I have a kinda crazy idea for wedding favors


Re: I have a kinda crazy idea for wedding favors

  • Sorry, I don't like clutter and I probably would never look at it again. Likely wouldn't take it at all.
  • It sounds like a lovely idea... If done for Christmas or Birthday present to a specific person. To me... It sounds like it would take a ton of time and a ton of money. I personally would take it to be nice, but it would end up in the trash. Save your self both and a headache and just don't do it. And to save yourself even more money and time, just don't favors at all.
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    Why ask for advice & oppose everything that doesn't encourage your opinion?

    I'd trash it.
    1) your wedding is 1 day
    2) I wouldn't want my home filled with souvenirs & paraphernalia of someone's wedding (seeing that most guests might keep save-the-dates or the wedding invitation)

    it's just one more thing that'll create clutter/waste space that won't have an actual place setting. Yes, your guests may love reading, but I'm sure they don't keep every newspaper or magazine that they've read; & honestly, who wants to keep a "favor" of love quotes etc? that's what google is for.

    memories last a lifetime; i highly doubt that anyone forgets weddings that they've attended.

    nice idea, but I, personally, would skip it & go with yummy goodness as favors. congrats & good luck with the rest of your planning
  • lol Are you mad or no? 
    You can't get mad at the advice that was given at your request. Take the advice or don't but either way get over yourself. That book will get trashed or forgotten about. End of story.
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