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Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed?


Re: Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed?

  • I would rather be overdressed.  But I also would never end up being CRAZY overdressed.  I would never show up to a wedding in a long gown unless it said black tie.

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    I am pretty much always overdressed.  I work with kids, so at work my outfit is always yoga pants and a t-shirt, because I am running around like a nut and either helping cook or paint, none of which is a good mix with expensive clothing.  So any time I go out for fun, I wear the clothes I really like but never wear- I'm also a HUGE fan of color, so I'll wear a very color-coordinated fancy outfit pretty much anywhere.

    I do feel awkward when everyone else is just wearing jeans, but then I ask myself "Well where ELSE would I wear this bright yellow skirt with purple tights???" and I feel better.  I just really like my colors, they make me happy.   
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