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I saw a lot of topics about photo tours, but nothing specifically about taking them at sunset. Does anyone have any experience with this? I was toying with the idea of doing a daytime ceremony in-suite (4:30-5:00), breaking away for a sunset photo tour and keeping guests occupied with cocktail hour and setting up the heavy apps, and then coming back and partying away the rest of night in the suite. I worry about leaving guests alone for an hour or two, but if we have someone to keep them entertained I'm thinking it would work out.

I really wanna do a night photo tour just the two of us with my groom, but that would involve leaving the ceremony early (originally I was planning 9). Since we are coming from the east coast, I'm worried we'll be too tired to get good pictures by that time. 

Does anyone have experience with either? I know the best time would be in the daytime, but I think the strip is so much prettier at night.

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  • Keep in mind, sunsets only last 7 to 10 minutes, and are difficult to catch on the strip! I think @vegasgroom is local, maybe he can pipe up on the usual dusk time, but I seem to remember it being really early.

    General rule of thumb: for every hour in time zone you change, that's approximately how many days it'll take you to get adjusted. That being said, Vegas is so exciting, it's easy to get caught up in the energy -- especially with a wedding under way!

    If you can get there a couple days early (I think you need to anyway to get your marriage license), you'll save yourself a lot of headache and will help get yourself used to the time zone.
  • Sunset times change by the day; this calendar will let you determine when it will be on the date in question:

    Today it's 5:33p, but in four months it will be as much as 2.5 hours later, for example.

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    I understand that it'll be hard to get a sunset shot in all of the photos. But I remember the photographer telling me that the lighting is the best 45 minutes before sunset, and 45 minutes after. The easiest thing thing to do is to get daytime shots before the ceremony, but I really want shots with the neon lights turned on in them. This couple got some sunset-ish shots and I think they turned out well:

    I toyed with the idea of doing nighttime shots a couple days before, but that would add to the package as I would have to book the photographer for another day. Right now I have Todd booked 8 hours for one day. 

    Thanks for the links vegasgroom. Looking up our date - Oct 5, it looks like sunset is at 6:20. So here was my rough itinerary for the day for the MGM Balcony Terrace:

    2p - Photographer arrives, getting ready shots..
    3p - Everyone meets at the sign for a group photo (optional)
    4p - Time to be back at hotel by
    4:30-5 - Ceremony
    5-5:30 - Take some pix on the balcony, maybe a group pic of everyone
    5:30-7:30 - Head out to the strip for a sunset photo tour (just the groom and I)
    6:00 - Cocktail hour starts for guests in the suite (open bar will go until 10)
    7:00 - Food arrives for guests
    8:30 - Cake set out, and food cleaned up (if needed)
    10:00 - Open bar and reception end

    While we're not a fan of leaving the guests for two hours, it's not that uncommon in a wedding to have a break. This also gives them a chance to take a smoke break and go gamble if they want to. We figure we can bribe them back up with booze and food.

    I will have a friend of mine (or hire a DOC - haven't decided) handle letting the bartender and caterer into the suite since I will be doing the photo tour at that time.

  • Of course it's a matter of your priorities, but I don't think photos are worth missing so much of your reception. I'd do either the sign photo or the photo tour, but not both.

  • Well the sign photo would include everyone who wanted to be there and would be before the reception. We wouldn't bother with the sign during our photo tour.

    Also, I'm budgeting 2 hours for missing the reception, but I'm hoping to keep it closer to an hour and a half. I plan to stop at Bellagio/Paris and just walk to wherever I need to go for pictures from there. Kinda do a mini photo tour like the people did in the sunset photos I posted up in my previous post.

    The original plan was to end the reception at 9 and THEN do all these photos, ending in Freemont street and having everyone meet us there who wanted to. But this way if we do the photos in between, we can just stay in the suite and don't have to worry about being to stressed (or too drunk -lol) to take photos. Also, I'd be scrapping Freemont street. As beautiful as it is, I think it might be too hectic to try and take photos there the night of the wedding. Plus, you lose 20 minutes both ways just getting there.

    I'm open to suggestions though.
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