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  • @bethsmiles - You and I are on the same work boat lol. I work EVERY weekend day, every weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday unless I make a request which isn't even guaranteed. My best friend, who I only see once or twice a year, is actually in town this entire weekend and I could only get off Saturday, and only because I lied and made it sound like an emergency. Every other supervisor gets at least Saturday or Sunday off, I'm the only one who works each day so I'm pretty bitter... ESPECIALLY when someone complains about their own schedule lol. Good luck with the job hunt!
  • @bethsmiles Fingers crossed that you hear back from the place where you applied. Sorry your work sucks :(

    @goldenpenguin I want to see your pretty seating charts with scrap book paper. I'm still thinking about what we're going to do for our seating chart. I need to get all the RSVPs back so we know how many tables we need. Love those table number holders too! I need to find some inexpensive ones.

    @phira I can't with people and their HM funds and go fund me crap. I hate them. FI's friend suggested we do a HM fund. Absolutely NOT. And this is coming from me, a person that has gone to all cash bar weddings and not been bothered by them one bit. But HM funds make me fucking ragey.

  • @goldenpenguin OMG GIVE ME THOSE CARD HOLDERS! Those are so awesome!!!
  • @lavenderfields13 - I'll have to take some pictures for you tonight! I took a couple with the other paper, but the new paper is really pretty & sparkly :) 


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  • @500 days we sent out our invites 9 weeks before the wedding and started getting some back right away. Checking the mail is SO exciting right now. There have only been 2 mail days where we didn't get any and I was so sad lol. Our RSVP deadline is next Saturday and I hope we don't have to call too many people. 

    @eilis1228 I felt the same way listening to Serial. I have to say, I just finished the last episode this weekend and just felt..ehh about it.

  • @eilis1228 you make me miss knitting! I may go down to my basement to dig up my huge container of supplies and start something this summer.... key word there is START, since it took me a year to finish a scarf for my best friend that I meant to give her for Christmas one year lol
  • omg that is so much food!!! Was the place expensive? I definitely need to bookmark it!



  • @goldenpenguin please do! I was at Michael's this weekend looking at the paper and I didn't let myself buy any because I had no real plan on how to use it!

    @swazzle thanks for reminding me I have an email from Groupon with travel deals that I haven't been able to look into yet!

  • @Swazzle OMG that feast! *drools*

    @lavenderfields13 I'm as frustrated as the reporter was... it's obvious both guys are lying, but which aspects and why are up in the air. I'll probably have to listen to it again to keep all the facts straight, but I feel like there's likely a third person involved as well. It's all a mess though.

    @untouchablets lol I'm the same way. FI gave me crap for a loooong time because it took me so long to knit the scarf he'd been wanting for like 3 years. I looked up when I ordered his yarn, and it was last February, so it took 14 months for me to make his scarf (felt like longer though). Since I'm trying to do handmade Christmas gifts this year, I'm more motivated to finish projects, otherwise it would take me a while to do this next one too. 

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    @jenna8984 - It's $20 per person, including tax. They have a tip jar at the register but I didn't see anyone except for me put anything into it (which was weird to me?). 

    @TwoDimes - OMG that's awful!

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  • @TwoDimes You know, @audrewuh and I had a conversation about etiquette this weekend. Although it seems like common sense to all of us here to at least Google the correct etiquette, for whatever reason the vast majority of people don't think to do this. I guess our parents' generation is a little foggy on etiquette too because it seems like very few parents steer their kids in the right direction. I actually got a little snippy with of my married friends who said she was in awe of all these things that I'd researched and done for my wedding because she didn't know a lot of these things. I told her, "All I did was Google it... it wasn't that hard to look up." She didn't really say anything, and I felt bad for being rude, but seriously! It's not difficult to look any of this information up! Based on the number of etiquette faux pas I've seen among my friends, apparently Googling etiquette for any large event or gift-giving event is not common sense. *sigh*

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  • @twodimes my old roommate was insistent upon b-listing and I was the maid of honor and didn't know anything about weddings at the time but NEVER HEARD of that before and was like... really? But the kicker was the wedding planner was the one who brought it up! I didn't last long as MOH in that wedding... SUPER glad I found this site pre-engagement because I am learning so much!
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  • @twodimes my old roommate was insistent upon b-listing and I was the maid of honor and didn't know anything about weddings at the time but NEVER HEARD of that before and was like... really? But the kicker was the wedding planner was the one who brought it up! I didn't last long as MOH in that wedding... SUPER glad I found this site pre-engagement because I am learning so much!

    I'm not at all surprised that the wedding planner would bring it up. I'm fairly certain wedding planners get paid a certain percentage of the budget - the more people you invite, the higher your budget, the more the planner gets paid. Besides, anyone from the wedding industry isn't a good source for etiquette advice as they are more about the money than treating your guests well.

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  • @bethsmiles apply for lots of other places too, you need to get out of there! If you're interested in sales, I can send you info for my company. 
  • Happy Monday, ladies!

    Saturday night we watched the Fight Of The Century at a friend's apartment. BO-RING. MMA is so much more interesting than boxing..... The friend of mine that makes many terrible bets was rooting for Pacquiao, but unfortunately now has to go through a car wash, on the outside of the car. That sounds terribly unsafe, but he knew that going into it. I hope they get video.

    Sunday I had lunch with a couple of friends that live an hour and a half north of me. We met in the middle, except they didn't let me know they'd be running late until I already got there. They made it sound like they were almost arriving, but didn't show up for 40 minutes! I hate that kind of rudeness. They could have at least warned me so I could have gone shopping or something. Afterward we went to Ross, and I got so much stuff! I bought a pink polka-dot sleeveless dress with ruffles in the front and a thick brown stretchy belt. I have never bought something like that in my life! Since when do I dress like a girl?!?!? I love it.

  • @speakeasy14 - Thanks. I actually hate sales lol it's part of my frustration with this job. I honestly just don't have any natural ability for it.

  • I am so excited to start tanning today. I said I just wanted to get a little color before the wedding but now I want to be tan for my bachelorette and may or may not become obsessed with being tan. I feel so much better with non pasty skin!

    Also, I had suggested to FI awhile ago that we get tattoos together instead of giving each other wedding gifts. He wasn't into but now apparently he is since he asked me this weekend when we're going to go! It was my idea and I have no idea what to get right now so I need to think of ideas. He already knows what he wants but he's much more creative than I am. I'm excited he wants to do it though. :)


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    @southernpeach89 Thank god no one else is here right now because I gasped for reals out loud. Wow!

    @swazzle I should have taken a photo of what the bedroom looked like when I was done cleaning but before I could fold/put away all the clean clothes that had been sitting in the hamper/piled up on the dresser. It was like Mount Clothing. J got home from the conference and went into the bedroom to change and laughed out loud before coming back out and being like, "But seriously, where are we going to sleep tonight?"

    @twodimes AHAHAHA NO.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
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  • @southernpeach89 I love the house squee!

    @goldenpenguin I love the table number holders!


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  • LOL @phira thank you! We are so excited to live there!

  • @alpacina So sweet, I love puppy snuggles!! And you'll have to show off your new super girly outfit! Also, those friends suck.  If you were near home, it would probably have been less irritating to make you wait. 

    @southernpeach89 Your house is gorgeous!! And looks like it really doesn't need any changes.

    @goldenpenguin those table numbers are adorable!  

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  • @speakeasy14 We would like to do a few cosmetic changes to the yard but besides that everything else we have thought of will probably wait a year or so until we break ground on any more upgrades.
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    @speakeasy14 - What a haul! I love awesome sales like that. Why are there no house pictures?

    @southernpeach89 - Your house is so, so gorgeous! 

    @AlPacina - I hate inconsiderate people! I'm almost always early when I have somewhere to be, I get so stressed out if I'm late. 

    @lavenderfields13 - I love that idea so much! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. I got some color on vacation and I feel so much healthier. 

    @phira - H used to do the washing and I would do the folding and one night, I believe I was FTing with @GoldenPenguin, and I walked into the bedroom and it was a mountain of clothes and I couldn't stop laughing at it and looking at H like "no way am I doing THAT tonight".

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