Looking for Suburban Reception Venue that has BYOB for food

HELP! I am trying to find a reception venue in the Chicago suburbs where you can bring your own food/caterer. Any ideas? Thanks.

Re: Looking for Suburban Reception Venue that has BYOB for food

  • Starline Gallery is a really cool space that allows outside caterers (but they may have an "approved" caterers list by now) and is much less expensive of a space to rent compared to Chicago. It's pretty far north in Harvard, IL but right off the Metra line.

  • Obviously this would really depend on your price-line and personal taste but I was looking for the same exact thing because my fiance and I are trying to keep the whole wedding under 12k. I kept coming up short since EVERYWHERE I called was a no-go. Then I followed some advice online and went the unconventional route, which is probably going to be the only way you will find BYO food (or liquor if that is also something you are thinking about) without going out into the FAR suburbs.

    I found a very simple place that was exactly what I was looking for- the Orland Park Civic Center. Since I was leaning toward a simple affair it was fine for me but be aware that it is a very simple room that isn't the typical reception hall. Personally I like it since it has a clean look and lots of natural light. They don't have any preferred vendors and allow you to bring in your own food and liquor since it is a private party/gathering (actually isn't even requiring me to get liability insurance either which was another issue I ran into with BYOB).

    This is just a suggestion if you don't mind a simpler venue but if not- do what I did and just try the unconventional route and see if you find any hidden gems.
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