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Who is writing their own vows?

How many of you are writing your own vows? I'm just getting started on mine!  I just have one question for the ceremony. My cousin is marrying us and he wrote the script for the ceremony but we are trying to come up with a way to lead into our vows? I'm not sure what he should say and every wedding I have been to it has been the traditional wedding vows. How are your writing your ceremony script with our own vows?

Re: Who is writing their own vows?

  • my dad is officiating and i wrote the script.... instead of us writing our own vows, we're doing a hawaiian lei ceremony..... my advice is to go with the vibe of the ceremony - if it's formal, you can have the officiant say something like "the couple has written their own vows".... or if it's informal, have a quick intro.... play around with it and see what feels right!
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  • We are writing our own vows.  I came across a reading, however, that I loved and when I shared it with my FI, he teared up and said, "That's it. That's the one."  It's called "Union" by Robert Fulghum.
    It's kind of a perfect introduction, I think, to the vows so we are going to have our Officiant do the reading and then immediately afterwards, FI and I will make our vows to one another.  There are quite a few great readings I've found that would serve that purpose, too, but the particular one I just mentioned really just personally spoke to us so we chose it for our ceremony.

    If you don't want to do a reading though, as leideigh mentioned, you can just have your cousin say something like, "At this time hudsons and XX would like to share with you the vows that they've written for each other," and then just go!

    We are not traditional and we will be seeing one another before the ceremony but we're not sharing our vows until the wedding ceremony.  We're going to send them separately to our Officiant just so she can make sure we're both on the same page, and also she will then have them to help time the ceremony and serve as a backup if we need another copy!  I am really excited for the vows part since they will be very personal. :)
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    I'd love to read that! Ill have to look it up! We having a non traditional wedding too but the vows are the one thing we are actually keeping a surprise too! I can't wait to hear my FI vows!
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    Our officiant sent us about 40 pages of readings, vows, scripts, etc. We basically took the stuff that we liked and shoved it all together into one ceremony including the sand ceremony which will include FIs daughter. If you PM me I'll be happy to email it to you.
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  • We are writing our own vows. They have already been sent to our officiant. We haven't shared them with each other and we won't until the day of. Our "script" had to be in a month ahead of time because our officiant has to get it to the Sign Language Interpreter. We pretty much pieced it together like @kerigirl9 did. I would deff PM her and get the scripts. It will save you a ton of heartache. :) 

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    @Kerigirl9 - That's basically what our officiant did.  It was a 60-page "Wedding Planning Kit" making suggestions as to who walks down the aisle when and where to put things in the ceremony and then different options such as 'Traditional Non-Denominational'; 'Traditional Non-Religious' and then different things we could add in like the unity candle, sand ceremony, etc.

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  • Thanks guys! I just PM her!
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