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When is everyone planning to get alterations done for your wedding dress? I'm wondering what the right timeframe is.
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Re: Alterations

  • Not sure where you live, but my wedding is in New Orleans so hurricane season is a big factor for me.  I ordered my dress in November, and they originally told me to expect it to come in 8-9 months and then begin alterations (which freaked me out!).  Later they sent me a letter saying they require brides who are getting married during hurricane season (aka me) to have their first alterations completed by June 1st.  So now we are looking to begin alterations in April or May. 

    I am sure not everyone has my unusual situation though!
  • I have heard on average you should start the alterations process 2-3 months out from the wedding. I will probably start early July but I plan on calling and talking with the tailor prior and get their advice on when best to come in (could depend on how busy they are too).

  • I was told most places won't alter until about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. However, my gown was bought at a sample sale and is 3 sizes too big, so I am starting alterations about 12 weeks before. You can always take the dress to the seamstress and ask for an estimate/consultation and they should be able to give you a solid timeline :-)
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    When I called about alterations they asked me when the wedding was and then they told me when to come in. For me its exactly 8 weeks. They like to leave it as late as possible so that after the fitting theres less chance of a giant weight fluctuation. I was a little nervous about cutting it that close, but everyone I know that got alterations done there said that they were told to come in 8 weeks ahead of time too and no one had any issues.

    So July 11 is my first fitting! Dress is a tad to big and about a zillion feet to long because I am only 5 feet tall.
  • I plan to start mine in May and hope to have it all done by August. Mostly because I don't want to have to worry about it last minute. I want to enjoy my summer too!
  • Well I've had my dress for well over a year now.  Since purchasing the dress I lost a lot of weight.  As a result I had my first fitting way early.  I need to see if my dress could be altered without destroying the dress.  Since my first fitting I've lost even more weight.  My seamstress is awesome and can do just about anything but she doesn't know yet that I've lost more weight since my last visit.  LOL!  Anyway, she told me that she has everything in temp stitches/pins just in case my weight changed again.  I plan to go in way early for my follow-up fittings starting in March.  For my reception dress I will begin in the May/June timeframe.  

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  • Thanks for all the input ladies! I am still trying to decide if I want to get them done where I got the dress (DB) or somewhere else; I hear mixed things about their alterations.

    I am also worried about weight, as of when I bought it, it actually fit pretty much perfect, but I have been trying to lose a little weight. The summer is actually a bad time for me usually, because of all the fairs, festivals, and grilling out haha. We are trying to going hiking more once winter is over and hoping to stick with working out a bit better.
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