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Monday Chatter

SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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Morning ladies! How are you today? 

I'm good! Mildly hungover, but good. 

I had an awesome weekend! On Friday, my mom, H, and I met our realtor at "the house" and we're so in love with it! We looked at another house after that one and it was really nice (completely move-in ready and needs NO work) but it just wasn't us. It didn't have the same feel as "the house" and I knew H didn't like it at all. So.... TODAY WE'RE PUTTING IN AN OFFER!!!! I'm so excited but trying to hold back the BSC but it's SO HARD. 

Saturday, my mom and I went to breakfast then rode back over to "the house" so she could see the neighborhood during the day. We met up with my aunt and got our nails done and mini-massages and then I met H and BIL and SIL's to see our nephew for a little. We had dinner with my mom and aunt and then saw "The November Man". 

Yesterday, I drank way too many Yuenglings and Fireball shots. And my Eagles won! WOOHOOOOOO!! My voice is so hoarse today from screaming at the TV. I had Wendy's for dinner (my favorite), watched Big Brother and went to bed early. 

It was an awesome weekend <3

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Re: Monday Chatter

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @buddysmom80 - That ring is GORGEOUS!

  • @swazzle -Yay for putting in an offer today! Good luck!!

    @buddysmom80 - I love love love that wedding band! It's beautiful!!

    This weekend was pretty low key but I needed that definitely. Friday I skipped out on CrossFit, cooked myself dinner, and hung out with maddux. It was nice to just chill and relax and have nothing to do.

    Saturday morning I went to CrossFit and afterwards my Dad watched Maddux while @LaPeanut1018 and I went shopping with our mom for a MOB dress. We had lunch first at Seasons 52 and then she found this amazingly beautiful gown! We are in love with it! She is going to be a knock out!

    Afterwards I went home and watched movies the rest of the night. GT won that day too so I was pretty happy!

    Sunday was extreme lazy day. I slept in and then took Maddux on a long walk. I watched the Falcons game and it was amazing! They went into overtime and beat The Saints! Whoop! Good start to the season. H got home around 3:30 and I saw him for 0.2 seconds before he went off to work. sadface. I spent the rest of the night playing with Maddux, eating junk food and watching more movies lol.

    Tonight I'm going to CrossFit after work and then making quiche noms!
  • how exciting, @Swazzle!!!  do you have a target move-in date, or just playing it by ear?

    @buddysmom80 - I looooooove that band! gorgeous.

    I had a busy weekend.  Friday, I ran errands with H and then we had dinner/dessert with his cousin and his GF.  we did our grocery shopping and ended up trying to load up the car while it was just pouring buckets of rain.  I can't complain because I love the rain, but we ended up soaking wet.  Friday night I did my yoga meltdown and studied for Saturday.

    Saturday morning was the class.  we had a major cold front come through, and it was still raining, so H took me to class and dropped me off so I didn't have to trudge through campus in the rain.  the class went over by 30 minutes, and I was brain-dead when we left.  the PMP is compared to sitting for the bar (except, surely not quite as intense, right??).  we went through the first three chapters of the PMBOK (which I had read over a few times, so I was mostly prepared for discussions, thank God!)  I was the youngest in the class, but if anyone is going to pass this test, it'll be me.

    Saturday after class we had lunch (pizza and salad).  I had the YUMMIEST salad.  it was fresh mozzarella marinated in balsamic vinegar and served with pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, and arugula. 

    I laid around most of Saturday afternoon, but did end up cooking dinner and doing my yoga meltdown.

    yesterday I got up early to do my work-out before church, but my body needed a break so I ended up turning it off.  I prepped for "Beer Stew" (Martha Stewart's Irish Stout Beef Stew) and it simmered all morning in the oven while we were at church... sooooo yummy! 

    I wanted to leave work early because I worked late 2x last week, but they scheduled me for a meeting from 3-4 PM.  boo.  we're supposed to get in our new Phillips Sunrise Lamp today and I wanted to go home and see if it was there... supposedly it's in OKC and going out for delivery!!!

    I'm making fresh apple cake tonight, to bring to work to win over some of my coworkers.  it appears they like to snack, so I think it'll go over well.

    and of course, more PMP studying.  *sigh*
    lmcooper86[Deleted User]
  • @swazzle yay for making an offer! How exciting!

    @buddysmom80 I love the ring so much! In my NEY days I used drool over rings from Blue Nile.

    My weekend was pretty good, H & I made pizza relaxed and played some video games.  Saturday we relaxed a bit slept in, ran a few errands, had Moe's for dinner and played some video games.  Yesterday was more of the same except I spent some time at the theater.  The show I'm co producing opens this weekend and we grilled on the BBQ for dinner.

    I feel exhausted this morning I woke up with a sore back and I didn't sleep well.  I took Kitty to the vet this morning for the tooth extraction and to get some scans done.  I hate taking cats to vet.  I hope everything goes well today, I get to pick her up on my way home from work.  I did get a call from the vet on Saturday morning and she doesn't have diabetes, so that's a big relief.  I just want to be home relaxing at this point.  I hope the work day goes by quickly.


  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @Swazzle I hope your offer is accepted!! SO EXCITING!!!!

    @buddysmom80 I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding ring! It's perfect for your e-ring!

    This weekend was low-key for me. Friday FI and I worked out at the gym and then hung out at home for the rest of the evening.

    Saturday I met @southernpeach89, our mom, my BFF and my BFF's mom to all go shopping for a MOB dress. It was a total success! I'm convinced my BFF's mom is our good luck charm because she went shopping with us last year for southern's wedding as well and we found a dress right away then too. My mom is super hott in this dress! I can't wait to see her on our wedding day standing next to my dad in his Army dress blues! The model below doesn't do this dress justice honestly. My mom makes it!


    Sunday FI and I hung out at home most of the day and I got stuff done around the house. We spent seriously 5 hours using a program called SketchIt to design a shelving unit for our laundry room. I can't wait to execute the plans! Our laundry room is a mess and is in need of some serious organization. That evening we went with one of FI's groomsmen to TopGolf. I'm a total failure at the game but I had a lot of fun!

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @CocoBellaF - We're mostly just playing it by ear. Our landlord just sent us an updated rental agreement over the weekend, though, so H has to call him and see if he'll let us go month to month. If he says no, I'm not sure what we'll do because we're supposed to renew for a year starting October 1st. 

    @Peaseblossom55 - So glad your kitty doesn't have diabetes! I hope she's feeling better and the vet goes well today. 

    @LaPeanut1018 - Your mom's dress is STUNNING! She's going to look incredible :)

  • @swazzle thanks!

    @lapeanut1018 wow that is a gorgeous dress.


  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    Hey guys! I had an awesome, busy weekend in upstate NY with FI's family and friends. We drove up there Friday morning and arrived at his parents house around 2pm. That evening, FI's middle sister came over with her new-ish BF she just moved in with. It was the first time we've met him, and I personally don't really "see" them together, but she seemed happy so that's all that matters.

    Saturday morning we went and played pickleball with FI's parents. It's basically an old-person's form of tennis, and they play a few times a week with a local league and always invite us to play when we come visit. I actually played better than I ever have before, and for our last game FI's dad and I played against FI and some other lady, and we beat them :-)

    That afternoon, we went to FI's high school friend's wedding at a local golf club. The wedding was okay, but there weren't enough chairs at the ceremony, and it turned into a cash bar halfway through the night. After the wedding we went to a bar with his friend's and hung out until 1am.

    Yesterday we drove home (which took FOREVER), made buffalo wings, watched football and Big Brother, and had a wonderful evening. 

    And now... work :-(
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  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    @Swazzle - Good luck with your house!!
    @Buddysmom80 - Gorgeous band!

    My weekend:
    Friday - Had my dress fitting, all I need is a hem and a bustle!!  She did recommend that I find a strapless bra just to try out because my modesty issues, but she did say I didn't NEED one.  Went to go find a wedding lip color and a fragrance.  My friend wanted to go to Ulta even though I told her that I suck too much at being a girl for that store (they are not helpful around here at all and don't really know their products).  So I found nothing - the lady looked at me like I was from another planet when I asked for a lip-color-product that would not transfer on my clothes or groom.  Then when I asked for a fragrance, I asked for something 'earthy/woodsy' and they kept bringing me 'floral and sweet'.  So I didn't get anything.  We went and hung out at the casino for a bit and met up with the boys and got dinner.

    Saturday - We went to pick up the suits for the boys.  BM tried his on and the alterations lady scolded a sales person and told him to re-order a smaller size suit.  FI's suit is a little baggy but she's able to alter it down because the next size would be way too small.  Didn't really do anything else.

    Sunday - Watched the Browns lose.  Ate too much.

    UHG - I started whitening my teeth so I'm drinking coffee through a straw to try to help out - I'm supposed to be allowed to have coffee and tea still but I feel like I'm undoing what I'm trying to accomplish.  First day back to work and I have a ton of emails to go through.  I didn't get as much done as I wanted to on my week off (I got like NOTHING done except more wear and tear on my couch).

  • beanbot2002beanbot2002 member
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    This weekend was pretty good. 
    Friday started out marked 1 month that Mom has been gone. I honestly don't remember what I did on Friday, if anything. 

    Saturday I got some cleaning done around the house while D went to his H&R Block tax prep class. This is going to be a huge blessing. He'll be able to make up to 15k in a tax season, and then can continue to work during the rest of the year when someone needs help. Saturday evening we went to church. Mom's priest hugged us when we went up for communion and again during the recessional. He's such a loving and gentle man. I didn't know him well before Mom passed, but we've become quite close through this. Afterwards, we went down to the parking lot for the annual church festival. My 34th, Bean's 11th, and No-Uh's very first! I stuffed my face full of Pupusas, Tacos de Barbacoa, Tostadas de Pollo, and FUNNEL CAAAAAAAAAKE. I made it back to the car JUST as the skies opened up and let go.

    Sunday, we did some more cleaning, made pancakes for breakfast and then went out to do our shopping. We went to WalMart first and got some things for the bathroom: drawers to organize under the sink and a corner shower caddy, and some new kitchen mats. Then we went to the grocery store where I only had to tell Bean to "Put that down, please" 15 times. This is an improvement from Tuesday evening where I had to tell him no less than 50 times. We're hitting this weird stage where we've regressed to toddler-like lack of impulse control. I'm told it's 1000% normal in boys of this age, but DAMN is it frustrating. We even discussed it before going to the store, and I told him I'd give him one reminder in the store, but after that he would begin losing privileges. By the time we were done I wanted to cry. 

    The afternoon was much better, thankfully. When I went to kiss him goodnight he sounded off, so I asked him what was up. He, of course, said "It's nothing." I'm glad I probed a little further because he then said, "I'm missing Nana. We never got to feed the birds." And started to tear up. He and mom had decided to put up bird feeders on the deck so that they could watch the birds come to eat, while they ate their breakfast together in the morning. Our friend/handyman had put up the hook for the feeder the day mom had her stroke. Anyhow, he and I talked about our sadness and decided that we will fill the feeder tonight so that we can watch the birds tomorrow morning.

    All in all it was a good weekend. D was unusually extra extra affectionate, and had me wondering. I stopped wondering and just enjoyed the extra hugs and kisses. I love that man.

    ETA: @swazzle Hooooooooooooooooouse! EEEEEEEEE! Sending house buying vibes your way!

    @buddysmom81 I love that ring! 
    "Stuart was scared, but he loved Margalo, Mommy. And there is nothing bigger than love." -The Bean
     "His farts smell like Satan's asshole mixed with a skunk's vagina. But it's okay, because I love him." -CSousa

    Peaseblossom55[Deleted User]SwazzleKeptInStitches
  • I'm so sorry, @beanbot2002.  I'm glad that you and Bean can watch the birds together and remember your mom.  I have similar regrets about losing both my grandparents in a short time period a couple of years ago.  now I can remember them without bursting into tears... most of the time.  big hugs to your family!
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    @Swazzle - Good luck with the house offer and your landlord! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    @buddysmom80 - That ring is gorgeous! And your BM gifts sound really nice :)

    @CocoBellaF - THREE chapters of PMBOK in one day? That sounds awful, I would have been brain dead too. I need to talk to my boss again today to see if they will pay for my class...if they won't FI and I will have a talk tonight and see if it's feasible for us to pay for it ourselves.

    @Peaseblossom55 - So glad to hear your cat doesn't have diabetes! I hope her tests come back okay today, sending good pet vibes.

    @LaPeanut1018 - That MOB dress is beautiful! You mom will look great :)

    @Dignity100 - Glad to hear that your dress fitting went well, that's great that you hardly need any work done!


    My weekend was really nice, I actually feel rested today!

    Friday night FI and I went for dinner and to a wedding show. And we FINALLY got our engagement pictures!!! We didn't have anything by the time I got home from work so we sent our photographer an email asking how long the uploads usually took, and mentioned that we saw he had a booth at the show and asked if he would be was a not-so-subtle "give us our pictures, because we're getting crusty and will come talk to you about it tonight". Lo and behold, we got them during dinner. He said he forgot to go back onto the website to release them to us...lame. Anyways, Friday night was nice, the show was small but we got info from a bunch of DJs and other vendors, and we left and grabbed a cab about 30 seconds before the skies opened up and it poooouuuuuured. And then snuggled up on the couch to look through our pictures!

    Saturday FI and I had a lazy morning (no golf!), made breakfast, and went to a Leafs fan thing downtown. It was fun, but super busy! FI decided that I needed a jersey (apparently he can't marry me if I don't have one) so that was a nice present from him. He got a new jersey as well, so his credit card took a bit of a hit lol. Saturday night we just ordered pizza and hung out and relaxed.

    Sunday was church and then we hung out and looked through the vendor stuff from Friday and went through our engagement pics again. Our engagement shoot includes a print up to 16x20, so we have decide what photo we want printed. We also finalized and ordered our STDs! We should be getting a proof today, and hopefully we'll have them by the end of next week.

    Yesterday afternoon FI's sister and her husband came home from the wedding that they were in on Saturday...and told us all about the shit show that happened. It was actually really sad how poorly the bride behaved; FSIL was texting me on and off on Saturday about what was going on and to hear the whole story put together was just ridiculous. The only upside is that FSIL got a few of the centerpieces (when she got roped into going back to clean up on Sunday) so I have pretty flowers on my desk this morning!



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  • @lmcooper86 - just the first session is 3 chapters... after this it'll be 1-2 chapters a week, but then we'll be getting into the "good stuff", so I imagine it'll be tough.
  • Ollie08Ollie08 Central FL member
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    @Swazzle - OMG HOUSE!! I'm so excited for you!!!

    We had a crazy, but great weekend. Friday night we stayed in and watched a movie as a family (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… from the 90s!). Little Ollie passed out about halfway through and she was stretched over my lap and FI's. It was glorious.

    Saturday my older DD had her first soccer game. The team looked GREAT! We ended up in a tie 2-2, but the girls looked awesome. Oh and the girls' dad showed up (he missed all of last season) so that was a great surprise! After the game, FI and I went out and found shoes for this weekend. I ended up getting THESE

    On the way home, we tried out this place that's been open for a few years and supposedly has the best hot dogs and burgers in town. So we went in, and it was really good. We now have a new cheap place to go for lunch! Saturday night we met FI's BFF at a bar to watch the ND v Michigan game. Although I'm pretty disappointed because apparently Michigan forgot to show up for the game. What a disappointment.

    Sunday was church, and we were totally surprised by seeing the girls there with their dad! I could never get the man to go to church, but apparently our oldest DD can be pretty persuasive. After church, we went home and proceeded to watch football all day. Complete with a nap. It was absolutely glorious since I was still nursing a hangover. Also, J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! 

    @Swazzle, did your DH go wild yesterday?! The Dolphins beat the Pats?! I'm sure @GoldenPenguin and @csousa1 are crying inside today. 

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  • @Ollie08 I love the shoes!!!!!!!!!


  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    @Swazzle - I cannot WAIT to come live in your cat sanctuary. I'm crossing everything for offer-accepting vibes.

    @Buddysmom80 - that ring is GORGEOUS. 

    @LaPeanut1018 - your mom is going to look STUNNING in that dress

    @Beanbot2002 - Give Bean a hug from me, and tell him to hug you from me too. I love you both.

    Friday, FI & I met our realtor at the house we really loved. It's a For Sale by Owner, and the chick who owns it is looney tunes. She overpaid for the house, and is now trying to not lose money by selling it for WAAAYYY too much. Like, the closest comp is going for $122/square foot, which would put her house at almost $40,000 under what she's listing it for. It's insane. 

    So, we went home & looked up a ton of other houses to see, and found some awesome ones. 

    Saturday, I had to work. It was like 9 million percent humidity, and my press box was SO HOT. I was just dripping sweat sitting there. I went home and took a 30 minute COLD shower, and it felt amazing. 

    Yesterday we went to the mall to pick up my new contacts, and then FI & I both wanted to look for shoes. And I found my wedding shoes!! They are super adorable and were on sale, so I couldn't pass them up!


    Then we went to the sports bar where we had our first date and watched the Patriots. They played really well in the first half, and shitty in the second half, but it was great seeing Gronk back out there catching TDs. I love that big goofy bastard. 

    Later yesterday we met with our realtor to look at three houses. One, which I was initially really excited about, was bad. It amazes me what good photography can do. The second one was AWFUL. Again, super misleading photography. The third one was fairly amazing. It's brand new construction, never been lived in, but is bank-owned. I'm not in love with the layout - the living room is long & narrow, which would make it weird to set up; the backyard needs a lot of work; the driveway is super long & unpaved, and it would cost a fortune to get it done; it needs a few appliances (fridge, washer, dryer). Nothing majorly wrong, but I'm just not totally sold on that it's the house for us.

    Our realtor is gone this week, so we're going to do some drive-bys of places to get a better idea of where they are and what they actually look like, and then we'll do more visits when he gets back!


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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @GoldenPenguin I'm sorry the for Sale by Owner house didn't work out. It's definitely not worth it if she's trying to get $40k over the value! You'd have a tough time getting bank approval on a loan and don't want to be stuck in her situation anyway! Sounds like the last house you brought up is an ok possiblity...but I definitely think you should keep looking! The right house is out there and you shouldn't settle! Find something you really really love!

  • Good luck with all the house hunting @GoldenPenguin and good luck with the offer @Swazzle !!

    @Beanbot2002 - I'm so sorry for what you all are going through.  Hugs.

    @Dignity100 - Yeah for dress fitings!!!  I hate whitening always gives me a headache.

    @Buddysmom80 - Those BM sound nice!

    Weekend was pretty laid back.  H and I ordered all the stuff to finish our fence, finish the basement and frame out the new bathroom we are adding to the basement so that was productive.  Next weekend we will tackle actually finishing the fence and framing out the bathroom.

    I got into a fight with my Mom this weekend though. She is a little hyper sometimes (especially with cleaning and with two adults and a dog living with her it is getting to be a bit much for her I think).  Everyone in my family teases her about her tendancy to be like a tornado and her nagging and apparently everyone was doing that while I was out for a walk.  I came home and she asked me if she could throw something away, I said no, I'd take care of it, she asked again two (yes, two) minutes later and I told her (laughingly) to calm down.  She didn't take to that well AT ALL and I felt terrible.  Know it isn't 100% my fault and we made up but I think living with parents when you are adults is really hard.  H and I are moving into our new place in two weeks or so hopefully.  I think we've overstayed our welcome.

  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    Lots of exciting stuff in this thread! Wedding shoes and alterations and rings, houses and offers, and salads with mozzarella (@cocobellaF omg you have no idea how much I want that salad in my face right now okay).

    My weekend was all right. On Saturday, we slept in and J spent the day with his brother. I hung out and relaxed at the apartment before heading up to Davis Square for dinner with a couple of my close friends from high school. We had a really wonderful time!

    Yesterday, we did a pretty decent clean in the apartment. Like, the bedroom and living room were just awful. Now, everything's nice and vacuumed and dusted, and there aren't empty Amazon boxes everywhere. I reorganized my dresser, which has all my make-up, jewelry, and hair stuff--remind me to get a photo tonight and post it!

    A couple of stupidly stressful things happened. The first thing that happened was that I was showing off my newly organized make-up/jewelry/hair-stuff to J, and when I touched the little IKEA shelf with my make-up and nail polish on it ... it fell! Nothing broke (thank god), but the shelf isn't going back up, so my dresser top is more crowded than I wanted it to be.

    Then, as I was getting water from the fridge, my claddagh ring snapped. Like, as I was reaching in quickly, the crown got caught on part of the fridge, and a weak part of the band broke, and the ring bent. I'll get a photo of the result later. It was sad--J got me the ring two years ago as a birthday present, and even though it was a cheap little ring, it was really important to me :(

    Finally, I address ALL* the invitations! IT'S DONE. YAY. We're mailing them a week from today. Since J couldn't really help address them (besides putting stamps on everything), he's in charge of double-checking spelling and addresses, and making sure every envelope has an invitation and an RSVP card.

    * Exceptions: waiting to hear from a friend of his about the name of his girlfriend; my busy resident physician friend just texted me her new address this morning; and one of my bridesmaids doesn't have an address (no, seriously), so she's getting her invitation hand delivered at the end of the month
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    Later yesterday we met with our realtor to look at three houses. One, which I was initially really excited about, was bad. It amazes me what good photography can do. The second one was AWFUL. Again, super misleading photography. The third one was fairly amazing. It's brand new construction, never been lived in, but is bank-owned. I'm not in love with the layout - the living room is long & narrow, which would make it weird to set up; the backyard needs a lot of work; the driveway is super long & unpaved, and it would cost a fortune to get it done; it needs a few appliances (fridge, washer, dryer). Nothing majorly wrong, but I'm just not totally sold on that it's the house for us.

    Our realtor is gone this week, so we're going to do some drive-bys of places to get a better idea of where they are and what they actually look like, and then we'll do more visits when he gets back!

    UGH, I'm with you on that! I really don't know how they do it. One of the houses we saw a few weeks ago looked reasonable in the photos, but was basically a miniature house. The main floor was the size of my studio apartment and there would have been absolutely no space for even a small kitchen table. Just bizarre.

    Good luck with the drive-bys! Our realtor is gone for 2 weeks so we're taking a break, but we'll start scouring MLS again next week I think.



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  • speakeasy14speakeasy14 member
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    @swazzle yay!!!!

    @buddysmom80 gorgeous ring!

    @LaPeanut1018 that dress is so pretty!

    @lmcooper86 yay for finally getting your engagement pictures! Have you decided on your 16x20 yet?

    @goldenpenguin Good idea to walk away from the first house, not worth the headache. Definitely do drive-bys for places you like because photos are purposely cropped and angled to make you want to see the property.

    This weekend was super exciting! Friday we had the rehearsal for my sister's wedding. Then all the girls went back to the hotel for a girl's night. Saturday we ended up having a lot of extra time because our hair stylists worked faster then we thought they would, which was nice since we were able to relax and go to the venue early. Rain didn't start until after the ceremony and pictures. Everyone had so much fun and kept complimenting how beautiful the location was and how everything we did just made it better. I kept getting yelled at for being on my foot, but I wanted to have fun too (regretting it today though). Here's a photo of my entrance, sexy boot and all haha: ugh for some reason TK won't let me upload photos. I'll try again later.

  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    @speakeasy14 - Not totally decided, but we've narrowed it down to our top 5 or 6. We want to make that decision in the next couple of days I think.

    @phira - Sorry to hear you had a couple of mishaps this weekend :( can your claddagh ring be fixed? But YAY for having all of your invites addressed! Also, thanks for leaving up that post that you answered for yourself on the Invites board...I was literally JUST screwing around on minted playing with the invites that we're probably getting and was wondering how the eff you get meal choices on the rsvp cards lol



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  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    @Swazzle Yay for the house! I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly for you guys.

    @lmcooper86 I'm going to need to see some pics, lady!

    @beanbot2002 I'm so sorry you guys had such a rough weekend. *hugs* I think it will be a really special moment for you and Bean to feed the birds together and remember your mom. 

    @buddysmom80 I LOVE the wedding band! That is so exciting!


    @LaPeanut1018 and @southernpeach89 That dress is gorgeous! Your mom is going to be a knockout at the wedding! 

    @Dignity100 Are you using Crest strips or something else to whiten your teeth? I need to start whitening mine as well. :-\

    @GoldenPenguin Ugh, I'm sorry the owner is crazy. :( Hopefully you find something soon that you love even more.

    My weekend was nice. Friday night FI and I grabbed some food, went to Home Depot, and then cuddled on the couch while watching Death Note. Saturday we cleaned our apartment and organized a bit more. There are only three boxes left, and it's all stuff that need to go to the garage. FI is going to order some shelving for the garage first though, and then he'll organize everything that goes in there. I'm ready to be completely 100% moved in with absolutely no boxes anywhere. Saturday night his parents came over to see the apartment, and then we went to dinner to celebrate his dad's birthday. We went to a nice steakhouse and talked about the wedding a bit. I keep forgetting how conservative his parents are though. My mom and I are very open with each other and talk frequently, and FI's parents are much more conservative and closed off. For example, when we asked FI's dad to be our officiant, he was really happy but then they both were shocked that we weren't having a preacher marry us. They then asked about FI's groomsmen, and we mentioned we wanted to ask his female friend N to be a groomsmen and her girlfriend to be a bridesmaid, and they were just shocked all around. They kept asking why N couldn't just be a bridesmaid, and I had to explain that N was FI's close friend, not mine, so it would mean more if she were standing on his side. They asked what she would wear, and I said she could wear a suit or a grey version of the BM dresses--whichever she wanted. I could tell his mom was not really comfortable with it, but she dropped it. She also didn't like my idea of having my cousin do the plastic spoon bouquets, and she wasn't thrilled with our ideas for invitations either. She kept asking what my priorities were for the budget, and I told her the priorities weren't things that would die or be thrown away at the end of the day. She was tactful about it, but it made me laugh later to think of her trying to be polite but still showing her distaste. Anywho, his dad was happy to be the officiant and asked that we send him all the info to get ordained and the script for the ceremony, which I'll do later. 

    Sunday we went to our friends' house and watched Princess Mononoke and had root beer floats. I ate a lot of M&Ms too... and then had McDonald's for dinner. So basically a fail diet-wise. I had to have a talk with FI about how I view food and cheat days and let him know that I really do need his support to stick to a diet. As sweet as it is that he thinks I'm beautiful no matter what and encourages me to eat junk food because "it will only make me more beautiful," I really need his support on sticking to a diet. He agreed, and he said he'll help hold me accountable when I'm tempted to cheat. 

    This morning I chatted with my mom on my way to work, and she told me she has a Pinterest board created for wedding ideas. So cute. I'm glad she's excited about it. :) She and my step-dad just went through the worst year of their marriage, and they came close to divorce quite a few times, so I'm glad that she's happy, not stressed, about the wedding. I was worried it would end up being yet another source of stress for her while she and my step-dad try to get back on their feet financially (and romantically).

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • @Swazzle Good luck with the house!

    @Lapeanut1018 That dress is gorgeous!

    My weekend was fairly decent. I was visiting BF and I got to see some of my sorority sisters since I was visiting all last week. Unfortunately, BF gave me his cold, which put a downer on the weekend and today. Because of our colds, we didn't do much of anything exciting over the weekend. We watched lots of Criminal Minds for the most part. 

    This week starts me going back to the gym regularly and getting on a better diet. Between going down to Florida for a week and then doing 5 days away for my grandpa's funeral, and a few weeks here and there with BF, I have been slacking on the gym, and working out in general and my diet has been nonexistent this summer. This was proven when I tried on all of my jeans and almost every pair were too tight. I would like to not have to buy new pants for the fall, so it's back to the calorie counting and gym for me. I'll probably start tomorrow with the gym since I don't really want to be spreading my cold at the gym, but then it's back to the grind for me. 
  • So much awesomeness contained in this weekend!

    I...locked myself in the library at the college in town and did research for my dissertation.  All day Friday, and all day Saturday.  BUT, I got to a really good place, and so I feel pretty good going tint this week.  Graduating in May actually seems possible...

    Yesterday I went to church, then had lunch with my parents and brother and his GF.  Came home, took a nap, did some laundry, cleaned up around the house, baked some bread...I was really missing Mr. Historian yesterday, so I spent some time working on ideas for care packages to send him once he sends me his address for his new assignment.

    Also, I watched, like 10 episodes of Criminal Minds on Netflix.
  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 New York member
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    @swazzle good luck with the offer for the house! 

    @GoldenPenguin sorry about the house. Crossing my fingers that you find something else soon! 

    @phira I am so sorry about your Claddagh. I would probably cry if that happened to mine, for the same reason too. BF bought it for me as a birthday present two years ago, and it holds a lot of special meaning to me too. I hope you can get yours repaired! 


    My weekend was okay. 

    Friday was BF's brother's 22nd birthday, so he drove down from Riverside with his friend and we all went out downtown to celebrate. We went to this rooftop bar/lounge, and it had amazing views of the city and harbor. The drinks were also pretty reasonable for a club downtown as well. 

    Saturday I had to work most of the day because of incompetent coworkers, so that sucked, especially since I was very hungover (yay 6 day work weeks...). But I resolved most of the issues by about 3 pm, so then BF, his brother, his friend, and I all went up to our rooftop pool at our apartment and enjoyed the nice day. I brought my phone with me and didn't want to go too far from my laptop in case other issues came up. 

    Yesterday BF and I just hung out around the apartment, did some cleaning and organizing, and relaxed. We needed a day like that. 

    And today it is back to dealing with the incompetent coworkers again....fortunately it is making me look good to upper management as I am solving everything, I just might pull my hair out in the process. I might go back to the pool later today when I get home to relax, de-stress, and enjoy this view: 


    ETA: Also, Tropical Storm Norbert needs to F off. This humidity is unbearable today, and I want my dry weather back! 

  • Most of my weekend involved snuggling, sex, playing with the cats, and reading Harry Potter.

    I also got amazing leather knee-high boots that actually fit around my fat calves.  AND I had a coupon.  THANK YOU, DSW!


    @swazzle, Fingers crossed on the house!
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    @eilis1228 - I will try to AW some of them when I get home, I don't want to download them all on my work computer (I think I use all of my computer karma being in TK at work!)

    @Swazzle - YES!!!



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