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HI does anyone have recommendations for hotel blocks, photographers, videographers and hair and makeup ?  My wedding is at the View on the Hudson in Piermont so you looking for good vendors around there


Re: vendors?

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    I loved my photographer, Alicia King Photography.   She is located in Dutches County but does travel
  • For  hair/makeup - I didn't use them, but hear great things about If you are looking to have someone come to you to do your hair/makeup.   (I went to a salon, which is too far from where you'll be). 

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    I used Peter Salo for my photographer. He's located in Orange County, but he travels. 

    For a hotel block, I'd check out the Comfort Inn in Nanuet (recently redone, and I heard it's nice). There's also a Hilton Garden Inn in Nanuet further up Route 59. 
    You could also check out the Hilton in Pearl River, but that's a further drive. 

  • I'm going for my trial for a hair and makeup with Andrea at in February. She's located in Nyack.  I can let you know how it goes! She had great reviews and her prices are reasonable! 

  • Depending on your budget, check out MPW Media Group.  They do photography and videography.  

    Their website:

    My future sister-in-law used them and I can't even begin to describe how amazing her wedding photos and video came out.  They are a bit pricey but well worth the cost and probably the best in the business. Their Same Day Edits are awesome! 

    I was the one who referred her over after I saw the pictures from another wedding I attended.  Glenn is fantastic to work with an always available, even via text.  I was in the wedding party and he totally put us at ease.  Very fun to work with.

    The only other photographer I know of is 
    I personally know Karen and she is fantastic at what she does.  She works with a partner, Tina but they only do photography.  Very beautiful photos though, and very sweet girls to work with! Their rates are more reasonable.

  • Ladies, thank you sooooo much for all the input!  Makes it so much easier to find out from all of you since I am planning from Florida. kk111415    Yes! please let me know how your trial goes and I will look into MPW would love to find one place for both photos and video. Trying to figure out the average cost for video and photos so we can set a budget. @ Knottie9647925  thank you will def check them out!

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    crosen417 said:

    Ladies, thank you sooooo much for all the input!  Makes it so much easier to find out from all of you since I am planning from Florida. kk111415    Yes! please let me know how your trial goes and I will look into MPW would love to find one place for both photos and video. Trying to figure out the average cost for video and photos so we can set a budget. @ Knottie9647925  thank you will def check them out!

    Unfortunately I don't think a shuttle is available. But I'm almost positive the Holiday Inn in Orangeburg does have a shuttle. That's also not too far from Piermont, but I'm not sure the quality of the rooms. 

  • The average cost for photography can really range depending on quality- so sorry if you experience some sticker shock looking into MPW.  I think my sister in law paid around 6K but that included engagement session with book and hi-res images, a full day of photography (2 photographers) full day of videography (2 videographers) 2 sets of albums for the parents, and their album for the wedding which came with some beautiful options.  They also had a full wedding video which was all edited.  They are really sweet too, they sent her a digital frame for Christmas with her pictures and they have an end of year party for all of their couples.  

    They did the filming and photography for that video.  It went viral a few months ago.

    If I could, I would be using them- but we didn't want video so we are using a friend who does weddings on the side for photography.
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    For photography, I don't think you could go wrong with Ulysses Photography, Ricky Restiano, Catherine Leonard - just to name a few!

    Hair and makeup - definitely look into NY Prostyle Bridal!

    Congratulations!  :-D
  • I was also married at the view five years ago...where did the time go! We stayed at the pearl river hilton, they gave us the best price for our block, however at that time they didn't offer a shuttle, but I think they do now. Also, a a residence suites was just built near lowes in orangeburg and they offer a shuttle! I used christine with color makeup studio. She is best, she is super talented and is the most reasonable priced (I looked all over and spent so much on trials before I found her). She is located in Pearl River. I used Pearl River Florist, they were great.
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    I've used Pearl River Florist for other occasions and the are fantastic to work with.

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    I second Christine with color makeup studio. She was wonderful and so calming. She made us look like perfect versions of ourselves, not overdone. Although she could do that too if that's your style. Also, Brooks at Bassett florist was the BEST vendor we worked with.
  • Thanks for all the feedback ladies!!! We are currently in NJ and going to sign our contract tomorrow so excited!  The hilton pearl river was our first choice but it is filled already.  Surprisingly enough many of the surrounding hotels are booked up. @bridaljoy we will def call residence inn thank you!  We did experienced sticker shock from MPW their base package was 8000 ! Way outside the budget!  Their work looked beautiful though  H&H quoted us 3100 for both photo and video but I am not sure if they are that great so we are very thankful for all of your ideas ladies thank you again !  Does anyone have Dj recommendations?  
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    Wow- their rates have really gone up! Ouch! 

    I'm using Magical Memories for DJ.  We met with them and got a deep discount that was well within our budget.  They seemed the most down to earth and they were willing to include mic for ceremony, and lights for an amazing rate.  We also looked at Jimmy Dee, but the guy we met with wasn't willing to work with our budget and he just kind of turned us off.  Also, Magical Memories was willing to delete sections of their contract that we didn't agree with.  A lot of DJs say in the contract that you are totally responsible for any damages to their equipment- so if a drunk guest goes to request a song and spills their drink on the lap top, you are screwed.  My fiance mentioned to Magical Memories that the section was unfair since we are unable to take out an insurance policy on their equipment (but they can and probably have) so we shouldn't be responsible.  They quickly made the change for us and understood where we were coming from.  Also, always ask what the back up plan is if the DJ you book ends up sick or has to cancel short notice.  Magical Memories has other DJs you can book and also works with a network of other DJs in case an emergency comes up.  

    We didn't want to pay over $1200, but we also only wanted someone who would both DJ and MC.  We wanted it to mainly be short announcements and someone who knew how to get people dancing without saying things like "I can't hear you!" and lines like that... So for $1100 we are getting a DJ/MC, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.  With mic setup for officiant and lights for the reception.  They were willing to include an MC for $100 more.  They also do photography and videography.  And offer a lot of entertainment options like photo booth, dancers and artists.  Might be worth a look for photography if you can get a good package for booking both DJ and photogapher/videoagrapher.  We already have a friend doing out photography so we didn't even look into it.

  • @Crosen417 - I just spoke with Andrea on the phone and I'm really looking forward to meeting with her.  I'm going for my trial on February 7th and she just asked that I bring a picture of my dress, the bridesmaid dress, any ideas I have for hair and makeup and anything I want to wear in my hair.  I'm having a day wedding so I was worried about how much time we would need to get ready so that we could still take photos before the ceremony and she assured me that she is fine with early mornings and mentioned she once had to meet a bride at 2am! Damn that's early! She also brings another person with her if necessary.  I think her rates were the lowest out of everyone I looked into so far because she doesn't charge extra fees for travel or early mornings.  I'll let you know how it goes! :)
  • kk111415 Thanks so much for the info!  We are looking at Preston films right now and a few others.  Have you heard of Preston? I am going to email magical memories and see what some of their packages are.  I agree I would like the MC to keep those sayings to a minimum too. What a good idea to get them to take that out of the contract!  I don't think I would have even noticed.  SOOOO many details!  So exciting for your trial! OMG 2am is crazy not that we are going to sleep much the night before but still!  Please let me know how it all turns out! 
  • @crosen I haven't heard of Preston films, but I'm not familiar with many videographers.  Yeah- I can't stand when the MC talks a lot... the last thing I want to hear is "Party people" or "I can't hear you" anything like that.  If you want talking to a minimum, just the normal announcements- just have a DJ. They know how to get people on the dance floor with good tunes  Another advantage is you will have one less vendor to feed so you will save a little money there.  Not that it's a lot, but you will have a photographer and videographer to feed also.  Read all contracts carefully!  I'll definitely let you know how everything turns out with hair and makeup! It's $100 for the trial but if it goes well, then you just book that day and don't owe anything until the day of.   
  • @kk111415 Thanks for the advice! 
  • I have been married forever but I was just a bm in my friends wedding. She got her flowers at whole foods in nj. They delivered to her house in orangeburg. They were so pretty and very affordable. She used laffler photography ( which I think he is very expensive. For makeup she used the amazing Christine from Color makeup studio ( Just the pp post mentioned she is incredible and very affordable. Good luck!
  • I am using Donna Cheung for my wedding and she's amazing!

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  • thanks @ohmyclementine do you a quote by any chance?
  • I used Kelly Barron Studios. Very good photographer.
  • For photos we used Chris Leary and were blown away by the quality and quantity of pictures we got. He was also so easy to work with - our families thought he was so easy to get along with - he managed to have a great sense of humor while herding everyone together for family pictures. It was not cheap for two photographers for full day, but it was so, so worth it.

  • Hey @crosen417  here are a couple pictures from my trial.  Bridesmaids are $125 each for both hair and makeup.  I forget what I will be paying but she send her pricing when you email her.  She does both regular and airbrush but I went with regular makeup since I don't have to worry about heat.  She also does fake eye lashes.  She said she's going to add hair padding the day of to give me a little more volume (my hair is pretty thin)
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