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Hi Oct 2015 brides! It's about that time that we're all thinking about/already bought/ready to buy our gowns! I know some of you have already posted your dress which were all beautiful. I would love if everyone could share their Oct 2015 wedding dress. I know we're all going to look gorgeous!!!

Here's mine (Allure 9059)


Re: Show off your dress here!

  • Wow both of your dresses are absolutely beautiful. 
    @peachy13, I googled your dress, and I'm obsessed with the top part!
    @rusticbride27, Your dress is so elegant! 

    Mine is Symphony Bridal. I purchased it in April of this past year; it will be in by January! 
  • The top part is not revealing like that in person. I looked at SB dresses online for months and never thought I would end up with this dress because of the way it looks online. 
  • Thanks @nicole4793! Yours is gorgeous, too!! I was originally going for that all-over lace look, myself, but when I came across my dress, I knew it was the one! :)

    Are you ladies wearing veils? I thought about a birdcage veil, but I think I'm going to wear a simple flower crown (maybe greenery and baby's breath) to go with the rustic feel of my wedding. 
  • @rusticbride 27 That sounds beautiful- I like both of your ideas, but I especially like the idea of a flower crown because your dress is so whimsical. It would look amazing! I'm wearing a fingertip veil, but I'm taking it off right after the first dance.
  • @nicole4793 Thank you! That's exactly the feel I'm going for. :) 
    A fingertip veil sounds so very lovely with your dress. Best of luck with your planning! 
  • I got my dress from a vintage blogger friend. It's a one-of-a-kind, handmade gown from 1942. I am so in love.
  • @thelittlemermaidbride So gorgeous! Congrats on finding your dress :)
  • @rusticbride27 Thank you so much! :) I got it before we had even set a date. It was just too dreamy!
  • @themermaidbride118 lol, I put a deposit on my dress before we even had the ring!! :-P
  • @rusticbride27 great minds think alike (and ahead)!
  • These dresses are soooo beautiful, it makes me more excited to start looking for a dress!

    @rusticbride27  I want your dress, like right now!
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    tngirl409 said:
    These dresses are soooo beautiful, it makes me more excited to start looking for a dress!

    @rusticbride27  I want your dress, like right now!
    @tngirl409 Thank you so much!! :) I got that "butterflies" feeling when I saw it. Knew I had to have it! Good luck finding yours!! (And show us some pics when you do!)
  • I love all of your dresses! @rusticbride27, your dress is so whimsical and lovely, the flower crown will be perfect :)
  • Me, in my dress! I found it a year ago and when I tried it on I was in love!
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  • Thanks so much, @jessc2010! I cannot WAIT to put it on for the first time. (Yes, I was one of those daring ones who bought my dress without trying it on. I have this perfect GUT FEELING though!)

    @tiffany101015, you look so lovely! I love the little bow. :)
  • @tiffany101015 Oh my goodness! I agree with @rusticbride27- That bow is to die for! Super cute and you look fabulous :)
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    My dress: Allure C155. Tried on about 25 dresses through 4 shops before I came back to this one for the third time and knew right then. I couldn't stop smiling. ...Ignore my bra in the photos! I'm getting married late June of 2015, and it isn't shipping until May 1st (pray for me haha).
  • Love it, @carolynnS58!! You look amazing. :)
  • My dress. Found it at Vows the first place I went to and it was the 2nd dress I tried on. I fell in love and cried when the veil was put on. It finally arrived at my house last week.
    peachy13[Deleted User]
  • @gregandheather2013 You look absolutely radiant! :) I was going to check out Vows, too, but I ended up finding mine online. How was the experience there? 
  • @rusticbride27 thanks. I love your dress too. My experience was awesome!!! I was second guessing my choice to go there. People were saying their experience wAs horrible and how it's horrible on the weekends ( I went on a Saturday) and how the people were rude. And how 1 hour is not long enough. I'm glad I didn't cancel my appointment. I went on a Saturday, got there early and they gave me 5 pink cards with my name on it and they told me to pick out 5 dresses and put the cards in it and give it to a worker to put to the side for me for my appointment. My appointment was at 1 and it took 45 minutes for me to fall in love. The consultant was friendly, nice and knowledgable. My dress was the 2nd one I tried on and I kept putting it on after other dresses I tried on. The consultant even picked a dress out for me, based on what we were discussing that I liked. Everyone there was super nice to me. Someone also said they consultants were rude and called her fat which scared the crap out of me bc I'm not skinny. My consultant was very kind and told me which dresses looked good on me and even the ones that didn't look good, she wasn't rude about it.
  • @gregandheather2013 Thanks!! I'm so glad your experience was positive; I've always wondered how the shops we see on television actually are when the camera isn't rolling. Congratulations on finding your dress, and best of luck with planning. :)
  • FINALLY got my dress!! I have been searching since April 2014 so it is a huge relief to have this checked off the list. Ultimately, I really loved lace and found that it is just much too expensive for our budget, so my beautiful and wonderful consultant went in a totally different direction and shocked me with how it all ended up. But here it is! (Obviously not me in the dress- we didn't get a great picture.) 
    She is called Norma, after Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe's given name.) By the amazing Amy Kuschel, custom built for me in beautiful San Francisco. =)
    Amy Kuschel Bride San Francisco Norma Wedding Gown

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    I ordered my dress in early October, and it's allegedly going to be "sometime this month." I think the Lunar New Year may have slowed down turnaround times though. Anywho, here I am in David Tutera's Sanya with an Allure belt:

  • I'll spare you the image from my first fitting where you can see about half my bra sticking out the top and link to the model picture. This is Essense of Australia, d1368 that I ordered back in December and went out of production at the end of the year! The sheer jacket is detachable, and I opted for the blush underskirt so the effect is more muted blush than ivory on the bottom. The detailing on the bodice is my absolute favorite part.

  • Ordered mine at the end of Jan should be here in July! cant wait to try it on, I was able to order it shorter that is the only adjustment I am hoping I need!

    <a href="http://www.thenest.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=HTML&utm_campaign=tickers" title="Home Buying"><img src="http://global.thenest.com/tickers/tt1cd146.aspx" alt="Anniversary" border="0"  /></a>
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  • Went in to purchase an Allure Romance dress I had previously tried on yesterday and ended up leaving with a different dress, haha! The dresses are very similar, I just felt like the lace on this one was a little more elegant than the Allure. I love it and am so happy to have one more big thing checked off the to-do list!! 
  • I got my dress online at www.jaksflowergirldresses.com and it came out perfect!!! I was really nervous considering it was customized with green embroidry the way I wanted it (which bridal salons refused to do) and she took my measurements so it didn't need alterations except the bustle and it was still half the price of a very similar one on sale at David's Bridal! I was worried about how it could be so cheap, like was it bad fabric or would I never get it, or would something be wrong? But nope it is perfect and I saved a ton of money and have the dress I love!

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  • Allure Bridal. I got it in Ivory with a light gold under lay and it's lovely!image
    [Deleted User]peachy13
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