Question to any one who has booked at Astoria Banquet Hall (Buffalo Grove)


We are considering the Astoria Banquet Hall in Buffalo Grove, but I have a concern about how they are set up. The bar is in a lounge across the hall from the ballroom. I worry how this is going to affect the flow of the evening.

Has any one booked and had their ceremony and reception at the Astoria? How did the bar being outside of the ballroom affect things?

Thanks for any insight! We are excited to book our venue soon.

Re: Question to any one who has booked at Astoria Banquet Hall (Buffalo Grove)

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    I have not been to the Astoria, but I can answer the question in a general way.  Some guests tend to congregate by the bar area.  By having the bar set up outside the ballroom, you do run the small risk of having a few guests mingle by the bar area.  Usually, though, the bar set up is not comfortable enough for any guest to remain outside the ballroom for any length of time.  I do not think it will impact your reception in a negative way.

    My daughter held her reception at The Arboretum in Buffalo Grove.  I cannot say enough good things about the venue.  Have you looked there?
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