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In Suite Reception Jitters


Re: In Suite Reception Jitters

  • Awesome pictures, dixxievegas! 

    For anyone curious, I counted about 36 people in that first picture.
  • Holy smokes, @dixxievegas, that's the view?! Shoot, I might just have to book a scouting trip at Caesar's (just add it to the list...)
  • For what it's worth, I don't think it's easy to get a tour of the rooms. I kind of lucked into it because I knew someone who knew someone. It's also nearly impossible to get a tour on the weekends because the suites are always booked. I saw Apex & Boulevard at PH and Emperor's and Absolut at CP all on the same day and I think it was a Monday afternoon.

    Yes, that shot was taken during a toast and a few folks had red eye flights out and had to leave before the toasts. There are a few folks standing on the stairs during that shot which you can't see and 6 of us standing on the second level balcony
  • I think I let my nerves get the best of me. I have my suite for one night. I went online to also book the day before and to my surprise, some had booked it just hours before my attempt!!! I started to stress about getting into my suite on time, and sneaking the caterers in without problems. Now I'm heavily convinced that I should change venues for the reception. I'm bummed. But the guest count is also larger than I originally imagined when I decided to do in suite. We have about 70 guests at this point. Anyone else been through this?
  • Are those 70 confirmed or 70 invited? 
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  • Those are confirmed. Give or take a few.
  • If you are considering changing, I know the Stardust suite in the Orleans is freaking enormous. Not sure what your budget or how far off-strip you're willing to go but Red Rock Casino also has some huge ones (we would have gone with them for sure if we had a few thousand more bucks in the budget). 
  • I personally could not check into the suite the same day as my event. I would be a nervous wreck!! Take a look at the Platinum Hotel. It was AMAZING!
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    I still have the suite booked (I really don't know why) but I have found an off strip hall to host the reception. I would have preferred somewhere on strip but we had already paid off the Masterpiece balance. This place will allow me to use them, so I decided it was the better option. It was very hard to find a place on the strip that would allow outside catering. Yes, I think I would be a nervous wreck as well! I get butterflies just thinking about it now!
  • xoedenxoeden member
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    Have you thought about Cosmo or Mandalay Bay? Neither advertise outside catering allowed, but both are very friendly with Masterpiece according to Scott. :)
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    Xoeden, are you referring to in suite or ballroom at Cosmo? Do you all think 70 is tight for in suite?
  • xoedenxoeden member
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    Crap, the quantity of people slipped my mind. 70 is way too tight for Como in-suite, no matter what they claim. I second the idea of the Platinum, or if you're really wild, downtown. It's either the D or Golden Nugget that have the MASSIVE suites for really cheap (~$800) that you should be able to get 70 in with no issue.

    Most brides have no issue with Masterpiece & Caesar's though with catering, so I'd just say bring some paper plates and plastic forks and let the good times roll.
  • hmgiffor, what suggestions do you have for Platinum. I'm no longer looking for in suites.
  • I recommend BOOKING!! You will not regret it. I personally liked the Misora ballroom but it only holds 70 people. The [email protected] is very nice as well (that's where we had our meet and greet). If possible, just go with an all-inclusive package. It includes EVERYTHING you could want (videography, photography, DJ, flowers, centerpieces, officiant, food). One thing I did add was uplighting which I am VERY glad I did. I think I may still have some videos that I could send it you want. 

    Once I switched to the Platinum...a HUGE weight was lifted. 
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  • I just checked their website but don't see any prices or reception only options. Do you still have your price list?
  • I think I do. Message me your email and I can send you videos (if I can find them) and the info. 
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