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Tuesday Chatter

Hello ladies! I've been on vacation since last Friday so I feel like I've missed out on everyone's weekend! How is everyone's Tuesday so far?

I'm feeling sort of blah this morning...I guess since I took Friday and Monday off I'm used to getting up around 7:30 instead of 6:00. Sooo....last Thursday I worked out in my Penguin suit. I had a blast! I kept on laughing at myself because I knew I looked ridiculous but it was so much fun lol. My workout buddy was Richard Simmons lol and we did lunges, burpees, pull-ups, jump roping, dead lifts, and all sorts of things Here are pictures:


Tonight the 4Runner got new shoes and so is my H's car since we blew another tire this weekend...I don't know what's wrong with us. Then I'm going to work out and make dinner. I'm thinking about making salmon with caper butter sauce. Sounds pretty good to me.

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Re: Tuesday Chatter

  • Ollie08Ollie08 Central FL member
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    edited November 2014
    @southernpeach89 - I love the Penguin and Richard Simmons combo. That's great! haha

    I'm in a blah sort of mood lately. For no real reason. Gotta shake the funk! Also, today is election day and I'm not really feeling the governors race. It's like "Which one do you hate less?" I wish the independent Libertarian candidate could have participated in the debates because I would have liked to see what he had to say about some issues. I think he would have had a better shot than he stands to now.

    On another note, my eye has been twitching ALL MORNING and it won't stop!

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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    edited November 2014
    LOLOLOLOL! I love those photos! Can I please come over and steal some salmon too? That sounds really yummy and I don't feel like cooking.

    I'm not doing anything special today. We're having a lunch meeting because our director is visiting from overseas. Tonight H and I need to go over the credit card bills from the HM and the last month and review everything (woohoo...). I really really really really need to write thank you notes.

    ETA: I voted early last week because I hate standing in lines. Our polling place is less than 5 minutes from our house so it was super convenient to go at an easy time for me rather than wait til Election Day.

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    Off I go to cram for my exam in rocketry! If it's anything like the review lecture on Thursday, it should be really straightforward, but still ...
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    Pretty blah over here too. I'm tired today and have a very boring work day going on.

    @southernpeach89 - Those pictures are ridiculous, I can't believe you got through your whole work out in your costume!!

    @Ollie08 - I hate the eye twitches. I get them sometimes when I'm tired and they drive me bananas!

    Today is more email (since there are no new files ready for me to work on, ARG!) and a going away thing for a coworker.

    Tonight I think I'm going to make chicken with broccoli cheddar sauce and rice. FI and I have been eating out way too much lately because of crazy schedules and it has GOT to stop.

    I think tonight we'll also catch up on Homeland and try to make a decision about hiring a DJ based on the quotes that we have. And I need to email our potential florist to ask her where the eff our quote is. Blah.



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  • @southerpeach89 too funny! Richard Simmons, that's perfect!

    I've spend a lot of my morning at work looking up info on the candidates  because I haven't been paying attention but I really want to vote. I really don't know who I want to vote for for governor. I feel like it's always deciding who is "the lesser of the two evils" or like @ollie08 said "who do I hate less".
    It doesn't help that I don't follow politics at all. I need to start paying more attention!

  • @Ollie08 -I hate eye twitches!!!!

    @LaPeanut1018- Your always welcome for dinner!

    @Keptinstitches -Good luck with your exam! 

    @lmcooper86 -Broccoli cheddar sauce sounds noms!

  • @southernpeach89 I had the same exact Penguin costume.  I was a penguin H went as Billy Madison.  Those pics are awesome.

    I'm back at work today, in a way it's good.  I didn't like being at home dealing with the contractors and all of the noise.  They should be able to lay down some of the tile today.  I'm hoping they will be done by Thursday at the latest. I hate that everything is dirty.  I can't wait to get stuff back in order in the house and the kitchen.

    I'm going to Trader Joe's after work, which is my excitment for the day.  I love that place. 


  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    @Southernpeach89 - Love the pics!!!

    @Ollie08 - I can't vote due to my name change in this election.  I have to remember to tell H to vote those red light cameras down!!

    @LaPeanut1018 - you just reminded me, I need to get niece's address.  We have 2 more thank you's to go and then I was going to send some 'thank you' notes to the vendors that I enjoyed working with.  We still need to go over our HM CC bills too.

    @KeptInStitches - Good luck with your exam!

    @Imcooper86 - I need to figure something out healthy for me and H.  We've been eating out way too much as well.


    I feel we have so much on our plates right now.  We're trying to figure out insurance stuff (open enrollment); looks like we're going to combine forces onto my health plan.  I have to change my name almost everywhere still and it's a HUGE aggravation - passwords I just used aren't working and then everywhere is different, some places it's like I need to know the secret handshake and send in everything about my life while other places they're just like 'I'll make that change right here for you'.

  • @Peaseblossom55 -I want penguin pictures!

    @Dignity100 -Changing your last name is an annoying process! I don't miss doing that one bit!

  • @southernpeach89 - Too cute!!!

    @Peaseblossom55 - Oh man do I hear you on the kitchen stuff.  I just want a kitchen back already. We are likely at least three weeks or so away from that though.

    @Dignity100 - I'm terrible...some of my accounts are still in maiden name and some are in my married name.  I gave up on trying to change all of them.  I feel like when you get married later in life, someone should give you more of a "pass" on all the paper work.  I have way to many bills/accounts/IDs/memberships/professional affiliations/etc to try to change them all.


    Today is a busy day at work for me.  I got my workout in this morning though and feel great (it helps that my pants feel a lot looser than a few weeks ago too).  My arm is really sore from my flu shot yesterday though...am I the only one that gets that?  H never complains about his. 

  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
    Moderator Seventh Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its
    @southernpeach89 - I am DYING at your costume!! You know how much I love penguins. 

    I've been MIA lately because of work. So many things. 

    Last weekend we beat our biggest rivals TWICE in hockey. They were up at the top of the national rankings, so it was extra sweet. It made for a long weekend, and I didn't get to hang out with my favorites (@swazzle, @csousa1, @buddysmom80, & @hummingbird125), but at least I didn't miss out on all the fun to watch us get our asses kicked, which is what I had originally predicted. 

    FI & I are supposed to close on our house tomorrow - but we got a letter from our attorney saying that they still haven't gotten the clear to close from the lender. They'd better do that today, or I'm going to be pissed. 

    Other than that... @swazzle is picking up her bridesmaid dress today!! YAY!! :)


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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
    10000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    @Lavenderfields13 - BF and I spent forever googling all the candidates (we voted by mail) and there were definitely some where we just thought "ugh...well I guess he doesn't sound as bad as that guy." 

    I'm really glad it's election day I so I don't have to hear any more political ads. There have been a couple of annoyingly condescending ones directed toward female votes that I hear all the time on the radio and it makes me want to slap someone. Plus it means BF's dad will finally shut the fuck up about it. He's been trying to tell me how to vote for three weeks.

    I'm off work today. I have plans to clean my apartment, do laundry, do the whole being an adult thing but I'm also feeling lazy so we'll see what happens.

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
    5000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    @GoldenPenguin Sending you all the vibes for an easy,on-time closing!!!

  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper

    @southernpeach89 - The side view picture where you're doing dead lifts is hilarious! It's just perfectly angled so you look the most like a penguin, haha

    @Ollie08 - I hate the eye twitch. I especially hate when someone important is telling me something really boring, so I try and hold back a yawn, and it makes my eye twitch like crazy! I should probably just yawn at that point.

    @KeptInStitches - Good luck on your exam!

    @minskat30 - My flu shot hurt for two days this year. It's not just you.

    @GoldenPenguin - I've missed you! Fingers crossed that you get to close tomorrow!


    Last night was so great. I got to see my old roommate who is in town for work training! After years of living with disgusting, lazy, loud people, I was SO READY to live by myself for the first time when I got my job after college. Even had a two bedroom to myself! So when my boss asked if I would consider renting out my second room to an intern for the summer, I was skeptical. I was even MORE skeptical when I found out she was a cheerleader for a nationally ranked college basketball team. Turned out she was the best roommate I ever had. I don't think I've ever gotten along with anyone so well, and we were definitely from different backgrounds and had different interests.

    So we ate some Thai food at my place. Turned out she's scared to death of my dog because she's so small, and he likes to jump on short people. Then we went shopping to try and help my pathetic excuse for a home. I bought my beautiful painting, but we only had so many choices for where to hang it because it is so heavy and needed to be in a stud. Well now it just sits by itself in the middle of a plain white wall, and I found NOTHING to put around it. I tried World Market, Pier 1, and Target, and couldn't find anything I liked, so if anyone has any ideas, I am all ears.

    Man, I suck at decorating.

  • speakeasy14speakeasy14 member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited November 2014
    southernpeach89 those are amazing workout photos!

    Ollie08  I hate when my eyes twitch. Drink extra water and get some caffeine.

    KeptInStitches Good luck on your exam!

    lmcooper86 Chicken broccoli and cheddar sauce sounds amazing, I think I'll have to make that this week. 

    lavenderfields13 It's ok I do follow politics and have no idea who I am voting for... the one senator I was planning on voting on had a bit of a scandal last night and now I need to rethink everything  -- basically he harassed an elderly woman and accused her of stealing his campaign signs, police said it wasn't her and he got in her face and demanded she take a lie detector test

    @alpacina what does the painting look like and what color are your walls?

    Today is pretty blah here as well.  Bf and I started discussing final steps for the house and are having a bit of a dilemma picking out flooring for the kitchen/dining areas. 

    We're keeping the beautiful cherry wood floors in the living room (my favorite part of the house), so whatever tile we choose for the kitchen/dining needs to flow with the living room since it is all open. The cabinets are oak and the counter tops are a gray/blue shade. I was thinking either gray or white tile, but honestly have no idea what would look better. 

    The kitchen kind of looks like this (minus backsplash) image

  • @minskat30 -Yay for pants fitting looser!

    @GoldenPenguin -Closing vibes!!!

    @TwoDimes -I'm with you on those political ads...UGH! They are annoying!

    @bethsmiles - H and I need to be adults today too and put me on his health insurance. It has been sitting on his desk for a week now and we have been lazy.

    @AlPacina -Try antique stores or Hobby Lobby or Home Goods! They usually have some good finds.

    @speakeasy14 - I LOVE that kitchen!

  • it's cold today (in the 40's) and I want cheesy, carb-y comfort foods.

    that is all I've got.
    [Deleted User]
  • @southernpeach89 I'l have to get some pics from my friends who hosted the party.  I think there was one or two on FB actually.

    @Goldenpenguin sending you closing vibes. I hope it still happens tomorrow.

    @minskat30 wow another 3 weeks? I wouldn't be able to deal with that.  It stresses me out the state of our house right now, so I'm glad I'm at work so I'm distracted by it.

    @speakeasy14 I love that kitchen.  We had the hardest time picking out flooring for the kitchen.  H will say I was very picky.  We are doing tiling in the kitchen, the rest of the house is a light colored hard wood floors.  Hopefully I'll be able to AW the kitchen remodel next week.


  • I also get super judgey of my FB friends around election time because I can't understand why someone I generally like would vote for so and so. The things that are super important to me are women's rights and gay rights so when I see someone supporting a candidate that is against those things I'm just like WHYYY.

    @minskat30 I've only ever had the flu shot twice in my life and my arm was sore both times
    nice job withe keeping up with the workouts! feeling better and having your clothes fit better is so great!

    @alpacina I wouldn't say I'm scared of small dogs, or any dogs but I do tend to not like small dogs because they usually are the type to jump up in your face and are so yippy

  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
    1000 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary First Answer

    @KeptInStitches - Every time you post about your school program I think about how cool and smart you are. NBD, just taking an exam in rocketry...

    @southernpeach89 and @speakeasy14 - This is the sauce I'm making tonight: http://www.cookwithcampbells.ca/en-ca/Recipes/chickenwithcheddarbroccolisauce.aspx It's stupid easy and not super healthy, but I make up for it with more broccoli. They include no seasoning, which is weird, so I just make it up.

    @Peaseblossom55 - I hope the contractors finish up quickly! Post pics when it's all done!

    @Dignity100 - This is what I'm making tomorrow: http://www.canadianliving.com/food/black_bean_rice_bowl.php. It requires a fair bit of prep, but it's REALLY tasty and is full of good stuff.

    @GoldenPenguin - Fingers crossed that your closing goes okay and the lender doesn't hold you up.

    @AlPacina - What sort of style or look or feel are you going for? Are you just working on decorating the living room right now, or other rooms too?



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  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    edited November 2014

    @lavenderfields13 - Mine is a 60 pound lab mix. He's so darn lovey, but man, he gets super excited when someone new comes over. It takes him about 5 minutes to calm down. I really need to figure out something different to try with his training. Typically I just make him lay down and feed him a string of treats until I can tell he's chilled out. At least he doesn't bark.

    @southernpeach89 - I don't think we have a Hobby Lobby around here, but I told a co-worker my dilemma and she said that she's going to take me to Home Goods on a lunch break later this week,since I've never been! Apparently she guarantees I'll find exactly what I'm looking for, and possibly more, haha.

  • @lmcooper86 I will definitely post pics when done!! I hope it's done by Friday at the latest.


  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    Just crying at my desk because I'm not very smart and thought, "Hey, I'm okay to call my paternal grandparents to ask if they want to walk down the aisle or not," instead of just asking J to call them like he did when we needed to get their RSVP.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
    10000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    @Phira - *hugs* I'm your phone call upset you. I don't remember the back story on your grandparents are they usually difficult to deal with?

  • @AlPacinia-HomeGoods will solve all your decorating problems ever, promise. It's one of my favorite places. 

    Nothing exciting here either, just lots of kids running around the parking lot at work since they all have off school b/c of the election. Although early voting felt like it was super long here, and the parking lots of the polling places were practically empty when I drove by this morning! People need to go vote.

  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper

    @lmcooper86 - It's a wall in our dining room, which is basically just an open space next to our kitchen. It's the only wall with nothing on it. I'm not trying to decorate anything else, I just don't want this painting to look so out of place/boring. There is about 2 feet of open white space on either side of a 4' painting in a very dark frame. Everything else in the kitchen/dining room area is very dark brown, and mostly wood.

    @Phira - *Hugging you with my heart*

  • speakeasy14speakeasy14 member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited November 2014
    I love that kitchen too, unfortunately mine is much smaller.  Here are pictures of what it looked like before we ripped everything up.  The wall where the pantry is located is now completely open, and the fake wood floor is gone.  The only things that are staying the same are the cabinets and counter-top.  All appliances are black (that dishwasher is long gone so just pretend it is black).  image

    I still have no idea what kind of tiles or backsplash to get. Though I'm leaning more towards slate gray for the floor. 

    Edit so I don't double post
    @phira I don't remember the backstory either, but HUGS!!! 

    @alpacina is there space for small frames to be hung? So you could have photos with the painting?  Or maybe space for small shelves?
  • @Alpacina I just went back to your intro to see a pick of your dog- he's not at all what I was thinking- that's a not a "small dog" to me at all! I was thinking of a tiny dog- Tiny dogs make me way more nervous when they jump on me than when larger dogs do for some reason. 

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