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Jersey City Taco G2G?


Re: Jersey City Taco G2G?

  • DH is so used to me hanging out with people from message boards that it doesn't even phase him anymore. Heck, we had several people I originally met online and became close with IRL at and in our wedding!
    We are doing this too! FI's mom thinks it's weird as hell but my mom has been hearing about them for so long that she's excited to finally put faces to the names! (Of course, most of those names are Tri, Rak, Gendou, etc...)
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  • pinkcow13 said:
    @cookiepusher - LMAO, I am definitely there for the next one. I'm usually as healthy as an ox, so I won't be getting sick for a while *knocks on wood.* We have to represent for the 5 footers LOL.
    I would try to represent the five footers with you if I was going to be on the same continent as all of you sexy mamas! But I'll be across the pond (don't know if I should put a smiley or a frowney here)
    It would totally be awesome if you could represent with us 5 footers, dress twin!


  • Sorry I missed the tacos! I was out of town for ten days. Keep me posted on the next one. I'm also short so I'll make sure to wear heels!
  • T-4 days until those tacos are around the block from me! Keep me posted about the next one.
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