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I have seen a post on this before but there was no solution- so Im asking now on my own behalf. We are from cold canada and are looking forward to having a destination wedding in the phoenix area in Nov 2014. We are looking for a beautiful vacation rental home with a large backyard (pool, hot tub, fire pit, large stone patio or area to set up chairs, bbq and outdoor bar/kitchen area) that we could have a casual wedding and move right into a patio party. It will be a small crowd. We like the idea of the house being a hub for guests to stay and enjoy, also not having to drive around a bunch of places to have a ceremony, reception, supper, pictures etc.  We have been to lots of vacation rental websites but lots of the bigger estates say "no weddings". Then some estates that are specifically advertising weddings you have all the restrictions of using all their preferred vendors (bella palazzo).

Has anyone had a backyard wedding at a vacation rental? Ours will be a different style wedding- no bridal party, no speeches, just a simple ceremony then an easygoing backyard supper & patio party. I feel like the homes that say "no weddings" are talking about big, formal shindigs that have many people attending and can cause a big headache and mess for homeowner or property manager.

Any suggestions?

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  • Try VRBO. I woudalso suggest something like the Felch House Inn or the Bespoke Inn-small B&B's that can be taken over for weddings. They'll have sleeping space for your guests and facilities to have a small casual wedding.
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  • I started down that same path when we began searching for a venue thinking it would be the most cost efficient way to go. I found that pretty much nobody wanted to even talk to me when I started calling to set up appointments to view the property. I used VRBO and the ones that would consider instantly bumped the rates up thousands dollars. 

    We ended up having our wedding at Portico which is in Gilbert (about 20 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport). Amy and Kyle were fantastic to work with and their property is beautiful and has a pool (for bride/groom pictures only, no swimming) a fire pit and patio area that was great for the cocktail hour and general mingling, a separate area for the ceremony, mature trees for overall backyard feel that was casual but still classy. There are several hotels within a few miles that are within their shuttle area for your guests.  

    I am happy to answer any questions, but their website in case you are interested is

    Best of luck!
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    Hi Laura,
    I was wondering if you were able to find a venue as we're trying to plan a similar wedding with all of our guests coming from Canada as well! We want a relaxed wedding where everyone can be together and stay later than 11 pm, which is the cutoff time for most non-private venues.

    Any luck in your search?

  • Hi!, Yes after 4 months of searching and probably asking close to 100 places if they would allow us to have our small wedding at their property we did find about 10 options. mostly from VRBO, I would just contact the owners or property managers and ask upfront. Many of the reasons they say no have to do with gated community rules, bad experience in the past, HOA rules/curfews, parking, or don't want that amount of people in their house. Some of the ones that said yes were listings: 901115, 574357, 572743, 510442, 282055, 560053, 560057, 445812. however there are still different drawbacks such as tacking on a huge event fee, etc! Good luck!
  • Hi Laura, Thank you so much for the reply! There are some houses on your list that I haven't seen yet so this is very helpful!
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