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Wedding Planners Riviera Maya

Has anyone used a wedding planner in Riviera Maya? I had one email me, and she said her services would be $2,000. Is this affair price?

Has anyone heard of Wedding In Riviera Maya or has worked with Celeste Aviles? She is a part of this company.

I would love suggestions for other wedding planners as well.

Thanks everyone :)!

Re: Wedding Planners Riviera Maya

  • Are you getting married at a resort? Most resorts offer wedding coordinator services with their packages. 


  • We have been considering a private venue.
  • Does she have a company? Are there reviews available? I'm not sure I would hire someone I hadn't heard anything about. 

    I was married in Cozumel and my planner was one of two on the island that do weddings off of a resort. We also wanted a private venue. She had a lot of great reviews and took care of everything. She charged $400 + $10/head. So, her fee was $1000. We had her arrange the rehearsal as well which did increase her fee, but I don't think we paid anywhere near $2000 just for her services. I can't say if this is normal, but that's what we paid.  
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