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Aria Sky Villa, Sky Suite (1 bd) Penthouse & Exec. Hospitality Suite - PIC HEAVY!

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We started with the Sky Villa, which we probably shouldn't have because nothing can compare. They have one story and two story villas and we received a call back from management regarding a one story, 2 bedroom villa. We toured two different options today. Option 1 is Villa 9 on the 57th floor at 3,600 sq. Ft. and option 2 was Villa 20 on the 58th (top) floor at 4,600 sq. Ft. (which I'm sure is more than the $3k we were quoted). Keep in mind we have also toured the 2 bedroom Sky Loft @ MGM for $3,250/night as well.

First let me address the elevator question, technically all the suites and rooms have someone checking cards. The EH suite is located with the 'regular rooms' (at the VERY end of the hallways) and just has a security person at a podium about 20 ish feet before the elevators, you could get behind him and people are always asking him questions - so easily distracted. The sky suites and villas have a person actually checking key cards. You can either make a guest list to have that person check names or hire an elevator attendant so they just say they're here for so and so - I asked about an 'elevator password' like MGM has and they said they'll check into it. I have been in contact with Mike from Masterpiece Cuisine and he said they've done parties in the Villas, just needs someone to let him up.

  Option 1: When we walked in, both the hubs and I looked at each other and knew it was perfect. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the first view of walking in, but I'll try to explain: You come in kind of at an angle and off to the right is the bar and straight and to the left is an extended living room and behind a clear(ish) wall on the left is a dining table that seats 8. There is a little hallway and butlers kitchen off that as well. Then to the right of the bar is a long hallway with two bedrooms.

Option 2: Everything is earth like tones, and tons of gold. The bathroom and closet for the women are HUGE. Doesn't seem as entertainment friendly, but I did like the bar better.

1 bedroom sky suite penthouse: I didn't take any pictures. You can find pictures and YouTube videos of these, but they were small! Maybe 15 - 20 TOPS. It wasn't the 1 bedroom panoramic, but concierge said it's the same sq footage. Which is true as far as TOTAL sq Ft goes, but the Panoramic definitely has more entertaining space. Would be kind of nice to get ready in there the day of.

Executive Hospitality Suite: If it was available on our day we would have booked. We plan for 50 people and I think there would be plenty of room. The concierge guy that was doing the tour let it slip that he had a party in there with 70 people at one point. He's also said he's seen these rooms go as low as $300/night! INSANE! They're over 2,000 sq Ft! I also flat out asked about picking up and bringing outside food and he didn't bat an eye and said it would be fine.

  I'll post the first villa pictures in this post, then make comments for the other two rooms.


Re: Aria Sky Villa, Sky Suite (1 bd) Penthouse & Exec. Hospitality Suite - PIC HEAVY!

  • Sorry those pictures are so big!!
  • Thanks so much for the pictures! We are lucky enough to have the EH suite for a couple nights and hope to use it for drinks and apps either the day before or after the wedding. This helps put my mind at ease!
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    Thx for the pics!  Those villas are insane!

    A statement and a question...

    1)  Not sure how he can proclaim that Panoramic is same size as non-Panoramic, every video I've seen there's a clear difference in the two, unless it's merely the way they are arranging the furniture. 

    2)  Got any pics of said Panoramic Sky Suite? 
  • I think one of the big differences in the panoramic suite and the other ones is that the panoramic is more open (there are less walls), but I could be wrong. 
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    @hashtaggroomzilla I agree with your statement of the Panoramic NOT being the same. The videos of the two just don't even compare. I'm wondering if she meant the sq footage is the same. Which is true but they have two completely different layouts. Going back and re watching that 1 bedroom panoramic reiterates that it indeed will host more people than the reg. 1 bedroom penthouse. I couldn't get anyone to show me the panoramic! I kept asking and getting the same "it's the same just with a different view" - Uhhh no it's not the same!!
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    Compare these videos

    1) Sky Suite, not Panoramic, start from 1:15 - 2:00.  There's a WALL in between the "living" area and the "dining" area. Camera walks around the wall at exactly 1:50

    2) Sky Suite Panoramic, you can clearly see when it pans from 0:34 - 0:45 that there is no such wall

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    @hashtaggroomzilla I'm agreeing with you. I edited my above comment to make more sense. I think if you take out ALL the walls, yes they are the same suite (sq Ft + basic layout). BUT the one we toured had the bedroom in the area of those two chairs in the corner of the Panoramic.

    Entertaining space of 1 bedroom panoramic penthouse  =/= that of reg. 1 bedroom penthouse.

  • I think we're all in agreement.  The videos are exactly why I chose the panoramic vs the non-panoramic, it's clear 1 can fit more people than the other.  

    I also can see how the statement can be true that both rooms have the same sq footage, although it's clear they are not the same at all. 
  • I tried touring the panoramic with three different people though! The videos look amazing!
  • I also booked the panoramic suite because it looks like a better hosting suite than the other sky suites.  Hopefully it does not disappoint in real life.
  • Has anyone held a in-suite reception at Aria? Which suite is best for 40 or more people for 2 hours?
  • I think everyone pretty much believes that the panoramic 1 bedroom is the best unless you can afford a sky villa.
  • I agree with aggie, but don't forget the Executive Hospitality suite. If it was available our day we would have absolutely booked it!
  • I think I'm the first in line to actually check out the 1 br panoramic sky suite so I'll report back on how big it is (2nd week of Dec).  If someone gets there first please let the rest of us know!
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    Oh, holy mother of mayhem!!! I wanted to stay in the EH Suite and have our Meet and Greet there but back when I went to book a few months ago, it was going for over $900 a night so we went with  Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay.  I just checked my MLife Account and I can get a rate on that EH Suite now for our dates for $450/nt!!!! I literally can't believe that's real but I checked FOUR times. That's less than at MB and I'd MUCH rather stay at Aria.

    My concern would be about getting the food up there without a problem. @ericandmarie, you feel pretty confident then that that WOULDN'T be a problem?

    *ohpleaseohpleaseohplease say it won't be a problem*
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  • I honestly don't think you'd have a problem getting the food up! I know there was a knottie that did an in suite with Cheesecake Factory aps and I believe the concierge actually went and picked up the food. I just checked mlife and it says it's available the day we need, but when I called they said it wasn't. Odd.
  • Do you get the same perks in the EH suite as you do in the sky suites (limo that picks you up, concierge etc.)?
  • Aggie, I don't believe so. You can use the main concierge by regular hotel check in which I assume is available to all hotel guests (maybe just suites? I don't know). They are still super friendly and helpful.

    But for the extra perks.. I think those are exclusive to sky suite guests.
  • I'm looking forward to December now because Erika my WC said most of the space is in the bedroom and they don't offer a suite big enough but I don't believe her. Can't wait to hear about getting food up as well.
  • If you look google "Aria panoramic 1 bedroom" you'll find some videos, and it definitely looks big enough.  We called the bookings department to talk about getting a block of rooms and the lady we talked to didn't seem to think there would be any issues with having people in there - or at least she said nothing to discourage it.  

    There's also a thread floating around here with reviews of an in-suite ceremony there.
  • We were originally going to have an after party in the EH suite and was told getting food in there isn't a problem. I was going to stay in it and bring my alcohol with me and then just bring in desserts. I am not sure about the full dinner but I do know it's on a regular floor so easier for your guests to get up too. I also told my rooms coordinator at aria and my wc I was having an after party there and neither batted an eye. I saw a photographer website that had a reception in that room. I think I googled wedding in aria executive hospitality suite and it came up. Their set up was nice although I couldn't say from looking at the pics if it was aria or self catered.
  • Also other feedback on the eh suite has been that it is at the end of a hallway so noise isn't as much as a factor...especially if you can get the room next door
  • I called the concierge at Aria this afternoon and flat out told him we wanted to have outside catering and he said that was fine as long as we brought them up to the room.  Meaning, they couldn't just go past security on their own but if someone who is listed on the room goes down to meet them, it's not a problem at all.  As for guests, he said we could either list people on our room and give them keys (not an option for 50 people) or we could leave a list of names with the business center and they would load the names onto an ipad that the security guard could use to check them of and allow them up to the room.  I think he said they charge $50/hr for that service but hiring somebody from Culinary Pros or otherwise would be almost as much.  The concierge could not have been nicer and he had an answer for every single question I asked him.  I'm liking this idea more and more.  Thank you so much, ericandmarie, for the info!  This is awesome!
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  • Awesome! I don't know if you'd even need the guest list to be honest. The elevators don't require a card to get up to the EH Suite. If you're worried about the security guard just come to the elevators from the side (the elevators are to the left of the entrance to Aria Cafe and there's a good 20 ft or so of space between him and the elevator entrance. We walked past him at least 5 times and he never said anything (was usually too busy with people asking questions).
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    nm  delete this post. 
  • Ugh. Well, I was was all set to book the Executive Suite but I started reading a bunch of reviews where people were saying MAX that suite could hold would be about 40.  I know it was mentioned in this thread that the concierge said he's seen many more than that but according to people who have actually had parties in there, that's a VERY TIGHT FIT.  We're going to have around 60-65 and that's exactly what I was trying to avoid.  Seems like I can do that in the Vista Suite without too much of an issue.  I was so excited because the EH Suite actually has about 300 more sf than the Vista but it sounds like it holds less people.  I'm thinking that's because A) That conference room is quite large but so is the huge table that's in there and it's apparently too heavy to really move anywhere.  And B) The furniture in the living room area seems to be bigger and heavier than in Vista.  I'm really bummed but I don't want my guests packed in there like sardines, sweating all over each other. :(
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  • The conference table is bolted down so here's no moving that. The chairs and couches can be moved, as well as the coffee table. The sofa table by the bar is bolted down. But ya I can see your concerns! It's been an ongoing issue with picking our place!
  • What did you decide on.  I'm with you and @dbacksgirl, I need a place for about 50-65 ppl.  I really want a villa, but.....  Perhaps I'm back at Mandalay Bay with one of those suites.
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