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    My oh my! Some people read into this a little too far. I wasn't really trying to post every last detail of our financial situation! He can't buy a ring because he is paying for his car and he is a full-time student, too! We are also moving across the country right after our wedding so finances are tight! I do understand that he can't buy my wedding band and I admit I was being a little girl about the whole thing. The more I think about it, the more I can't wait to buy both of our wedding bands. He spent about 8 months paying of my engagement ring and it is beautiful. I love it! I think at first the situation stunned me a little, which is why I came here! Some of the responses were tough love, some were rude, others were helpful. But, I am getting both bands next week and I feel happy that I can lift a weight off his shoulders in terms of the wedding bands so we can just focus on our special day. 100 days until our wedding! Thank you all!!

    By the way, we are having a head table, but spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends are invited, too! 22 people head table! :D 
    No one was rude to you.

    The fact that he can't afford rings doesn't matter. The red flag is that his response to not being able to afford something is to ask your parents to pay for it. 
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