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Nevada-Las Vegas

Wedding Planner Hash House a Go Go Hotel32 DJ

Hi Brides - Congrats and Congratulations
We just came back from Las Vegas and i have changed my thoughts on venues

We LOVED hotel32 - Penhouse Suite (although Loft Suit is nice an little cheaper)
We LOVED Caesars - will use Luvbug to marry us at Ceasars  in the venus gardens
We LOVED Hash house a Go Go - Reception (seating for upto 10/12 in main area: no charge / Private room is $300 for 3hr & seats 40 guest & in private room they allow you to bring in your wedding cake and they said "we can remove tables from the middle and make a dance floor and they would allow us to bring in a dj at no extra cost" after hash house/music ends well go down stairs and hang out at the quad and gamble etc till early hours!

Does anyone know any good/inexpensive "day of wedding planners" (will have them reconfirm everything, escort guest between, run errands etc on the day)
Does anyone know any good/inexpensive DJ's or company i could hire to bring in sounds/spot lights etc?

Im thinking if we cant find a dj/inexpensive it would be great! and if not my alternative is to have reception dinner at Hash House a Go Go and then walk to Chayo and reserve a table/outside patio where we can drink and dance to music (its near by and pending cover charge and fees to hire vip table/balcony) chayo has a fantastic view on the high roller and its close walking distance from the hash house a gogo

If anyone has any suggestions and or info i am open and this is new to me so sorry if i am clueless etc

Thank you bride from across the pond

Re: Wedding Planner Hash House a Go Go Hotel32 DJ

  • Did you try the food at Chayo? 

    DJ Godzilla has great rates for a DJ and has been highly recommended on the boards. 

    Scheme Events, Faithfully Yours ($750/day), and Culinary Pros ($40/hour) are all ones I've heard on here. 
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  • I'm using Faith..so far she's been awesome and has helped me out with stuff not in her "day of coordinator" job description. We are using All night Long entertainment because we got a great deal! They're still more than Godzilla but I liked that they were a larger company rather than a single person just in case something should happen and they can't make it. I think we're only paying $500 for them though.
    [Deleted User]
  • Hi
    Wow that is excellent

    I just sent an email to faith and culinary pros / i also emailed all night long and Dj Zilla

    I have not eaten at Chayo's - will be having dinner reception at Hash House a Go Go (because food is cheap, good, unique) i live "different/unique" rather than traditional, standard and everyone does that kind of thing.....after the dinner/hash house we wanted to go on somewhere to dance...this was...we can come and go and no clean up! this suits me

    Thank you ladies
  • Hi All
    hmgiffor i just got an email from Chayo - they want $3500 plus food and beverage minimum - flaming freddie!!!!!!!!

    They also said if you want the patio they dont do tables so if you want to go private you have to book the whole thing

    If we had alot of guest fine but as we dont no - i was like yikes!

    Should anyone want the email/menu for their use i can email you 

    I also emailed culinary pros for wedding planning and awaiting confirmation (chay dates was may 15 2015)

    Were now looking at serendipity, seahorse, cleopatras barge or even a limo with drinks and light snacks of: cheese, wine, beer, soda, fruit, veg trays limo company i found said as long as we bring it to them they would allow it! but no hot food which is fine

  • Hi hmgiffor i just gor email quotes for dj

    May 15 at 7pm
    All night long is $700 - 3hrs
    Dj Zilla $500 insuite / $540 anywhere else / $150 per hour i.e 3 hrs - $450

    Zilla includes lights and 2 mics if required for free (all night long charge $150 for lights)

    Ill go with dj zilla pending it all works out with venue etc thanks
  • Thanks for the info. I am hoping to lock-in reception spaces (still no damn response from Sugar Factory!) so I can look into a DJ. 
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  • Hi that sucks they don't reply try calling them...

    Surprised they wont jump on responding though although maybe weekend and bank holiday thats why

    Best of luck
  • Seriously, I don't know WTF Sugar Factory's problem is.  I know this sounds super bitchy but I have been considering writing a letter to management about what a completely shitty experience I had trying to book that space.  And I've seen more than a few other brides on this site with a terrible lack of response from them over there.  I didn't have anymore time trying to chase down someone I was TRYING to give a lot of money to.  And if they treat us like that before any contracts are even signed, what do you think the service is going to be like once they have your money?  It's the principle of the thing and they really pissed me off over there with their attitude and disregard for pretty much anything.
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  • Hi
    dbacksgirl i am with you there....i have zero/low tolerance and if you cant get back to me then im like "if i have to kiss your tail to spend my money at your establishment and you cant be bothered to get back to me....im like NEXT" same thing happened with chayo after 4 emails and 3 phone calls there replied! and when they did i almost had kitten with what they quoted ($3k PLUS minimum spend! omg)

    We brides/couples have so much to do and organize that  i will not do this for every single vendor....

    Well maybe you should write them a letter wont hurt? and maybe they will buckle up the slackness...

    Best of luck and don't let them stress you there not worth....side note groupon has some sugar fatory coupons check it out 

    Blessings :)
  • I am with both of you! I am going to call tomorrow (I haven't called her yet) and I will also speak with the manager. My 2nd fav venue is Wicked Spoon but they are so annoying on their pricing issues.
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  • @hmgiffor, keep us posted if you do end speaking with a manager.  I will be very interested to hear how that person responds.  Just wondering if they've had other complaints that have been ignored or if Cesilia just sucks really badly at her job and is getting away with that shit because people figure it's easier just to move on than keep trying to pull teeth to get any information.  I finally did get an email back from her after like 3 weeks and it didn't even answer my questions.  She literally listed like 3 items we could choose from, that weren't great, btw and no other information.  I just think that for a place that advertises they specialize in parties and wedding stuff, that's inexcusable.   I was going to just ignore her lame ass attempt at a response because we did end up booking at Grand Lux Cafe instead but I couldn't help myself.  I replied with, "Thank you for getting back to me, albeit a bit late.   I tried contacting Sugar Factory last week several times — calling and sending multiple emails to various addresses — as did my Father-in-Law.  When we got no response whatsoever, we assumed there were either no options available and/or that our business was not important to Sugar Factory.  Therefore, we went ahead and made reservations at another venue."  Of course, no response to that either.  LOL!
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  • I did finally get a response from her yesterday that answered all my questions. Now I am waiting for the proposal so we will see how long that takes lol. I am still going to call her manager. As you mentioned, if you specialize inf parties...this is inexcusable. I HATE that I really have my heart set on this venue. I have wanted this location for over two years (my best friend and I planned out my Vegas wedding even before I was engaged and we had decided on Vegas lol). As someone else mentioned, it makes me nervous about how the day of will go. 
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  • Hi Ladies
    Without adding fuel to fire based on a post i came across it seems either its the same person or someone else who works there which is not good (if this venue is really what you want complain to ensure your don't receive this behavior especially on your wedding day)

    Id send a message/call head office (that way it will be dealt with) check below post...

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