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Anything in place of garter toss and bouquet toss?


Re: Anything in place of garter toss and bouquet toss?

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    Apologies that this is a few days late, and I completely agree that garter-hunting is gross, bouquet-tossing is awkward, and anything that stops the momentum of the party is probably unneeded - BUT, I saw the cutest thing the other day (probably on Pinterest, let's be real).

    As many people as it takes for there to be one for each kid - in your case three, so maybe you, groom, and MOH - toss a teddybear for the littles to catch! I would suggest making all the bears the same so nobody freaks out, but otherwise I just think it's the sweetest. I want to do it at my wedding but we don't really have enough kids of the right age to justify it.

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    The bolded is really cute when small kids are invited.

  • One cute thing I saw at a wedding instead of them was kind of like a hot potato. They had the girls stand in a circle and passed the bouquet around until the music stopped, they had rigged it so it landed on grandma. 

    We aren't doing either and we aren't going anything in place of them, that is just another idea I have seen.

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  • Well the wedding was a good 10 days ago--- we ended up doing nothing and no one missed a gosh darned thing!!!  But these all sounded like great ideas!  LOL
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