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Monday Monday

Hi guys! I'm going to be at work for three days this week, and then.... Off for wedding/ honeymoon/ all the little nitty gritty things! This weekend FI and I finalized music for the wedding, and I made a sign for our drinks (fi went to home goods to get a picture frame for it.) I kept smudging it but... Whatever. My perfectionist / brudezilla started to come out over it (for the first time!) but I hate feeling crazy so I reigned it in and gave up. I'm mostly pleased with it. See attached :)
That was my last wedding chore I think!

I had some nerves yesterday about getting married , but now I'm SO excited, I don't know how I'm going to manage to pay attention to the kiddos I teach!

Another thing I'm excited about? Hearing from @goldenpenguin about her wedding!!! What are you guys excited about?
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Re: Monday Monday

  • Good morning!!!

    It's the second week of my new job. I've been lurking, and today I'm posting from my phone.

    H is leaving today until midnight on Friday. It's going to be a long week by myself with 3 dogs and severe weather forecasted. Eek!!
  • @SouthernPeach89 YAY!!!!! I voted girl! Callie is such a pretty name!! I can't wait until Baby Callie gets here! 
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    @lilacck28 - happy wedding week! love the sign!!!

    @clogreeneyes - eek about the needle stick. glad its ok.

    @caseface5 - we rented Horrible Bosses 2 from RedBox friday night too!! i also thought it was meh. 0that map is cool.

    @cocobellaf - hope the new job is going well!

    @southernpeach89 - YAYYYYYYYYYY team girl!!! i love that name! L is my favorite letter.

    @twodimes - ugh about the dress. when do they expect the NEW new one to be in?

    @swazzle - BF wants a grill so badly. we dont have any outdoor space at our apt though :(

    my weekend was ok. fri night we stayed home and watched a move, and saturday night i went to my friends house to see her new apt and celebrate my bday (belated-ly). it was a good girls night. yesterday i took BF to the driving range after he got off work.

    im pretty upset this morning because i am up 2.5 lbs in 1 week. i honestly dont know how that is possible without stuffing my face with lard 24/7. last week i ran 3 times and walked 4 miles 1 day (as opposed to weeks before when i didnt work out at ALL) and my eating habits have been consistent. im so frustrated and feel like i am totally out of control. i have gained like 10 lbs since march and i feel like my eating habits have been the same so i dont understand where this rapid weight gain has come from! i know the scale doesnt lie though :( im feeling really sad this morning.

    ETA: @untouchablets - congrats on the 3rd interview!!!!
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  • @Swazzle Yay for putting together your new patio furniture! It sounds like you guys are getting a lot done this week with the house!

    @untouchablets Good luck with your third interview!!!

    @jenjen047 I didn't realize how many L's are in her name until Saturday and my Dad pointed it out lol. Our last name has two L's in it so totaly her name will have 5 L's lol. Too many? lol
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    @southernpeach89 - You are the most adorable EVER! I'm so excited that Baby Peach/Velociraptornotachicken is a girl!

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  • @lilacck28 - Happy wedding week!!

    @caseface5 - I love that beer cap map. Such a neat idea.

    @southernpeach89 - Yay for girls :) And for how cute you and your little bump are. And the name! I love it and I love all the ls.

    @swazzle - We need a new grill, too. I don't really even know where to start. I'll basically let DH pick it out and then frown at how much $$$ it costs.

    @untouchablets - Congratulations on getting to the next round of interviews. Yes, I think you would give your notice to the acting manager and if you can, let your regular manager know before her return. Though, some hirings move slow, so you may not need to give your notice until 6/1 anyway.

    @jenjen047 - Do your workouts include weights? Any chance at least some of that weight gain is muscle? Also, make sure you are switching up your workouts and what you are eating. Your body can get complacent and your metabolism might slow down if you're literally doing the same thing week after week.

    AFM - Friday we had a lazy night in, straightening up the house, doing laundry, catching up on Nashville and some other show that's escaping me right now.

    Saturday, my sister and her family came up for a visit. We just hung out around the house, my sister and I hung out on the porch and drank a bottle of champagne and most of a large bottle of wine, so we were feeling no pain. That night we had an hours-long dance party to Kidz Bop on Pandora. It was a blast.

    Yesterday we took the kids to the park for awhile, then they headed home. DH and I went to eat a yummy lunch w/ mimosas and then I came home and watched Pitch Perfect. Now I can go see the second one!

    Not much on tap for this week. I started Crossfit this morning, and Thursday I'm going to see Age of Adaline with a girlfriend. I'm kind of obsessed with Blake Lively. It's a love/hate thing. Saturday, DH and I are going to see Dave Matthews.
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    Still here and still fabulous!

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  • @lilacck28 yay wedding weeek!

    @southernpeach89 yay congrats on the girl!  The name is so pretty!

    @swazzle from the pics on FB it sounds like was such a beautiful time.  I love how productive you guys are with the house, it's amazing!

    My weekend was pretty good I am exhausted though.  Friday was relaxing and nice. Saturday we watched the Rangers game and then took IL's out to dinner for a belated mother's day.  It was a nice time.  The food was good.  Sunday we had my niece's baptism and party. It was fun, but my family is just so exhausting.    There always seems to be drama revovling around my sister.  We survived it though, the cake was real good.  Then we came home and crashed and I was able to stay up long enough to catch GOT. Now it's another Monday, I want the week to go by fast so I can enjoy the long weekend. 


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    @goldenpenguin Can't wait to hear all about your wedding!!!  

    @caseface5 love that gift idea! 

    @lilacck28 happy wedding week! I love your sign! 

    @southernpeach89 Yay a cheerleader!!!!! She definitely needs one of these now: -- ugh image wouldn't show, but here's a link (click)

    The retirement party Friday went really well.  Only 20-30 people ended up showing up, so we had more than enough food.  

    Saturday I had a girls day with my mom.  I did her nails and then we checked out one of the local farmer's markets.  We went for fruits and vegetables, but ended up leaving with pastries, snacks, honey, and dog treats.  We came home and I made baked crab rangoons.  Then my bf picked me up and we went to his friend's house where they were making watermelon margaritas.  

    Yesterday was a lot of cleaning.  Then my sister and bil came over and we celebrated his birthday.  They brought their puppy over, so Callie got lots and lots of exercise.  We have a play date set for tomorrow. Hopefully I can get them together at least once a week so she continues to be around active dogs. 

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    @southernpeach89 - never too many Ls!
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    @LaBro I got it at I couldn't decided between the state or country one, but I think the state one is cool and someone on the website actually bought all of New England and put them together, so if BF likes it enough we might do that eventually. 

    Edited to fix link.
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    @caseface5 Thanks! I was just about to come and tell you the link wasn't working for me!

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    I'm looking forward to the rain stopping. We had water in the basement again yesterday. Blech blech blech. It was a long Sunday. I want spring now - it freaking snowed early this morning.
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    @KeptInStitches That sucks! Do you have a sump pump down there? Maybe you need to add a French drain around the house or something. I feel like when I lived in SD we had LOTS of water problems in our basement because of snow melt and excess rain in the spring.

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    @labro, we have two sump pumps and drainage tile. I think it's mostly an issue with the landscaping (kind of flat near the house) and the gutter (leaking). It's not an issue most of the time, but when we get rain in quantity - and we got about 2" yesterday - it can't keep up. As soon as it dries out we're going to repair the gutter and work on the landscaping; if that doesn't work we'll sink another sump pump out back (sump pumps are at the front of the house, water issues are at the back).
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    @KeptInStitches We ended up burying our gutter and having it enter some drain tile that wraps around the house and let's out at a low point away from our house. We had a ton of standing water issues in this one corner before we did this because it turns out like 75% of the run-off from our roof was going right into the two gutters that let out there. Good luck! We didn't have to change anything with the land, just made sure there was a gentle slope for the tile.

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    @labro, the good news we have is that this was much worse last summer. We did some gutter work last year and that stopped the leaks in one room in the basement. The leak yesterday was also through some staple holes in the foundation (what idiot staples to/through the foundation?) that we caulked, but it was much slower. Needs landscaping and more caulk and a little work on the gutter above it. SO much closer!
  • @cu97tiger Thanks! I considered letting her know BEFORE she left that there would be a chance but then I thought it wouldn't be appropriate in case I don't get the job. I am struggling with being professional and thinking about my own needs, and also not disappointing my manager who I am close with. I know she will be supportive and wish me the best but we have worked together for so long that I can't help but feel like she will be upset if I dump this on her like this.
  • @labro - I really liked it. I love the variety and the opportunity to challenge myself. I definitely need to drink more water the day before, though. I have a dehydration headache going on pretty fierce right now.

    @untouchablets - I think it was smart of you not to mention it before you had a job offer in hand. While you might be friendly with your boss, she is not someone who needs to know every opportunity outside of work. As long as you are giving the COMPANY your two weeks notice, that is what's important.
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    @lilacck28 - Holy shiz, that sign is amazing! I hope everyone realizes that it is hand made, because it really doesn't look like it.

    @caseface5 - Thank you for helping me figure out what to get my dad for father's day! ;) Also, Tessie is SO CUTE.

    @southernpeach89 - Girl! OMG YAY!

    @jenjen047 - I'm in the same boat as you. All of a sudden I am up 10 pounds in a month, when my weight hadn't strayed by more than 5 pounds for almost a year. And I definitely haven't been eating crap. But weight fluctuates, and it could be something simple, like stress or hormones. Don't be too hard on yourself! It sounds like you're doing everything right!

    @speakeasy14 - I have never had a watermelon margarita. That sounds amazing!


    My weekend was fabulous! We went and saw 5 houses on Saturday with our realtor. We both really loved one in particular. It was a great location, and the epitome of move-in ready. But I realized last night after talking to multiple friends about it that I am still stuck on that very first house. I'm going to talk to my BF tonight and see if it's still on the table. I think I want it. In fact, I know I do.

    Saturday night I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with three girlfriends, and we all liked it better than the first one. For me, in particular, I thought they did way better songs. And there were fewer cheap laughs (vomit, fat jokes, etc.). I kind of want to see it again already, and definitely want the soundtrack.

    Sunday was my friend's baby shower. She got ridiculously spoiled, but she was trying to get pregnant for a long time, so there are a lot of people extremely excited for her. Came home and had a bbq at our house with another couple. It was a full weekend, but I loved every minute of it.

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    Ok it's hard to keep up with everyone and tag everyone who came before me, but @lilacck28 that sign is super cute and this week will go by so fast for you!

    @caseface5 your dog is absolutely adorable!! We want a lab (we don't have any dogs yet). And that map thing is awesome! We have a lot of MA/ USA decorations so I love that.

    @southernpeach89 Aaaaaww, a girl!! congrats- that is so exciting and the name is adorable! When I was younger I used to say I'd name my daughter Kali but now that I'm older I definitely like the spelling better Callie. You look so cute. 

    @labro You will love being an aunt! My brother just had his third baby on Thursday night and she is soooo cute.

    Saturday my husband was working and I had nothing to do so I said fuck it and went to see Age of Adeline by myself. I was the only person in the whole theater, and it was awesome to not share my popcorn haha @cu97tiger I love Blake as well, and I really liked the movie!

    Hey, any of you Northeasterners been to Acadia National Park in Maine? I think we're going to drive up there for our anniversary in Sept. It looks so beautiful to hike and the little ocean town it's in looks so quaint and fun.



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  • @alpacina I love that kitchen!


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