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Getting ring resized...


Re: Getting ring resized...

  • My engagement ring was purchased from a jeweler with a mall location and a stand-alone location (local jeweler). I take mine to the mall location since it's a little more conveniently located. Our jeweler is wonderful! The longest I've ever waited was thirteen days to have it resized, and that was during Christmas rush. On a normal basis, it would only take three to five days. If I need it replated, it only took fifteen to twenty minutes because their jeweler is on site, and it is free. They will also have the jeweler polish it within about five minutes. I think it all depends on the jeweler, time of year/how busy they are, and what is included in the purchase price of your ring. I left my ring with them for about half an hour and grabbed some lunch while they replated it....I had probably three or four mini panic attacks during that time! It does feel incredibly odd to not have my ring on!
  • I got engaged on May 2 and on May 4 we dropped the ring off to have it resized - It was quite big so I wanted to have it done right away so I could wear it and not worry about losing it. It was purchased at Zales and it's a Vera Wang. When we brought it in they said that because it's a VW, they can't resize it themselves and have to send it back specifically to Vera Wang for the resizing. We were told it could take up to three weeks. We live in Alaska, so this really didn't sound unusual - sometimes it takes longer to get my freaking mail :p Happily I was excited to get the ring back in just under two weeks! It sounds like two weeks is pretty standard nationally for Zales, so I won't complain. We had only told the closest family and friends before sending it out and I made it a point to wait until the ring was back before we went public. Didn't have any issues about it at all!
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    banana468 said:

    Ugh - I noticed yellow showing through on my ering last week.  :(  I HATE yellow gold, and wasn't sure how long it would take to get it redipped, the wedding isn't until next April so I wonder if I should just go ahead and get it done. 

    I know this is a zombie thread but I am questioning what your ring is if you're seeing yellow gold. White gold may show when the rhodium plating wears off but I don't know why you'd plate a yellow gold ring.

    @banana468 - it's white gold, and honestly it's my first real piece of jewelry so I had no idea about plating.  I had to google, and found this clicky.

    Most white gold rings are flash plated with a very, very thin coating of rhodium (a pure white metal) to give them a more brilliant, pure white appearance. This rhodium plating will wear off over time and reveal the “real” white gold ring underneath. Because pure gold is very yellow, no matter how much you alloy it with other metals like zinc and nickel, it will almost always retain some of its yellowish body color.







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