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What was your proposal like?


Re: What was your proposal like?

  • plainjane0415plainjane0415 The hills of Tennessee member
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    My FI turned 30 this year, and I decided to throw him a surprise (or what I thought to be) birthday party.  I started planning well in advance (Type A gets me every time) and being super secretive about it and I knew that he had no idea.

    On the day of the surprise party, I was out running last minute errands with a friend when FI called and said, "hey are your parents at home I need to ask them about measurements for their built in cabinets" (he was installing built ins for them after having their living room renovated) to which I said, "yes they're home, but you can't go out there" (all party decor, food, everything was there) to which he responded ok.  Then about 10 minutes later he calls to "double check" my dad's cell # and he would just call him and ask him the measurements, I didn't think twice about this because FI is super handy and always doing things like this. 

    I get to my parent's house and ask my dad if FI had gotten a hold of him.  He said yes, and then didn't speak the rest of the time I was home.  Dad's usually quite chatty especially around my friends, so I thought it was a little strange, but again, didn't think anything about it.

    At the party, after the Surprise! FI said to me, I guess I should thank everyone to which I said of course!

    He started his speech, and he says "I found out about this party through EBay, I was helping my mom change her EBay password and saw the evite in her email.  I just want to thank her (read me) for trying to keep this a secret from me and putting such hard work into this.  But I guess it's time I try to surprise her."  He gets down on one knee asks me to marry him and honestly I can't remember what happened after that.  I was so shocked/surprised/happy, and later found out that when he was asking me for my dad's cell # he needed it to ask him if he could marry me! 

  • jynxiiejynxiie member
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    We went to Niagara Falls for a mini-cation. We hadn't been anywhere together before so it was really exciting. One the way there was a HUGE accident... Tractor trailer went off an overpass... We were in a traffic jam for 6 hours (Niagara is about 1 hour away). We were exhausted, grumpy and even got into some arguments on the way due to frustration. When we finally got there, he went into the hotel on his own while I was in the car calling my mom to tell her we finally had gotten there. (I didn't know this) but he requested a room upgrade (I helped book the original room)... They upgrade the room - for free! Our suite is at the top floor, facing the falls, beautiful. Big jacuzzi tub. Living room, ect. As soon as we got upstairs we may have kissed and made up right there in the window sile - awful right? We unpack and hit Niagara... We go on the maid of the mist and get SOAKED. It wasn't busy at all in Niagara since it wasn't exactly summer yet (Early May). We got to really enjoy Niagara Falls. We head back to the room - we want to go to the casino... But first we tried out the Jacuzzi tub. Had so much fun - I seriously love baths in the first place... After our bath I start getting ready in the washroom. He got ready faster then I did and he went to go get dressed in the rest of the room. He calls me and asks to bring me his socks that he left in the washroom... I bring them out and there he is... All dressed up in a dress shirt, tie and nice pants. All the lights are off except for a few candles... He has Shining Star by The Manhattans playing. I honestly can't even tell you much what he said - I was so happy. I of course said yes! We kiss and yadadada. We take a quick pic and I send it to my mom (they knew it was happening since my FI asked for their blessing). They were so happy and then we called his family. After that we take a bunch of cutesy pictures and head to the casino where we ended up telling a lady who works at the wine store - so she opens up an ice wine for us to drink and celebrate (awesome lady) we also bought one afterwards because it was amazing. Played at the casino... Went out to eat at the oh so romantic Boston Pizza haha. Had so much fun. I remember I was drinking these rocket drinks - so good. Yeah best night ever.

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  • This is my dream ring and he had it custom made! Created by Etsy seller, Kate Szabone :) Moissanite branch band (14k rose gold), 5mm oec moissanite. I proposed to him on June 28th, 2014 while we were sitting out on our back deck enjoying an aged microbrew beer and afterwards some scotch. I was incredibly nervous and it didn't turn out as romantic as I wanted but he still said yes! I basically threw the ring box at him and said "this is for you"! I had planned to ask him while we were on vacation camping in Vermont, but I couldn't wait once I had his ring! Then I was going to ask him while we were going on a bike ride, was going to stop at the park and ask him there but I got too nervous :( I received my ring this past Friday and he asked me the same way...lol...he threw the ring at me and said "this is for you"!

  • I am loving the band. It is so unique and pretty. I adore rose gold, so pretty.

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  • A couple days before he proposed, my fiancé asked if I wanted to go on day trip to Wilmington (we live in Raleigh). I kind of insinuated that this might be for a proposal (because I hate surprises and am a horrible person), and he quickly cut me off and insisted that it wouldn't be, and that he just wanted to get out of town. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed (again, I'm a huge surprise-ruiner). Anyway, the day came and we went to Wilmington. On the drive up, he asked me if we could talk about everything that we have been through in our relationship (we have a pretty interesting story). This was the first sign to me that something might be up. We hung out around town for a little bit, and then drove up to Wrightsville beach. We stopped at beach access point where he had promised that there would also be a bathroom, but there was none in sight. I really had to go, so I told him we should just go and dip our feet in the water and then head back. He insisted that I walk in front of him the whole time (which he often does, it annoys the heck out of me!), so I didn't really sense that anything was up. At that point I *really* had to use the bathroom! He asked me if we could go on a little walk, and I said that I really needed to use the bathroom, but he promised it would just be a short walk. It was then that I really figured out that something might be up, because usually he was pretty sensitive about making sure I'm comfortable. We start walking, and he started talking about all the things that he loved about me, and how special I was to him. He stopped and seemed sort of nervous, and kept hugging me, and finally got down on one knee (in the sand and water!) and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

  • My fiance and I planned a trip to hike Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  We spent the first day hiking to a hut that is only accessible by foot.  We stayed over night (with other hikers, but this was the best way to do the hike) and in the morning we finished our hike to the summit.  When we got to the summit, he asked a man if he could take a picture of us.  We posed a couple of times and the man asked if we were all set.  My Fiance said "Actually, can you get one more picture?"  With that, he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him.  I was in absolute shock, began crying and said "Yes!" Fortunately for me, the man taking the photos (who had no clue this was going to happen) kept firing away and got everything! The pictures are amazing and my face in the very first photo take was priceless!  I wish I could thank the man again! image
  • Fourteen months later, I still absolutely love our proposal story. The proposal took place at the airport and was followed immediately by a surprise trip. While a surprise trip was not necessary, in the end, I really appreciated it. We weren't online, we didn't turn our phones on, we just celebrated our engagement and enjoyed our time together. 

  • @marleyjustine Those engagements are the best.  We spent the rest of our time on vacation and only told a few friends and our family.  I waited over a week to post it online.  Just wanted to enjoy the moment.
  • now my fiance was expecting something normal out of me.. iwanted to show her i had a creative side and different..i was online trying to find a few unique ways....i actualy cried on a few of them..they were soo origanal lol...i found a old viewmaster  that my nephew was playing with...and that gave me a idea..theres a website that allows you you make your own reals and text in 3d....soo i made one real with pictures of me and her..and the other real i had her firends,family,my family hold up pieces of posterboard....i uploaded that on the website and wrote cute little sayings and popped out in 3d..the last one said will you be mine forever...we went out to dinner..she thought it was odd that i said get dressed up cause shesaw me putting no dress pants...had a great dinner ..at the end out came the giftimage
  • My proposal was super unique and never forgettable.  My fiance took me to the state fair, like our yearly tradition.  We went to an air brush tshirt stand and he told me that he was gonna get a tshirt, (I got one last year and wasn't too excited for another one), so he told me to give him some space so I could "guess" what he would be getting.  A couple hours later we go to pick up the shirt, and he takes it out, asking me to guess what he got.  I take a wild guess, and he says no, unfolds the shirt, and it says "Gaby, Will you Marry me?" on it.  Of course I said yes, and on the back, it said "SHE SAID YES!".  I got to wear the shirt the rest of the night at the fair.  The best part was my family was incorporated into it, because my mom contacted a local news station, and asked if they would be interested in filming it, and they were! So it was all caught on tape and shown on the news later in the night.  (I got a copy as well! :))

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  • I had been expecting my FI to propose for some time. We had talked about getting married in the past, and we had been together for over 3 years. First I thought it would be during our trip to Florida earlier this year. Nope. Our anniversary in July when we took a brunch cruise in SF Bay? Nope. My 30th birthday trip to Seattle in September? Nope.

    Needless to say, I gave up expecting anything. I was tired of the disappointment, and had to trust that it would happen when he was ready.

    In mid-October, we took a weekend trip to Aptos (California). Our first night there, we took a walk down to the beach just as the sun was going down. We found a large tree stump/driftwood just beyond the surf and sat down, watching the beautiful colors of the sunset. Some kids had made a sandcastle earlier in the day that sat just a few feet away from us. We spotted a pair of seals playing in the surf just a few feet offshore. Then a freakin' pod of dolphins swam by.

    That was when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so intimate and so perfect. I didn't see it coming, because he had done all of the ring shopping himself (I had absolutely NO involvement) and no one else knew he planned to propose except for my parents whom he called prior for their blessing.

    I'm still trying to figure out how much he paid those dolphins.
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  • ChristinaS85ChristinaS85 member
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    For our two year anniversary on New Year's Eve 2012, my fiance and I decided to go out to eat and then go watch my brother-in-law's band play at a hotel later that night.

    It was there at the hotel where he made his move.

    The band counted down the seconds as midnight approached.  When it did, I went in for a kiss, and he tried to sneak the ring on my finger, but I pulled away and noticed the ring in his hand.   I couldn't help but ask "Are you freaking serious?!"  several times and start bawling as he put the ring on my finger and told me that on his death bed, he wanted my name to be the last word he breathed.

    He didn't get down on one knee or ask me to marry him the way most men do, but at that moment, it didn't matter.  I had dreamt of this moment for quite a while, and the fact that we were finally taking a step towards forever was all that mattered.  It might have not happened the way he wanted it to, but to me, it couldn't have been more perfect.

    (Side note:  On the way home, he told me that he never thought that I would cry over the proposal and the fact that I did was beautiful.  He never thought a woman would cry over him as much as I did, and it made him realize that I do in fact love him more than life itself.)
  • Hello!


    This will be my first post here on The Knot! 

    I have been on here before..reading all of these wonderful stories & dreaming about how I would one day be asked..maybe under the stars with candle everywhere...or maybe on a boat with candles...or maybe under a waterfall..with candles. Regardless, candles everywhere.

    BUT!! "You can plan your life out all you want, but most of the time it will never go as planned." Thank you Uma. I have learned that so many times, over & over again. Each time, I love it.


    On a Friday night, we both got home from work & were happier than usual due to our anniversary being the next day on Saturday, as well as being Disney bound for our first time together to celebrate. He decided we should go out to dinner, so we asked one another "where to?"...Most of the time we go to our normal places, but tonight I had to say "let's go somewhere different."


    So we hopped into the car & just started driving, after deciding on a whim, he started telling me where to go & we ended up going up a mountain..I really had no idea where we were going. We got to an amazing place called The Castaway...a restaurant on a cliff...Overlooking the whole city. He knows night time views like that are one of my favorite things...It was really beautiful & preciously lit with string lights..fire pits..& you guessed it........candles.

    I had an idea that he might propose to me the next day, at Disneyland, but really didn't think it would happen..I mean I hadn't seen a ring..no money being lost (we live together..so we know each others' expenses..bills..etc...).

    It was such a nice night & we were winding down after having a really great dinner..he decided to order dessert. While we were waiting, he commented on how cold it was outside & reached for my right hand under the table; now before, he would always hold my right hand & tell me how one day he was going to marry me, then he would link his ring finger with my right ring finger..& I would reply "you're so sweet..but that's the wrong hand love." he would turn red & quickly grab my left hand.


    Once he noticed that he was holding my right hand, he fake yawned dramatically & went for my left hand..I was confused & laughed, asking what he was doing, right then I felt a ring slip onto my finger & blanked out. I must have looked like a deer in headlights.

    He then leaned in, smiled a little teary eyed & asked quietly "will you marry me baby?"

    I teared up & only cried a little!! I was shocked that I didn't sob like I was watching Fox & the Hound. But I was even more shocked that we just got engaged, so that is probably why no sobs echoed from our table.


    The way he did it, was NOT what I expected..but it was totally him. It just screamed "Yuji Did This"

    I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

    He had actually been planning to propose at Disneyland, but told me after that he was too excited to wait. Which, looking back, is way better because we were too busy waiting in line, eating churros & taking pictures. 


    In the end, I got my candles & it was perfectly us.

    Thank you for reading & I hope it's not too long!!

  • edited November 2014
    My girlfriend and I met through a mutual friend. Those two met, of all places, while they were contestants on a reality show called King of the Nerds on TBS. So for my proposal I made this video, which ties into the show as well as other aspects of our relationship.

    I spent the better part of 2.5 months putting this all together. Click here to see the video.
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