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Photo Props?

Hi Ladies,
I just got engaged and we are now planning our engagement pictures. I found these super cute wood banners on etsy but my fiance thinks its cheesy. I've seen other people use them and I think they are cute, right? What do you think? I'm thinking about getting the Thank You one and using it in the pictures and then also in our wedding pictures and also hanging it at the reception. 

Here is the banner 
**ETA - deleting link and attaching photo as this seems like you are the seller. If you're not the Etsy Vendor I'm sure you won't mind this edit. Vendors can't post on the forums :) - Photokitty**

Re: Photo Props?

  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be mod
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    I think they are cute, but agree with your FI - totally cheesy. 

    The only thing I don't care for is when people use them for the Thank You Note itself and it delays the timely sending of the thank you notes :)

    It would be easy to make one yourself and save the money. Checkout the DIY page for other ideas!
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  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    We thought about doing the "thank you" sign, but just forgot about it. Thank goodness, because I do think it's kinda cheesy. We just picked one of our favorite photos and had them put on thank you cards. We did have digital copies of our photos within 2 weeks. If you can't get them back by then (and in retrospect, that was really pushing it) and immediately turn it around to order thank yous, skip it and just go with traditional thank yous.
  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    I thought about it (yes you can get some cute pictures) but it is so popular now it seems less personal.

    We only used one prop in our wedding pictures and it was a wood sign that my sister gave to me (us) at my bridal shower.  It read "The 'Z' Family, est. January 25, 2014".  We brought it along as decor for our sweetheart table and to use in some pictures.

    For our e-pictures we brought a Terrible Towel (we are both Steelers fans).

    I think fewer props lead to better pictures.  
    photo composite_14153800476219.jpg
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