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2 adults and 12 kids living in an RV?

A co-worker just told me about this article and I can't believe it's true. Apparently this family decided to leave their home and live in an RV traveling the country. They home school their kids...all 12 of them. The oldest daughter had an opportunity to go to college but declined so she could travel with the family. I can understand choosing a transient lifestyle...but with a huge family like this? Personally I think they're trying to be the next Duggar-esque TLC show. What do you ladies think? 

Re: 2 adults and 12 kids living in an RV?

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  • I think doing that kind of experience with 12 kids in the small space of a RV does seem a bit unfair in certain ways.  I am sure they are learning lot and getting some great experiences.  Especially in this day and age of reality TV with everyone trying to get their own TV show and their 15 minutes of fame-I would bet this is some kind of ploy to get their own TV show. Sad.


  • How are they paying for this????  Gas is expensive.  

    IDK if that is how they like to live, I guess go for it.  But that seems really really odd.  
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  • I saw them on the Today show the other day.  Mom was like 'I hope we stay this close forever.'  Normally, I wouldn't side-eye a mom saying this about her family, but when she's talking about her kids who are as old as 19 and all live in a freaking RV, then I think she's dilusional and I feel sorry for her kids when they get older and want to lead their own lives.

    Also, I think that while canoeing and shiiiiiit all day seems fun, if you want a real-world job, you should be used to some real-world things, like the routine of going to school and interacting with non-family members on a daily basis.  Plus I bet they all develop some serious issues with not being able to understand personal space and boundaries considering they live on top of each other 24-7.

    The dad has an internet based job (writes code, maybe) and the daughter does graphic design, gaining clients over the internet.  I wonder about the sustainability of daughter's job over the years.  Just because I don't know about that kind of thing.  I guess the only issue would be if you want to develop a larger company and be the boss of people.  Other than that, it's probably fine as long as you keep getting clients.
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