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Wedding Funds


Re: Wedding Funds

  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    LabLove86 said:

    FiancB said:

    Ginger and Fred???

    Yeah, and my parents are Bonnie and Clyde. 


    In other news the other day I saw my sister shared a gofundme for someone looking for help getting together the $200 to take her NCLEX exam and I really wanted to share with you guys but didn't think it warranted a thread. Like really? $200 isn't that hard to come up with, and I'm thinking if someone doesn't plan ahead enough to set aside $200 for the NCLEX, they also probably won't pass the first or second time. 

    I hate gofundme's of almost every type. But this one gets me the most. I had to come up with a combined total of $2500 for all of my licensing exams. I budgeted and paid for them all. $200??? Figure it out. I REALLY hate this 'others will pay for me to X' . . . .ugh.

    BTW - totally fine with the gofundme for tragic unforeseen situations. Just about the only ones I can get on board with. 

    ETF boxes
    Holy shit that's a lot. But yeah, pick up a couple extra work shifts, sell off some stuff you don't need, donate some plasma... boom. $200.  Hell you'll probably have close to that after selling off the textbooks. 

    Person's comment on the share was something like "yeah, thought it was worth a try, tee hee!" No. Go away. Also this person is middle aged and that's kind of even more embarrassing. 
  • Have you tried writing on a cardboard sign and standing at the highway exit? Because that's basically what you're doing here.

    Please leave before it's not your choice anymore.

    I actually saw this in Vegas. Some dude was holding up a sign outside of one of the casinos asking for money to get his fiance either the wedding or her dreams or the ring of her dreams. Can't remember the specifics.
  • I will donate to your wedding fund if you buy me a pony.

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