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  • It was on the invitation my cousin received, I wanted to know what others thought as I had never heard of it.  I believe it asking for money and totally inappropriate just as others have said.
  • Are they Brits, and want household goods?
  • Worst gift-related invitation disclosures, etiquette wise:


    3. "no gifts please."  implies an assumption that gifts were planned in the first place, even though the purpose of it is usually not at all selfish and entitled, because the bride and groom do not want any gifts


    2. Registry Information on invitation.  Because nothing says "we want to share this special day with you" like "but only if you shop at these specific places for our gifts."


    1. anything that implies that not only do you expect gifts, you want them all to be cash.  this includes cash registries of any kind (honeymoon included) and anything along the lines of "cards only" or "cash gifts only." 


    Who do these poeple think they are?  seriously.  Does "flat gifts only" sound SO MUCH BETTER than "only bring us cash please?"  i don't think so.  if you're going to be rude, you may as well just spell it out...because if i got an invitation that sais "flat gifts only" you bet your butt that couple would be getting a large platter of some sort.  i mean it's flat, right?

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    If I got an invitations that said that I would contact these guys and see if they could do a flat custom order:

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    How flat can a metal chicken get, do you think?

    If all else fails, pop-up chicken card?

  • Until I read the comments I really thought this was because of transportation, I would have given them something a cutting board or some shit. "Flat gifts" is the sleaziest way to ask for money because it's like someone thinks they are being cute and clever when they say it.

    "Oh, we are accepting flat gifts!" *wink*
  • Why do people feel that if they find a creative way to ask for money, it's okay? It's not. Don't do it. Asking for money is rude. No matter how you word it. People know that giving money is an option IF THEY CHOOSE to give a gift. "No Boxed Gifts" "Flat Gifts" Any other form of we want money that you can think of. No...just.. no. 
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    I take most things at face value.  Flat gifts, you'll get flat gifts (cutting board, pizza stone, anything flat).  No boxed gifts, you get stuff that doesn't need a box (spatulas, knives, or something in a gift bag), paper products only, seriously, I will get you paper products (decorative painting, books, etc.).  I would totally not assume this all meant cash and you would get something else.  

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    Honestly, I saw that thread title and thought "A picture frame? ok, that's weird."

  • My first guess was ikea furniture.
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  • Cash would not be my first thought if I saw "flat gifts only". Not even close. As soon as I found out it was supposed to be money, I'd be like the others and getting anything flat to give you... not cash.

    Stupid stupid stupid.

  • Flat gift idea?  Perhaps a bunch of Lipton Tea bags, condoms....or a paddle LOL
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