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    FI and I met at Michaels Arts and Crafts, I was the custom framing manager, and he was a customer.  He'd come in looking at options for framing his photos, although he didn't have any photos with him.  I spent quite a while showing him all the various options, ended up selling him a mat cutter, matboard, and a whole bunch of other art stuff.  He'd noticed my wildlife paintings above the desk, and he told me that he was a wildlife photographer.  I told him that I was super interested in seeing his photos, and gave him my email.  I totally never expected to hear from him again, but got an email from him that night, with some of his photos, and OMG his photos belong in National Geographic!

    I let him know how impressed I was and that I was really keen on painting some of his photos.  He asked me out for coffee to take place 3 days later. The day we were supposed to go on the date, he emailed and said that his company was sending him out of town, that he was leaving immediately, and to please, PLEASE forgive him. (He worked in the oil patch, so leaving at the drop of a hat is common!) I called him (he was in the middle of packing), and told him that I was very familiar, as I'd spent years working in the oil patch, and to call when he got back. He expected to be gone for 3 days, but got back 3 weeks later.

    He showed up at the shop when he got back, and we set a time for a first date again.  He came in the day before we were going to go on that first date, and ended up going to Boston Pizza to discuss it.  Well, we didn't discuss anything about the date, but did talk for about 3 hours!  Then, after our official first date, we met for dinner 3-4 times a week for over a month, just planning on being friends, nothing more.  We also spent several dates cooking for each other (at my place, then at his place, a couple times each). While at his place, he spent a lot of time showing me his photos, and of places that he'd been.  It blew me away that the things he'd told me about WEREN'T an exaggeration!

    The second time I had dinner at his place, we ended up in his room, did a little cuddling, a little nookie, and I ended up staying the night.  The rest is history!  (The really funny part is when I crept in to my place the following morning-I rented the basement suite of the house, and you have to go in the front to get to the downstairs.  Landlord was already up. BUSTED!  BTW, they said it. was. about. time!)

    With us now both working in the oil patch, most of our relationship is technically long distance-very often one of us is out of town when the other is at home, but we totally make it work.  It helps that we do work in the same industry, because we both understand the being out of town thing.

    Can't wait to marry my best friend!

    BTW, the ticker is no longer accurate, we'd postponed the wedding, and I don't know how to change it :(

  • Okcupid for FI and I as well. I was the one that messaged him though thinking I would not receive a reply back. He replied to my message and we started messaging back and forth, then exchanged phone numbers. We decided to meet one day at a local starbucks near him about 1.5 hrs from where I was living at the time, we then went to the mall and walked around, went had sushi, and from there the rest is history.
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  • Thank you so much to everyone who posted. These stories are sweet and sexy and funny and so wonderful. 

    @Slothiegal, oh the suspense! 

    @Sunshineontherun, how did everything go this weekend?!? Fingers crossed that you have good news? :) 

    Then happy I, that love and am beloved 
    Where I may not remove nor be removed.

     --William Shakespeare (Sonnet 25)

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    We met on OkCupid.

    But don't worry, he wasn't this guy:
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