcome present to whatever hotel they are staying. These are all things to consider. I got the wedding etiquette book from the post ladies and it really goes over different (and cost efficient) suggestions.
  • I agree that you do not pay for transportation or any hotel costs. You are paying to host the wedding, and that is plenty.

    As PP mentioned, since it is a bit of an inconvenience for them to travel, it is a nice gesture to offer a welcome gift to your nearest and dearest upon their arrival. If the rehearsal dinner is going to be in the same location as the wedding and if the guests will likely need to be in-town the night before as well, you should invite them to the rehearsal dinner. You should also consider hosting a brunch the morning after the wedding, if possible.

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