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  • @peaseblossom55 I had an infection that had to be surgically drained and now I'm on antibiotics and painkillers. Should make it but it was traumatizing for sure.
    I guess, to tell you the truth, I've never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I've managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache. - Peyton
  • @Blue& White oh no I'm so sorry!!!! I hope you have a quick recovery.

  • Hey! I'm late to the party. Today our boss is retiring, he just left for the day. I have only worked with him for about 4 months, but it hit me hard. He was a great boss so I has the sads now..

    This weekend BF and I finished painting. The house looks great, I will take some pics tonight and try to AW them tomorrow. The rest of this week will be spent getting the house ready for our party this weekend!
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    @Buddysmom80, all the vibes for healthy Buddy! <3

    @minskat30, hope you hear back from the sellers ASAP. Did they end up at least leaving you alone this weekend during the inspection?

    @Hummingbird125, good luck this afternoon!

    @500days, that sounds terrifying! Glad you are OK, but sorry you are car-less for a little while. :(


    This was an excellent and thoroughly unproductive weekend. Clinical got canceled on Friday, so our main instructor did her best to put together an alternate clinical day for us. Instead of taking care of patients, we were basically held captive in a room reviewing lecture material until our brains exploded. Haha, but it was a good review, and she let us go pretty early. That night I went to see my friend's H's band playing at a nearby restaurant. So I spent the evening with her, her family, her co-workers, and the band - great group of people.

    Saturday I did some training for this new volunteer position I'm starting. It's with my county's domestic violence center; I'm going to split my time between the hospital and the court as a client advocate for survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence. Heavy stuff, but this first training session made it seem not so scary, and I have a few more training sessions coming up too. So that was cool, and then I did some grocery shopping and cooking. I had a whole bunch of friends over that night, and we ate, drank, and played CAH. A good time was had by all.

    Sunday was a lazy day. I slept in, watched some TV, cleaned up the house a little bit, and just relaxed a lot. I think the only mildly important thing I did was edit my resume and cover letter. I have applied to a couple jobs so far, but I'm going to ask a professor to review what I sent out to see if I can improve it for the future. I probably won't start looking again until after the class is over; it's about to get busy again for the last couple weeks.

  • @CLoGreenEyes - They did decide at the last minute to get out and let the inspecion happen, thankfully.  Thank goodness was almost a 3 hour inspection with all the random issues.
  • Thanks for the love everyone, I'll keep you updated. Right now his fecal analysis came back normal, so that's 1/3 of the tests that are okay. Buddy has been eating a lot, FI just called and told me he cooked a hot dog on the grill and Buddy went crazy so he gave him some...


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    @Blue I hope you feel better soon! 

    @buddysmom hopefully Buddy is okay! Good thing one of the tests came back normal. 

    YAY for a 4 day work week, and a 3 day work week next week too (for me; wedding in NY)! 

    This weekend was actually a pretty good one for us. On Saturday BF and I went to the bay with a few friends, and went stand up paddle boarding, so I got a good workout. BF and I cleaned and relaxed a little after that. 

    Yesterday, I went shopping for dresses to wear to the two upcoming weddings in July. I bought this one for the first one on July 12th, and everyone I have asked says that it is appropriate, but I would love your opinions. I do still have time to find something else if necessary. The wedding is at 3 pm, and is outdoors. I know the groom better than the bride, and want to make sure that I don't offend her by wearing a dress that has white on it: 


    I also found a dress on sale for my cousin's "black tie optional but leaning more toward black tie" wedding at the end of July. I posted a few weeks ago about RtR dresses that I was considering, but this one was cheaper than the rentals too! 


    Oh, and I am super excited because of my amazing find at Marshall's yesterday. I went there first to look for a dress, but had no luck finding something that I liked. My cheap purse from a now closed JC Penney's (the one in Latham Circle Mall for any of the Capital Region people here) kept setting off security alarms when I entered stores, so I decided to look at the purse section while I was there, just to see if there was anything that I liked. I found a Coach bag for 75% off the retail price!!!! It was the only one in the store, and I have always wanted one, but couldn't justify spending $400+ for a purse. So I bought it! 

    ETF: I have no idea why the text is changing fonts.....stupid TK formatting. 
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    @aurorarose41, both dresses look great! 
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    @KeptInStitches thanks! The first doesn't have too much white on it? 

    Also, in my excitement of my shopping finds, I forgot to mention one other thing. My mom told me this weekend that my extended family has started asking when BF and I are getting engaged and/or married. They might just be caught up in the excitement of my cousin's wedding, but it still made me smile that they think so highly of BF and think that we are ready for that next step (hopefully!). 

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    Nope, the first one has a lot of pattern in it. The white isn't a problem.
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