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  • I personally would not be offended by this (would earn a big eye roll), but I would also never be caught dead addressing anything - except MAYBE a shower card ON a gift, IN PERSON - this way. I actually am weird enough about this that I delayed sending my MOH's invite by 4 days to make sure that it arrived AFTER her wedding. 

    I sent 98% of my invites out on Monday before her wedding, and made sure to send hers with the couple others that needed to be held for various reasons on Friday so that I a. didn't address her incorrectly and b. I kinda wanted to be the first (correct) person to send her mail to Mr and Mrs.
  • I would find this very offensive.  I am not changing my name for many reasons, none of which are anyone's business.  I've been shocked at how many people, in 2014, look down on women who want to keep their names after marriage.  I view all the cutesy gifts with my fi's last name that have been given to me as passive aggressive signs that they don't respect my choice, as most of these people are aware of my decision. 

    It is better to always take the polite, proper route on invitations, particularly if you are having a more formal wedding.   
  • FI and I got a wedding invitation like that and I thought it was weird. I wouldn't do it. 
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    Would I do this? No. Would I be offended? No. 

    In this particular case, since it came from people that knew you were changing your name, I say no harm no foul.

  • I have gotten plenty of mail since I've been engaged labeled "The future Mr. & Mrs" and people know I'm not changing my last name and it doesn't bother me in one bit. I've got bigger fish to fry and I'm not ashamed that I'm getting married- I want the world to know and clearly they do. Jeez don't be so sensitive people--- other people are EXCITED FOR YOU. Way to be a bunch of debbie downer's about the littlest things.
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    @Slothiegal can we close this zombie thread?
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