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Thursday Thoughts

Good morning ladies! How was everyone's Wednesday and Thursday so far?

My interview yesterday wasn't really an interview.. it was a very informal chat with the manager of the team I would be moving to if I get the position. We went over what the entire job entails, as well as what my schedule would be, and if the move would help me achieve my long-term career goals. She said there are a lot of people who showed interest in the position, and I'll find out next week if I got it. Fingers crossed!

Last night BF and I went out with some friends. A random guy at the bar bought our group 40 shots of PATRON! I don't drink, and I hate tequila, so I only had one. It was a pretty fun night. BF and I got in a spat on the way home and honestly it is so stupid and embarrassing. Since we have been on the cleanse/diet thing, we can't eat a lot of things, like tacos. Now, I LOVE tacos. I literally eat them like twice a week normally. So not having any in over two weeks is dirivng me insane. I've been saying all week that tacos are what I want to have first when our diet is over.

When we left the bar last night, I mentioned that I was really hungry. BF offered for us to cheat and stop and get tacos, BUT that meant we had to eat healthy for an extra four days after our diet ends. To which I said "No, I want tacos tonight, but that doesn't warrant and extra four days. I want tacos, and I will eat better for ONE extra day." He got really.. I guess annoyed? At the fact that I changed the "rule" of the cheat?? All I know is I got really upset. I just wanted a damn taco! We ended up going home without getting anything.. He went to bed, I stayed up a while on FB, reading the news, etc, and fed the cats. It was really strange though. We apologized about it this morning but it still seems like an odd thing to be upset about...

I had an anxiety attack this morning and have been trying to calm down all morning. I feel like I look like a homeless person because I didn't have time to do my hair. I hope I get pulled from the phones to work on a project because I really don't feel like dealing with people.

How is everyone else doing?


Re: Thursday Thoughts

  • BF and I have had some silly arguments too but the funny thing is, you forget what they are about after a while. I seriously can not remember any of ours at the moment but I remember thinking, "That was dumb" after all was said and done. One of my friends and her husband got into an argument on the way to work because she wanted to stop for a chai tea and he didn't (he won).

    I have been counting calories to drop a few pounds and I know BF will question me sometimes like "Do you have the calories to eat that?" or some other dumb question. His tact is sub-par at best but I know he just trying to be encouraging and supportive. There are days though when he realizes the minute he sees my reaction that I was not in the mood for his comments.

    My Thursday is going slooooooowwww.....I have nothing, and I mean nothing to do at work other than lurk on the internet. I do contract accounting work and they are very well aware that my plate is empty but just let me sit here billing them for my time. It's frustrating and so boring. The afternoons are harder because the weather is getting really nice and I just want to go home and take my dog for a walk! It's agony. 

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  • I feel like I look like a homeless person because I didn't have time to do my hair.

    I completely feel you on this today. My hair is so greasy and I feel disgusting! I'm kind of embarassed that I have a meeting at 9 with our 2 VPs. Oops!

    Glad your interview went well. I love internal interviews because they are so laid back and less formal. Crossing my fingers you get the job!

    I have a busy work day today...but i'm looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is Friday and i'll have an entire weekend to catch up on sleep soon! I'm also now part of my companie's long-term bonus plan since my promotion in December, so I guess i'll get to find out what that's all about today. Should be good.

  • Good morning ladies!

    Today is going to be a long day because I have zero desire to be at work today. My co-worker is driving me nuts. She's nice but she treats me like I'm 5 sometimes and is always asking me to do things that are not in my job description. It would really annoy me except that she is treating me like I'm her assistant, which I am not. I think at three months it might be time to start looking for a new job. I've been trying to convince myself I can stay here until hopefully I get into grad school because I can just keep telling myself that it's temporary but honestly, I don't know if I can. It's just not a good fit. Although I'm open to any advice anyone has :)

  • Morning all!

    Last night I had one of the best meals I've ever eaten. We went to a Japanese steakhouse and I had a chicken teriyaki bento box, which included the chicken with vegetables, California roll, house salad, miso soup, shrimp tempura, and shumai. Then I read the dessert menu (which is always dangerous) and found myself in one of those "I've-never-HAD-green-tea-mochi-ice-cream!" moods, so ... I did. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. One of those meals where when you get the bill you don't even care about the dollar figure because it was so damn good.
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  • @ashleybunny8 - Tacos are the best. I don't blame you for missing them. ;)

    @loves2dream - I got in a lull like that at work. So I told my manager I was bored, and now have too much on my plate. Be careful who you complain to! Haha

    @allusive007 - I finally just went and looked at your wedding pictures this morning. They are beautiful! I loved your cake.

    @minskat30 - Congrats on fitting into the dress! You're gonna look so fabulous in Mexico!

    @Swazzle - Well, it's no Alaska, but Savannah sounds great! Especially if it's somewhere new for you guys.

    @CocoBellaF - Instead of going back and posting on yesterday's thread, I would just like to say YAY! I'm so glad you're done with the procedure and had excellent news to go along with it.


    Well hey, everybody! I busted out SO MUCH work yesterday, it was insane. I took Tuesday off, just from feeling overwhelmed in general, and it gave me the chance to think through how to approach my workload. Now that I have a few big items off my plate I can move onto my checklist of things that are due by May. My job requires a lot of report writing, so I will be writing a ton over the next couple of months.

    I took a necklace in to get inspected yesterday, and decided to try on some E-rings while I was waiting. You girls are totally right. Turns out what I thought I would want isn't what I want at all. I'm glad I checked though, because I can pass the info along to the BF. We've been talking about engagement A LOT since the two proposals in our lives last week. It's been pretty fun. :)

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  • @GoldenPenguin - Can you even believe it?! I've never used an envelope wetter but I used a glue stick on our STDs, invitations, and thank you cards and it was a lifesaver! 

  • Ugh if I had a dime for every dumb fight BF and I have had in our 5+ years together I could go on a nice vacation lol. Last July 4th we had the BIGGEST fight and I can't even remember over what. It was the first 4th we ever spent together because he's usually away and it was totally ruined.

    My day is going okay. I didn't have that chatterbox this morning but I have a lot lf inexperienced coworkers who I've had to babysit so it's good that it's a slow morning. I have a bunch of stuff to get done for school today cause I'm working every day until Tuesday and I wanna get as much done to turn in as possible so I'm not rushing later in the week. I also plan on inquiring about a car someone told me about recently that's been sitting at a mechanics shop near my job.

    In other news my cat keeps trying to sneak out with the dogs and has managed to make it to the front step a few times so yesterday I ordered her a harness so she can enjoy the beautiful weather too :smiley: anybody have cat-walking experience? She's glued to me at all times and loves being handled so I'm not worried about her hating it, I just think it's funny when people walk their cats lol.
  • @cu97tiger - Hahahaha I hope you get both! H is the same way, on Valentine's Day I specifically texted him "I GOT YOU VALENTINE'S DAY CARDS" and he came home empty handed. We don't make a big deal about VDay but usually do cards for each other so I was pretty bummed. 

    Do you guys (or does anyone else, I know @labro does) follow the traditional anniversary gifts thing? 

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  • @southernpeach89- Yay for a healthy baby!

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  • @swazzle - DH and I are following the traditional gift thing. We did Paper this year and I believe year two is cotton.
  • @southernpeach89 - We went to Costa Rica for our anniversary last year so we said our "paper gifts" to each other were our plane tickets. I'm not sure if we're going to stick with it or not. I don't even know wtf I'd get him for cotton. Clothes? Seems kind of boring.

  • @swazzle LOL I know what you mean. Cotton is so random and hard to think of a nice gift for that. 
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    @Swazzle Paper has cotton in it. More trip tickets?

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    @eilis1228 Please for to share ALL the flower inspirations after you meeting with your cousin!!!!

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  • Swazzle said:

    Do you guys (or does anyone else, I know @labro does) follow the traditional anniversary gifts thing? 
    @swazzle - Yep, so far we're sticking to the traditional thing.
    1-Paper: He got me an origami rose bouquet in our wedding colors. I framed a set of posters for him.
    2-Cotton: I cannot for the life of me remember what we got each other.
    3-Leather: I'm getting him a leather case for his tablet. I want him to get me a leather jacket.

    @southernpeach89 - YAY!! I saw your announcement on FB and I love how excited your DH is. The pics of your pooch with the baby shoes is TOO CUTE.
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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

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  • @AlPacina - The cake TASTED great too! I wish i had some right now. My MIL tried SO HARD to save the top layer for us to freeze...but with a 6 hour car ride home it was just never going to be possible. Maybe next time we're there we'll order a mini cake or cupcake in our flavors!

    @Southernpeach89 - I love your ultrasound pic! The 12 week one was our favorite because you can actually see the whole baby in 1 frame...and it was the first time they actually look like and adorable little babe! I'm so excited for you two I can hardly stand it!!!

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  • On the plus side, it was beautiful here yesterday. 7 degree (how sad that 7 degrees is exciting) and sunny. The session actually wrapped up early, so I was home about an hour early. Since my apartment gets afternoon sun it was warm enough for me to open my window and balcony door (yes!), and I was feeling super energized for some reason. FI had band practice at church, so I ended up getting several loads of laundry done, cleaning my bathroom, cleaning the cat's box, and gave my floors a once over. I need to do the floors again tonight because Gambit is shedding like his fur is going out of style, and my vacuum battery died halfway through so I had to charge it overnight. FI has practice again tonight, so I'll give the floors another go over and clean the tile properly, and finish my laundry and take some stuff down to my storage locker. My life is so super exciting!

    Omg... I had an American moment where I was like "SEVEN DEGREES (Fahrenheit) IS WARM?!?" and then it clicked that you were using Celsius. So actually we've been enjoying the same weather lol. Don't worry about your super exciting life, though. All I do when I'm at home if I'm not working on stuff for school is clean, laundry, pet duty, etc. As for the shedding, my rabbit and cat are both shedding like CRAZY right now, and I borrowed my friend's furminator from her dog grooming shop and it worked WONDERS on both of them. Such a relief for me and my babies and I highly recommend!
  • @swazzle get a painting or photo framed on cotton canvas.  Or you could be completely cheesy and get matching cotton tshirts for vacation. 
    eilis1228 that is awesome! Share your inspiration flower pictures!! 

    southernpeach89 Yay little peach!! 

    cu97tiger did you drink the water?

    AlPacina Well good thing you needed to get that necklace inspected!

    KeptInStitches all of that food sounds amazing!

    @goldenpenguin you two are adorable! 

    I had a horrible migraine yesterday so I spent the evening on the couch.  Of course my brother and sister had people over so there was not a quiet place anywhere in the house.  I love my family dearly, but I cannot wait to be in a quiet house.

    Since it is finally nice out, I think I'm going to take Callie for a walk tonight. Before I broke my foot I was working on leash training her,  and need to get back into that routine since the yard at the new house is not fenced.   
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  • @allusive007 I was so happy to see that it actually looked like a baby today lol. At 7 weeks, it was like a little worm lol. I can't wait to see how much he/she grows though. It's going to so cool to compare the photos.
  • I finally slept last night, the first full night of sleep since we got engaged!! I'm not going to lie though, I had to take this medicine my shrink prescribed me for if I get super agitated. I have PMDD and I take a small dose of prozac during my luteal phase, and my had doc prescribed me this other medicine that I actually have never taken because the prozac didn't make me agitated, but my therapist suggested I try it and I did and I am sooooo thankful I did!!

    Other thoughts today...I have this big presentation tomorrow at work and my boss is making it out to be even more big than it is and it's stressing me out. Like she made us practice it this morning, but gave me absolutely no warning. And she chastised me for babbling on and not making sense. Grrrr. I don't mind speaking in front of people, but I like just doing it very impromptu and if I'm forced to do a practice run I get nervous and say way too much.
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  • It has been quite eventful at the Coco household.  I was back up at the hospital this morning.  I have some kind of infection that stems from being allergic to the deep stitches.  They gave me a different pain medicine that doesn't make me feel high and said, sorry, tough it out... but in a really really nice way.  Ugh!!    And I've lost 3 of the 5 pounds I gained after surgery, so I'm really happy about that.  I am so paranoid about being one of those people who loses part of their thyroid and then gains 1000000 pounds in 2 weeks.  Slight exaggeration.

    There is so much good news going on in here, so I am just loving posts right and left!

    We are having a week of gorgeous weather (75 today, WHAT!!!!!) so H is taking me on another walk when he gets home.  I can't wait.
  • @CocoBellaF- Oh no! I hope you start to feel better soon. Yay, for losing those three pounds though!

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