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Best/Worst Wedding food you have had?


Re: Best/Worst Wedding food you have had?

  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA
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    The worst I can think of was my cousin's wedding, which was a potluck.  It was the weirdest conglomeration of food, nothing very filling or actually meal-like - croissants and deviled eggs and jello, that sort of thing. 

  • I can't remember a single plated dinner I have liked/enjoyed at a wedding.  The food is so generic and has usually been in the warmer too long.  

    The best food was a Mexican buffet which was awesome with so many choices, fresh avocado, tons of interesting sauces/salsas….now I'm hungry.
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  • I've only been to a handful of weddings, but one that sticks out is a Sunday, brunch wedding we went to. There was a brioche french toast, that was pretty amazing!
  • Best was my friend, her dad owns the restaurant. We're going with him ourselves. Seriously, lick your plate good.

    Almost as good, a cousin had a full on pig roast. That was amazing. Sides were pretty meh, but the pig....

    Worst is anything involving rubber chicken. Or canned peas. If you can only afford a $3 plate, do a later ceremony (after dinner time) then cake and punch. Rubber chicken is all around wrong. Heck, even Hot and Ready from Little Caesar's is better.
  • Best: Buffets - It makes life so much easier with food allergies/sensitivities/etc.

    Worst: I guess for me it's general categories of experiences..

    1) Guests treated differently:  If you're ordering food for your guests, do not feed some one thing and others another unless it's a prechosen option on the RSVP.  There is nothing worse as a guest than seeing one guest served something delish, then have something else plunked down in front of you (think unfilled short slice sheet cake vs. tall filled multi-layer cake)

    2) Not enough food!  Yes, some guests may not want cake, but others will be happy to have four slices, and there's NOTHING worse than after having the heavily garlic laden meal to be told "sorry, there isn't enough cake!" and the person next to you took a bite and said "oh I'm full!"  Or one time the couple did stations - only the caterer ran out of food about 80-100 guests from the end because people were eating more because their ceremony was during lunch and this was 7:00 at night with little time to stop to grab a bite ahead of time - take a guess how long people stuck around there!

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  • When my grandpa got remarried, he had a bbq with 3 kinds of meat. I was 5 weeks from my due date with my oldest too so I gorged myself. It was so yummy.

    I went to another wedding that was really fancy. They had some kind of poached mango with goat cheese that was mouth watering.... And then really nasty entrees that I couldn't identify. I took the place of a last-minute cancellation (at the brides request, I was originally invited and declined due to work, then my schedule changed) so I didn't pick my plate but whatever it was was tiny and tasted bitter.
  • Best: Fillipino food buffet because it was different (and delicious); Indian food buffet (same - apparently I really enjoy using weddings as a chance to gorge myself on delicious ethnic foods); and a wedding I went to where instead of cake there was a huge choice of homemade pies. Oh! And that same wedding had delicious homebrewed beer. Worst: Nothing stands out... I either have fond memories of wedding food, or no memories at all.
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