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Need New Venue Suggestions!

My heart was set on getting married at haiku mill (http://www.haikumill.com/) and my entire family said they refuse to fly to Hawaii. Does anyone know of any places that may have a similar look/feel in Cali, New York, or in the continental US? Basically I want an outdoor garden setting that feels a little magical.

Re: Need New Venue Suggestions!

  • Where are you from and how far is your family willing to go?

    Try looking into botanical gardens in your area.

  • I'm in southern California, though my family is on the east coast. California would be easiest for me but I'm open
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    I agree looking at botanical gardens is probably your best bet. 
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    Try looking at South Coast Botanic Garden: http://southcoastbotanicgarden.org/weddings

    Or if you're really far south, the San Diego Botanic Garden: http://www.sdbgarden.org/wedding.htm or Paradise Falls: http://welcometoparadisefalls.com/

    I found these just typing in "garden wedding (city name)" to Google. You could do the same thing for the East coast if you're interested in looking out there. Obviously, it's easier to plan a wedding locally versus trying to plan one from afar.

    ETA: Also, try asking this question on the local boards - people might be able to provide more local insight into lesser known, but equally pretty venues.

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    This doesn't look like Hawaii, but it's seriously gorgeous. We're getting married here.

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