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Be careful when snarking in public.


Re: Be careful when snarking in public.

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    chibiyui said:
    Um, that waiter needs to learn about professionalism and boundaries. 

    My mom had a TERRIBLE foot in mouth story. In the 90s, my dad got a new job and was invited to the CEO's house for holiday dinner party along with a few other people from the company. We had just moved from New Jersey and the CEO was asking my mom about it. She'd had a glass of wine or three and she goes "You know, John, it was stuffy and a little stuck up.... well, let me just put it this way. It was a lotta plaid and a lotta BMWs if you know what I mean." 

    He was wearing a plaid vest (true 90s style) and had JUST finished talking about how terrible his new BMW was in the snow.



    He was talking to people I presume are his friends about a wedding he attended. . . we snark about weddings we attend all.the.time.  What's the difference?  We could be snarking about another user's wedding and not realize it.

    It would have been way more awkward if he was snarking on Climbingbride's wedding and she was sitting there, but even then you are still allowed to voice an opinion on something in public.

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    Because he's at work with a job to do. His job is to serve tables. While he was talking shit about people, he should have been filling water glasses, checking on orders, asking if people need anything, getting more drinks, pouring wine, etc. 

    Sure, you can voice an opinion in public. I'm allowed to have opinions, but I have opinions and snark I shouldn't say at work because they aren't professional.
    If other diners were waiting an inappropriate amount of time, I'd agree. I'm pretty sure no one here is paid to knot, and yet here we are.


    But we have no idea what people's jobs are. Some people on here are SAHMs, some work nights, some don't have tasks at work... Sure, some are probably neglecting their jobs. And since that's not known, it's irrelevant to this scenario. Because in this scenario we DO know that he was a waiter and had actively the only working waiter in the restaurant.

    When you're the only waiter and you have 7 tables, your job is to tend to those tables. Not chill at one talking shit about people where everyone in the restaurant can hear. If I were that waiter's boss, we'd be having a chat about properly waiting tables and professional conversation.

    But we don't know if he was neglecting his tables.  As long as he was on top of everything, I don't see brief chit chatting as unprofessional in and of itself.  I do think it's odd to bitch about someone's wedding to complete strangers, but who knows how the conversation even started.

    I'm an extrovert.  I have talked to strangers on the bus, in line at the grocery store, at restaurants.  I may have even complained about weddings I have been to if the topic came up.

    I think the OP is a pretty funny story.

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  • A couple weeks ago my mom told me about her own foot-in-mouth incident. I found it particularly funny since growing up whenever anyone was about to say anything remotely not nice about someone she would frantically look around to see if they were nearby.

    I guess she and a coworker have this other coworker who they both dislike, and they write emails back and forth about this person (I think they don't use names, but it's obvious to anyone who knows the office who they're talking about). She wrote an email to her coworker friend about the coworker she doesn't like, whose cubicle was right next to hers, and then realized she sent it to the person she was writing about.

    She tried to make up some BS explanation, but she's sure the lady didn't buy it. I told her I loved her dearly, but she would get no absolution from me.
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  • @PrettyGirlLost (because I refuse to do stupid giant quote boxes) - I simply don't agree. I think the conversation crosses boundaries and is unprofessional. If I owned a restaurant, I would not want my waiters talking shit about people to my customers. I'd rather have them doing their job. That's all I'm trying to say. It's fine if you don't agree.

  • @londonlisa

    I actually have a similar story.  When I was a kid my family had a foreign exchange student from Russia live with us for a year and we got very close.  Then years later she was living in Switzerland and I went to live with her for a while.  We were taking a trip somewhere (I don't remember) and on the train we were talking to each other (in English of course as it was the only language we had in common, though she spoke about 6) about what we going to do that day and just having an overall pleasant conversation.  Then she got a really pissed off look on her face and started glaring at the couple next to us (who were speaking in Italian) and trying really hard to just look at the floor and stay calm.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  Then I went to the bathroom and when I came back she was smirking.  I asked what was up but she just waved me off and I could tell she meant to explain later in private.  So when we got off the train she tells me that the people next to us had been going on about how much they hated Americans (assuming we both were) and how we were a rude people with no culture and no decency.  Odd to me since we had only interacted with them to act politely if anyone was sitting in the two seats next to them and them had left them be and simply had a quiet conversation, but oh well.  So when I went to the bathroom timing had been on our side and my friends boyfriend had called her cell phone.  Even though they typically spoke to each other in German (his native language) she answered and spoke in Italian to make it clear to the couple next to us that she had understood every word they had said.  Apparently they had been horrified and had not spoken a single word after that until after we got off the train!
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    People are stupid.

    We've talked about jury duty before but I forgot about another jury duty story I had. There was only one bathroom in the jury room so we were told to go to the other bathroom during the hall during a particularly short break. While in a stall, I hear lawyers talking. It was legalese that I didn't understand but it turned out to be lawyers on the case I was assigned to.

    I wasn't quite sure what to do so I told the bailiff when I got back to the jury room. I was sent home and I'm assuming the lawyers got in trouble.
    Completely off track but I love the BtVS gif :-)
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